Aloha dreaming and the baddies of training


  • Week 5 (last week) was a goodie and a baddie.
  • Baddies included only getting in 2 of my 4 scheduled runs. YIKES!
  • Goodies included that I did my Wednesday 7 miler and the big ole 13.1 miles on Saturday!
  • Goodie is I fueled with almond butter and NO ISSUES! Thank you Justin’s Nut Butter!
  • Baddie is that we’re officially headed into uncharted waters in Week 6 since….um…yeah I’ve never run past 13.1 miles
  • Goodie is that WHOA I’M GOING TO RUN FARTHER!
  • Week 6 just started with a lovely 5 miler on Monday. Holla. I felt good afterwards and even did a little ab work while watching the last 20 minutes of Call of the Midwife. I heart PBS.


  • I was a pro and saved for my Hawaii plane ticket, air BNB, and have a nice little chunk of change saved for Hawaii drinks, luau, adventures. None went on my credit card!!!! Holla! I leave on the 20th eek!
  • I saved for my Budapest ticket and wrote that nice check to my boyfriend. We will be buying our tickets hopefully this week. No credit card!!! Winning
  • I’m doing my best to live within my means but my credit cards are pretty mostly static….no movement which sucks. Although I’m doing some research and working on killing one.
  • More research on loan forgiveness for public interest employees but I still need to consolidate my loans to Direct Loans to be eligible so that will probably be a task post ALOHA vacay.
  • Sigh, it sucks to in debt but I’m going to do my best to really stay committed. This weekend I didn’t buy some on sale Aldo shoes ($50) that I know I would of worn a lot but A) they weren’t in my budget  B) what I really needed are sandals for Hawaii. I just said no and walked away.
  • Baby steps!


I’m super excited for Hawaii!!! I still need to get a few travel sized things for the plane and maybe two day dresses (on the cheap). I’m hoping to get two dresses that I can use in Budapest and some other Summer activities but need to keep it under $30 dollars or so. I’m going to use my swim suits from last summer. I bought two for Zhiutanejo last August so those babies will do.

I also need to pick up a book or two for the beach and flight. Love vacation reading!!! It’s the absolute best. I can’t believe I’m leaving in 8 days!!!

sarah marshall

Aloha homies!!!





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