Wednesday Burnt Out aka mini post several days later


I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by paper, post its, and my planner and my brain will just not work.

This is kind of what exhaustive academic orientation programming does to our staff as we cram in seeing 250 – 600 or so students each week for 5-6 weeks during summer.

My debt paying plans for late Spring and Summer pretty much fell by the wayside. I am terrible with fiances and I am now 34 years old which makes me feel like a failure at life. I need to just suck it up and head into some kind of financial planning office especially with regards to my student loan debt and get on some kind of plan so that by the time I die I’ve broken even.

Still exhausted and not sure why.

I feel like today the theme is failing at being a grown-up.

Yesterday I ate crap all day, had productive meetings, feel asleep at 8:30 without brushing my teeth or washing my face and my checking account was depressingly low….like eek how am I going to squeak out the month.

Now I must run away to do work.



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