Another One Bites the Dust….Race Review….and some other random stuff

I’ve been a bad bad blogger but Spring is always so busy, what can I say, Interwebbies? Work, marathon training, and familia events have all kept me away from this little corner of the interwebs.

Marathon training has been interesting to say the least. First, running four times a week takes a lot of time and requires preparation on other days of the week to ensure my week runs smoothly. Hehe…runs smoothly…too funny. Anyways, Monday I was running home and basically bite the dust….pretty hard. It effectively ended my 5 miler early and involved me calling the boyfriend to pick my injured self up about 2 miles from home. Yesterday I iced and elevated my leg for most of the day and stayed home from work which helped a great deal. I’m not going to run today and will see how my leg feels tomorrow. My goal is to do my 11 miler on Saturday but whether or not I get in any additional runs in this week is TBD at this point.

Can I just say after I fell I felt like such a chump. I mean I’ve been running home for months now and I really know this route. It wasn’t even during a race or new terrain. I did actually get up and run for a little while after I ate it but then I looked down and my right calf was VISIBILY swollen and I mini freaked out. Once I got home and out of my pants, my knee was slightly scabbed and my right calf was slightly bruised but hella huge. I started icing and taking advil. Being home yesterday though helped and I guess that was my first marathon training injury…..Hopefully the last but I’m still alive and very much determined. This tough cookie is still aspiring for marathon dreams.


This past weekend, I raced in Across the Bay 12k which was such an amazing race and great prep for the SF Marathon! I also raced without Strava and my time was 1:09 and my average mile was 9:16! Hooraz! Given the hills and running across the bridge, I was super pleased with this and felt like a rock star.

San Francisco was an unusually beautiful sunny day for the race. What luck! Here are some of my photos for your viewing pleasure. I will have to say is that the first mile in Sausalito was super hilly, there was an incline for almost the entire mile and the incline was weaving up the hill. Despite this I ran the ENTIRE TIME!!! Victory! I may never break an 8 minute mile but damn it feels good to run that entire hilly mile without walking breaks. It may not have made by race time faster but it definitely built my endurance. Ok, now really time for the photos!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

I would highly recommend this race! I had an absolutely great time.

I think that’s all for now, peeps. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some fun kind of Friday post.




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