If Atreyu and Tupac had a rap song I’d be their back-up dancer

I’m feeling like Tupac this week, me against the world styles.

Yesterday was a toughie, jury duty all day, home for a quick old lady dinner, back to work to present an evening study abroad panel for the bebes, and amidst all that ish navigating some familia issues. Of course, I couldn’t sleep and today am feeling a little like I got hit by a truck or that I just lost my horse to the swamp of sadness.


Running this week didn’t happen due to all of that above but I’m here blogging to hold my slacker self accountable. I’m hoping to actually get this booty up early (eek) and get my run on! Thursday morning run, Friday morning run, and long run on Saturday. I can do this!!! I have been off my game all week and I need to get it back!!!


I WILL get some sleep tonight, run in the morning, and basically be an actual grown-up!!!!

In other news, I tried a bullet proof coffee at Whole Foods and it was definitely different…..It was creamy in a buttery way…I don’t know if it’s something I’d do on a regular basis but it kept me fuller during my full morning of court. Sigh, jury duty continues on and it’s like my cousin Vinnie but instead of being hilarious it’s tedious. Please baby Jesus let me back at work on Friday….please.


I wish I could say more but I am forbidden from discussing the case, trial, shenanigans, and jury room dealings at this time. SIGH….tedious…..so so tedious. Keep in mind I’m nerdy and despite the terrible timing I was actually excited to perform my civic duty. Serving has definitely been the right word to describe my experience.

Alright homies, I hope you’ve been getting your fit on this week. Ya know, so at least one of us is accomplishing something.




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