My phone dies after 3 hours or I move to a town that prohibits dancing and other pre-marathon nightmares

Going The Distance & Staying Healthy!

We’ve kicked off Week 1 of SF Marathon Training over here on the Hot Mess Express. It’s frightening to look at a 16 week training plan and pray that it prepares you to take on 26.2 miles especially when the farthest you’ve ever run is 13.1 little miles. Monday my plan called for 3 miles but I did 5.1 miles instead since my run home is that distance. Today my plan, let’s just call my plan Jillian like Jillian Michaels the tough trainer….. ok, Jillian has me scheduled for a 5 miler today, a 3 miler tomorrow, with my long Saturday run being 8 miles.


I’m breaking in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 11’s they’ve only got two runs on them so far (12 miles or so) and both times it took about 3 miles for my feet to get cozy. I read on a review that it took about 30 miles for them to be fully broken in so I’m going to give them the rest of the week or so. If not, back to Runner’s Warehouse you go!!! I love their 90 day return policy and amazing deals. Plus if you live in Cali, you can get free overnight delivery. HOLLA!! If these runners fail me I guess it will be the Asics Gel-lyte. Asics is my main squeeze running shoe but for the last few months I ran in the Saucony Fastwich and LURVED IT! Sadly though, I just didn’t feel like it had enough cushioning for me to run 26.2 miles. I decided to try the Mizunos since they’ve been recommended to me at a Road Runner Sports before and I see a lot of peeps sporting them….I’ll keep y’all updated.


I’m thinking of adding a May half marathon to keep me on point with my marathon training but nothing scheduled for sure. I’m nervous about the marathon hills, long runs, and the 6 hour time limit. I guess it’s ok to be nervous at this phase it’s only the beginning. Hopefully by week 8, I will be feeling confident and super hero like.

Today was birthday celebration day at work and I couldn’t resist a cookie and a small silver of poppyseed bundt cake with vanilla frosting….at least I’m running today. O’ahu is 6 weeks away so I’ve been trying to bring the sexy back aka Aloha Fit. I stepped on the scale last Friday and the number wasn’t frightening. Not where I’d want to be but definitely manageable. I’m hoping for a loss on Friday, fingers crossed. I have to say that I’ve definitely stepped up my hydration game which is so so key.

Alright peeps. I’m running out of lunch break but will keep you posted on this new training adventure plus my usual shenanigans, rants, and craziness.




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