Another One Bites the Dust….Race Review….and some other random stuff

I’ve been a bad bad blogger but Spring is always so busy, what can I say, Interwebbies? Work, marathon training, and familia events have all kept me away from this little corner of the interwebs.

Marathon training has been interesting to say the least. First, running four times a week takes a lot of time and requires preparation on other days of the week to ensure my week runs smoothly. Hehe…runs smoothly…too funny. Anyways, Monday I was running home and basically bite the dust….pretty hard. It effectively ended my 5 miler early and involved me calling the boyfriend to pick my injured self up about 2 miles from home. Yesterday I iced and elevated my leg for most of the day and stayed home from work which helped a great deal. I’m not going to run today and will see how my leg feels tomorrow. My goal is to do my 11 miler on Saturday but whether or not I get in any additional runs in this week is TBD at this point.

Can I just say after I fell I felt like such a chump. I mean I’ve been running home for months now and I really know this route. It wasn’t even during a race or new terrain. I did actually get up and run for a little while after I ate it but then I looked down and my right calf was VISIBILY swollen and I mini freaked out. Once I got home and out of my pants, my knee was slightly scabbed and my right calf was slightly bruised but hella huge. I started icing and taking advil. Being home yesterday though helped and I guess that was my first marathon training injury…..Hopefully the last but I’m still alive and very much determined. This tough cookie is still aspiring for marathon dreams.


This past weekend, I raced in Across the Bay 12k which was such an amazing race and great prep for the SF Marathon! I also raced without Strava and my time was 1:09 and my average mile was 9:16! Hooraz! Given the hills and running across the bridge, I was super pleased with this and felt like a rock star.

San Francisco was an unusually beautiful sunny day for the race. What luck! Here are some of my photos for your viewing pleasure. I will have to say is that the first mile in Sausalito was super hilly, there was an incline for almost the entire mile and the incline was weaving up the hill. Despite this I ran the ENTIRE TIME!!! Victory! I may never break an 8 minute mile but damn it feels good to run that entire hilly mile without walking breaks. It may not have made by race time faster but it definitely built my endurance. Ok, now really time for the photos!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

I would highly recommend this race! I had an absolutely great time.

I think that’s all for now, peeps. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some fun kind of Friday post.




The Real World Blogosphere!!!

It’s been a hot minute….yes, I am a bad blogger. I disappear but hey at least I’m back now!!??

Alright let’s do some bullet point style catch up and then we can jump all in on this cray cray Thursday. Kayzo?

  • Marathon Training has looked a little something like this:
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.15.32 PM
  • I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge on days where I don’t run and actually remember to do so. I’m only on day 7 but aloha fit, kiddies.
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.18.25 PM
  • I have 3.5 weeks until Hawaii!!! I have been putting off trying on swimsuits to exam the situation. Let me just also put it out there that I’m a swimsuit hoarder. Hopefully before Sunday, I will sort through my drawer and get rid of the ones I don’t need and find something suitable for mini-wedding vacay.
  • I’ve been doing some SERIOUS cleaning and purging of the casita and it’s going well. There’s still more to do but I have two boxes at my front door for Goodwill. Holla, I’m feeling like a grown-up.
  • Running is going pretty well but I haven’t had to go past that mile 13.1 marker yet which is when shizz will start getting real as they used to say about the “Real World.”
  • I’ve worked the last two Saturdays and am very much looking forward to an entire weekend off, thank you baby Jesus.


This week the boyfriend’s parents were in town and it was very nice but effed up my training schedule. I barely did my first run last night so all my ish is gonna be crazy.

Wednesday – 4.4 mile – DUNZO

Thursday – 6 miler

Friday – 3 miler

Saturday – REST!!!!

Sunday – 11 miles (I have a 12k race that I’m running to and from to hit my 11)

BLARGH, there’s no wiggle room but that’s how it goes sometimes.


I need to get on the Mother’s Day planning with my sister. Although I found a pretty cute gift possibility on Etsy so that was a win. I also need to lock down the Luau tickets for the homies for Hawaii. May is going to go by HELLA fast and all I can hope is that I stay on budget and keep on with my running. I’m so excited for the Hibiscus Half!!!!! There’s also a small possibility we may try to hit up Greece for a day or two before our Budapest trip so fingers crossed.

I wish I had more to write, peeps, but really I’m just working working working.



FRIDAY LOVE & HATE and the cray cray between!


No offense if these are your jam but yesterday I felt like I was changing my stride to avoid pain in my left foot and this morning my left knee hurts. BACK YOU GO! I ended my 5 miler a little early to be on the safe side and I’m glad I did. Anyways, I boxed up those jerk faces this morning and plan to get my booty over to UPS this afternoon on my lunch break. I’m requesting some New Balances in exchange and hoping that these will rock my running world. If not back to my clunky Asics but at least they get the job done.


My allergies are crazy today. I just sneezed like five times in a row. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. I weighed myself this morning and I had a 1.3 lb gain!! HOW???? I mean there was a cookie, some popcorn, half a donut one day but I definitely watching my foodage this week. Sigh, the body is such a weird thing. Maybe I should actually measure myself. I was feeling super bloated this morning so maybe my body is hoarding water. No idea but seriously putting a damper on my aloha fit. BLARGH!


Get away from me with your jello pudding! It’s making me fat! Dude, do they still make jello pudding packs? Those bad boys were delicious and apparently that’s where my 1980s mind went w/ visual weight gain.

