The end of the red hot summer

August Updates Thus Far…

This weekend I cooked and cleaned and basically was a 50’s house wife. It worked though and my casita is pretty damn clean and I’ve brought my lunch err’ day this week and did I mention we’ve also been cooking dinner too. Hashtag winning. There’s something about coming home to a clean house that really just makes me feel extra relaxed. LURVE IT.


I attended Pure Barre on Monday and it kicked my ass. I have another class today but am waiting until I’ve attended three classes to give you all a full review and compare it to Bar Method. I know the suspense is killing you but I have to work for a living and prepare kale, beatches. Yes, kale is what fit people eat and that’s what we’re going for.


I’m getting that itch to cut my hair and do something different. Maybe it’s Falls around the corner….No idea but thinking it might be time to chop this long hair and start fresh.


I’m looking a little chubette and am considering taking a August before and September after to help me keep the motivation…I don’t think I’d post it here but ya know just to keep my ish going.

Work…I’m struggling. I needed a real vacation not double destination wedding duty but I lurve my friends. For instance, this blog post not really work. I need to rally. GET YOUR WORK ON, PEEPS.

the-office-office-olympics-peepsAlright, let’s try and get over this hump shall we?




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