Monday, you’re you… let’s just talk about running and ish.

11 miles down….

This bruised lbg put on her big girl panties and got her run on yesterday. After biting the dust hard core on Monday, I took a few days off for my knee and leg to heal up a bit. I did try and get a lot of walking in but otherwise there was no fitness going on until my long run on Sunday. It went really well…HOORAZ! I put on my Pandora 80s station and went out to run without any goals other than just completing the damn 11 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.51.53 PM

I also worked on fueling and took GU at mile 5.5 and mile 8….sigh, GU is not delicious and I’m struggling with that. I think it’s honey like texture is just really hard for me to get down even with water. I’m going to try nut butter for this upcoming 13 miler on Saturday.

nut butter

In other news:

  • Fighting with my Insurance Company over a plan change and I have to send in a million things. I’m healthy, believe me!!! I signed up for the wrong thing and only now 3 years later realized it and dude I’m training for a marathon!!! C’mon!
  • This Entertainment Weekly Article explains all my feeling and questions regarding last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode.
  • Yes, I still watch Grey’s….I’m addicted and probably need an intervention.
  • I slept three hours last night because my brain would NOT turn off!!! As a result I may need to break down and buy an afternoon coffee…..sigh, I am ready to put my face on this keyboard and snoozzzeee.
  • I’m watching Empire (finally) and LOVING it!!! That show is sooo good and I love that I can watch 2-3 at a time since the season is over. Binge watching is the best!! Cookie is so bad ass. No words.
  • Today I’m am feeling worthless at work as a result of said lack of sleep. I’m supposed to run 4 miles but am just feeling so tired….arghhhh, being committed to a training plan is so hard.


Happy Monday Kids.




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