I’m linking up w/ Amanda of the Fabulous Meet Me at the Barre for Friday Favorites with an EVIL TWIST!!!!


FRIDAY HATE HATE!!!!! The Evil Twin of Friday Favorites!


These are the things that are driving me cray to the zee this week and so for your reading pleasure, FRIDAY HOT HATE LURVE!

1) Mizunos as mentioned above they suck (for me!) and I have a slight knee issue from my three runs….Seriously!!! BLARGH!

2) Students that say “Oh this packet is a little crumpled” and then precede to pull sheets of paper that look like they’ve been through war. Nope, not a corner bent or even bent in half but full on crumple status as though someone made an airplane out of it and you have decided to now submit it as an official document.


3) That is take hours and hours to clean my entire casita but in a single night it can be destroyed.


4) When people ask about my weekend and I say “Well I have an 8 mile run” and they immediately say “That’s terrible!”…..thanks for all the support.


5) Really old Deans that don’t understand racism…umm, yes sir…I think it may be time to retire. Bye, bye. We thank you for some of your non-racist service. Best wishes and enjoy this fruit basket.


6) Laundry….it seems to multiple while I’m at work!


Alright kids, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous weekend planned and manage to get all your ALOHA FIT in!!! We’re in this together. I will run and cross-train! Positive thoughts, right?



My phone dies after 3 hours or I move to a town that prohibits dancing and other pre-marathon nightmares

Going The Distance & Staying Healthy!

We’ve kicked off Week 1 of SF Marathon Training over here on the Hot Mess Express. It’s frightening to look at a 16 week training plan and pray that it prepares you to take on 26.2 miles especially when the farthest you’ve ever run is 13.1 little miles. Monday my plan called for 3 miles but I did 5.1 miles instead since my run home is that distance. Today my plan, let’s just call my plan Jillian like Jillian Michaels the tough trainer….. ok, Jillian has me scheduled for a 5 miler today, a 3 miler tomorrow, with my long Saturday run being 8 miles.


I’m breaking in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 11’s they’ve only got two runs on them so far (12 miles or so) and both times it took about 3 miles for my feet to get cozy. I read on a review that it took about 30 miles for them to be fully broken in so I’m going to give them the rest of the week or so. If not, back to Runner’s Warehouse you go!!! I love their 90 day return policy and amazing deals. Plus if you live in Cali, you can get free overnight delivery. HOLLA!! If these runners fail me I guess it will be the Asics Gel-lyte. Asics is my main squeeze running shoe but for the last few months I ran in the Saucony Fastwich and LURVED IT! Sadly though, I just didn’t feel like it had enough cushioning for me to run 26.2 miles. I decided to try the Mizunos since they’ve been recommended to me at a Road Runner Sports before and I see a lot of peeps sporting them….I’ll keep y’all updated.


I’m thinking of adding a May half marathon to keep me on point with my marathon training but nothing scheduled for sure. I’m nervous about the marathon hills, long runs, and the 6 hour time limit. I guess it’s ok to be nervous at this phase it’s only the beginning. Hopefully by week 8, I will be feeling confident and super hero like.

Today was birthday celebration day at work and I couldn’t resist a cookie and a small silver of poppyseed bundt cake with vanilla frosting….at least I’m running today. O’ahu is 6 weeks away so I’ve been trying to bring the sexy back aka Aloha Fit. I stepped on the scale last Friday and the number wasn’t frightening. Not where I’d want to be but definitely manageable. I’m hoping for a loss on Friday, fingers crossed. I have to say that I’ve definitely stepped up my hydration game which is so so key.

Alright peeps. I’m running out of lunch break but will keep you posted on this new training adventure plus my usual shenanigans, rants, and craziness.



Humpty Hump Wednesday Update on the CRAY CRAY

Monday came and kicked off my Hawaii get fit in 50!

I roughly have fifty something odd days before hitting the Aloha State up for my homie’s wedding. Birthday cake and booze needed to be thrown out the window to make room for the veggies and marathon training.


This week so far has been pretty good with minimal snacking but hey slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m planning on a run today after work just to get the flow going. Next week, I’m going to have to bring it with 4 training days…..SCARY STUFF.

Water consumption, planking, running, and in general bringing my sexy back are a big focus this month.


Speaking of marathon training, I broke out my pocket book, and pulled out all the extra to purchase the following items:





I need to actually carry fuel and my phone and keys and probably other stuff because it’s 26 MILES OF CRAZY! I also felt like this was a good time to get a second pair of shoes for plenty of break in time. It’s getting serious y’all. I feel like you cannot kid around with 26 miles….I mean when you’re with a half it’s just all la-de-dah….I can make it happen.


This weekend I have a 40th birthday dinner for a friend and NOTHING ELSE SCHEDULED! It’s amazing! I cannot wait to clean house, do laundry, and run. Just some straight grown up chores and relaxing. I’m hoping to do some hardcore lunch prep on Sunday night.

Friday, I will face my frenemy (the scale) and see all the damage Birthday 34 has left in its midst. The food and excessive booze have left me with super tight jeans and no desire to be prancing around in a bikini. Hence operation Aloha 50. My snacks are going to be almond butter and apples. I’m kicking all the bread, pasta, and grains to the curb and embracing zucchini noodles and kale. I’m just gonna veggie my way into beach shape! Woo!


Keeping on humping, homies! Friday is in sight!