Vacation Day 1

Technically vacation begins today although we don’t depart until Monday for Budapest. It has been a series of unfortunate events listed as follows:

  • I woke up sweaty and not feeling good. Slept a little longer and my tummy revolted against me so there was no way I felt safe doing my long run given I didn’t feel safe being more than 10ft away from the ladies room.
  • No long run before vacation and I’m feeling like I’m doing the worst marathon training ever and may die.
  • I didn’t finish all my work on Friday so I brought home my laptop to finish up. This morning I realize my laptop is dead and the charger is at work in my other bag. I guess I will be going into the office tomorrow. 
  • Wine cruise out to SF for today so I’m hoping my tummy is recovered by 2:00pm. 

Needless to say I need this day to turn the eff around. Xox lbg



Tidying up my life….step 1

Today’s post is actually an activity from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I figured it would make me likely to fully participate in this little project if I documented the activities here. Hashtag Nerd Alert. Anyways, I have bolded the activity prompts and you can take this little journey with me.

Vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter free space. *Note from the lbg – The Author wants you to be super detailed!!! So not just how your space looks but what you envision doing in your new clutter free space. 

I would like to live in a space that is full of warmth, coziness yet clutter free and inspires me to read, cook, work out, and relax. My merely being in my space I am able to enjoy it and relax. Whether openinng a bottle of wine and reading or doing some yoga/barre/basically working out and drinking tea. My space permits me to be productive when necessary and is a sancturary for the rest of the time.

Look for photos that grab you

Dude. I have a full on pinboard for this. I’m sooo good. *These all all images I have pinned.



Why do want your space to be full of warmth and coziness?

Because I want to come home and feel loved within my space. Why

Home should evoke your heart and creat a place of reprive from work, the world, external craziness. Why.

My days are some times filled with work that I’m not passionate about and I need a space to help me recharge, recover, and be soulful.

Why do you want yout space to enable productiveness?

I lose so much energy on work, the commute, and other grown up problems it prevents me at times from pursuing things I enjoy. Why.

Because I arrive home exhausted from the world and just want to fall onto my couch and do nothing. Why

Because I have to work to eat and live but w/o a same that creates an opportunity for me to do other things that all gets lost in day to day living.


The reasons behind your ideal lifestyle – will lead to a simple realization that the whole point in discarding & keeping things is to be happy.

All this leads to happiness…pursuing my passions, creating a deeper sense of self within my space.

To be continued……

PS I am enjoying this little read.


Wednesday Burnt Out aka mini post several days later


I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by paper, post its, and my planner and my brain will just not work.

This is kind of what exhaustive academic orientation programming does to our staff as we cram in seeing 250 – 600 or so students each week for 5-6 weeks during summer.

My debt paying plans for late Spring and Summer pretty much fell by the wayside. I am terrible with fiances and I am now 34 years old which makes me feel like a failure at life. I need to just suck it up and head into some kind of financial planning office especially with regards to my student loan debt and get on some kind of plan so that by the time I die I’ve broken even.

Still exhausted and not sure why.

I feel like today the theme is failing at being a grown-up.

Yesterday I ate crap all day, had productive meetings, feel asleep at 8:30 without brushing my teeth or washing my face and my checking account was depressingly low….like eek how am I going to squeak out the month.

Now I must run away to do work.


Old, Tired, and trying to fake my way to a Happy Sunday Funday.

Dearest Interwebbies,

It’s been two weeks basically since I blogged…how did that happen. #worstbloggerever

Anyways, I have a couple of theories on that matter and the coffee is brewing so let’s just have some coffee and catch up, shall we?


I’ve been facing some ridicious fatigue in the past few weeks. Fatigue as in I come home from work and lay on my couch for an hour and am in bed by like 9:00pm. In what feels like a moment, it’s the next morning and I can still barely wake up at 6:00am. It’s really bizarre and I know I’m working pretty hard at work but it’s not my normal M.O.. The only thing I can really contribute this fatgue too is the fact that I recently changed my birth control (BC). Actually strike that, my cheapo pharmacy changed my pill and this new bad boy showed up in my mailbox with a note saying “This the same as your old pill but this is the new brand we now carry.” As a lady that’s been on and off my fair share of pills, we all know this is never true. The generic version always makes you feel differently than the OG pill and you kinda have to be willing to go through trial by fire to be on BC. I’ve had pills that made me cry like a lunantic, become depressed and ragey, or even better yet break out like a 15 y.o. kid. AWESOME! I hate having to change pills because it never fails you have to try at least one shitty pill  before you hit the BC jackpot. I was super happy on Reclipsen, no real side effects, enjoying mi vida, and BAM Apri shows up in the mail. WTF???? The only thing I can suspect for this chronic fatigue is the DAMN Apri. Of course, since I’ve been in this game for a while now I know the drill. My doctor is going to say you have to give it three months so no point in calling. I’ve got one month under my belt and month two isn’t feeling any better. In the meantime, my casita is becoming home to the rat king and running is almost non-existant.

Running which I used to love is now like a chore…maybe there’s too much training for a marathon and I’m just a half kind of girl. Or maybe it’s that my first one shouldn’t have been during my busiest time at work…or maybe I just say yes to too many after work cocktails which blows my running motivation. Or it’s the DAMN Apri.


