Vacation Day 1

Technically vacation begins today although we don’t depart until Monday for Budapest. It has been a series of unfortunate events listed as follows:

  • I woke up sweaty and not feeling good. Slept a little longer and my tummy revolted against me so there was no way I felt safe doing my long run given I didn’t feel safe being more than 10ft away from the ladies room.
  • No long run before vacation and I’m feeling like I’m doing the worst marathon training ever and may die.
  • I didn’t finish all my work on Friday so I brought home my laptop to finish up. This morning I realize my laptop is dead and the charger is at work in my other bag. I guess I will be going into the office tomorrow. 
  • Wine cruise out to SF for today so I’m hoping my tummy is recovered by 2:00pm. 

Needless to say I need this day to turn the eff around. Xox lbg



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