Tidying up my life….step 1

Today’s post is actually an activity from the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

I figured it would make me likely to fully participate in this little project if I documented the activities here. Hashtag Nerd Alert. Anyways, I have bolded the activity prompts and you can take this little journey with me.

Vividly picture what it would be like to live in a clutter free space. *Note from the lbg – The Author wants you to be super detailed!!! So not just how your space looks but what you envision doing in your new clutter free space. 

I would like to live in a space that is full of warmth, coziness yet clutter free and inspires me to read, cook, work out, and relax. My merely being in my space I am able to enjoy it and relax. Whether openinng a bottle of wine and reading or doing some yoga/barre/basically working out and drinking tea. My space permits me to be productive when necessary and is a sancturary for the rest of the time.

Look for photos that grab you

Dude. I have a full on pinboard for this. I’m sooo good. *These all all images I have pinned.



Why do want your space to be full of warmth and coziness?

Because I want to come home and feel loved within my space. Why

Home should evoke your heart and creat a place of reprive from work, the world, external craziness. Why.

My days are some times filled with work that I’m not passionate about and I need a space to help me recharge, recover, and be soulful.

Why do you want yout space to enable productiveness?

I lose so much energy on work, the commute, and other grown up problems it prevents me at times from pursuing things I enjoy. Why.

Because I arrive home exhausted from the world and just want to fall onto my couch and do nothing. Why

Because I have to work to eat and live but w/o a same that creates an opportunity for me to do other things that all gets lost in day to day living.


The reasons behind your ideal lifestyle – will lead to a simple realization that the whole point in discarding & keeping things is to be happy.

All this leads to happiness…pursuing my passions, creating a deeper sense of self within my space.

To be continued……

PS I am enjoying this little read.



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