It’s probably D) All of the above. Being tired though makes it crazy hard to run, that’s no joke. At least my weight is staying static. Thank bebe Jesus. Although it’s still like 4lbs from where I’d really like it to be. Hey, when you’re 5 feet nothing 4lbs matters, bitches. It’s like 10lbs for regular sized people.

mean girls

I did interview for a job the other day which is #winning but it’s one of those sneaky bastard jobs where the salary portion says “commesurate with experience” and I’m thinking you’re gonna need to offer me at least $8 -10 grand more than what I make so we’ll see. Plus we finally have AWESOME people at my job that I kinda love working with it. I mean it’s been a rough almost fours years but so many improvements and increased funding have made it a LOT better. Long story, short, I’m not gonna trip. I’m just going to wait and see if I get a second interview and leave it to the gods.

Since I haven’t been running on Saturday mornings (slacker) I’ve been chilling at Farmers Market which I ADORE!!!! All the fresh summer fruit and tons of yumminess. Seriously, it’s my church. I love wandering around the produce and tasting stuff and buying crazy veggies, lemon cucumber anyone?

I still have a half unpacked suitcase from Hawaii, my bad. However found my passport and am stoked for my Budapest trip!

There was some other depressing things on the personal front, such as several people dying which is always sad and depressing even when they’re old. Plus it all kinda clustered around the 1 year anniversary of the death of my Grandma…sigh, all the feelings. Hence to say I’ve felt pretty on and off melancholy this week.

I’m gonna try and pound out another catch up post later kiddies but I’ve got to eat some breakfast and try and bring running back.


That’s right bitches, caught you off guard with that motivational ish. BOO-YAH!!!

Oh and here’s your moment of zen.

Aretha besos,


I haven’t written for the longest time….woahhhh oh oh oh…for the longest tiiiimmmme!

Dearest Interwebs,

It’s been a million and one years but your favorite lbg is still trucking along making bad choices and trying to pretend that I am a sophisticated grown up. A good blogger would of actually looked at the last time she posted and write a proper summary. You’re not on her blog but I assume you’re hear for the shenanigans, to feel better about your own situation, or to learn from my mistakes. Anyways, I’m glad you’re here to kick even if it is only for my 80’s references and love of Salt-n-Pepa.



Since I typically write about my attempt to keep the sexy going on and running, it’s only fair we have a little update. I have to be the WORST SF Marathon trainee ever! Well let’s back up a bit. I headed out to Hawaii for my home girl’s wedding on May 20th. I had planned to run on Monday, Tuesday before I left and signed up for the Hibiscus Half on Sunday (while in Hawaii). Did I run on Monday and Tuesday? Of course not. I had a million of work things and trip prep – so yep, no running. I preceded to drink away my vacation, enjoy the sun, surf, and hawaiian pork err’day. I slept for 2 whole hours the night prior to the Hibiscus Half because I was out at the bars with my homegirls. Despite all that I got my hella tired ass up and tackled that bad boy in 2 hours and 14 minutes! Holla!!! The humidity was NOT my friend. I was walking to the race start from my hotel at 5am in the morning and the weather was so perfect until I had to run. The first 3 miles of humidity hit me hard but my body adjusted and I somehow managed. I was able to see the sun come up as I ran behind Diamond Head which was AMAZING. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this race even though you’re running on the highway for part of it (which is totes SKETCH) but you should knock it out at the beginning of vacay. I came back from Hawaii and this week have not run once!!!! SLACKER! I finally confided in my friend Heather that I just hadn’t hit a single training run this week and she was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Apparently this is not the proper way to train for a marathon. Since I can’t remember the last time I blogged, you should know I did run a 15 miler in here and that is my longest training run as of yet. Today I ran 14.5 miles and it was TERRIBLE but I DID IT!!! Monday, will be all about bringing the training back and letting go of my party girl diet. The marathon is on July 26th so I still have all of June and most of July to get there. Prayers are being accepted.


HAWAII aka I’m poor and made bad budgeting decisions

I had an amazing time and I wish I could of stayed longer to be honest but with the Budapest trip/friend destination wedding coming up I just didn’t have the vacation days to spare. I do have to say that I prefer Maui over Oahu but I still had an amazing time. I spent more money than I budgeted so that REALLY sucks. I had a great time and don’t regret the extra spluring BUT I should have budgetted more. DAMN. This month will be pretty tight but as long as I just say no to buying lunch and don’t get crazy on the weekends I will be okay. Basically I need to cook and drink at home. I also applied for a higher paying job so there’s that but let’s keep that on the down low.



This week starts Orientation for all our new frosh which means the next six weeks will be filled with crazy. They will all be pre-med or pre-business and their little hearts will break when they realize their test scores won’t meet course requirements and that we have 8 majors that you have to apply too (aka some of you will be denied entry). There will be laughs, new friends, panic attacks…you know Tier One Research Institution freshman shenangins. I will present, host small advising sessions, individual sessions, and cry everytime I look at my inbox to see another 20 emails from new frosh each day. There is a lot of fun to be had but generally you leave exhauseted each day and by the final week I’m just that lady that crushed your dreams and is running to the bar right after work.


Speaking of work, this lbg needs to get her beauty sleep….ok, I need to finish my wine and THEN get my beauty sleep. I mean my freshman think 34 is ancient so hopefully I can pull a 30 with some water and sleep.

Night homies!

Oh and for your moment of zen