What is going on with me today???

I just have this low grade dread going on and want to be anywhere but my office…….

The office is mildly dead. this morning my student advising appointments were a mix of cheery frosh & soph with easy little advising questions and issues and juniors that either cancelled or simply no-showed. So there’s no reason for me to feel so down….I got a lot sleep last night. I ate half an avocado, made my lunch, and drank coffee this morning so lack of nourishment shouldn’t be the issue. BLARGH…..unexplained dread is ruining my day.


My homegirl is getting ill so she cancelled our pure barre class tonight for which I am grateful due to the fact that last night my abs were on fire. I think a day of rest for the muscles that apparently exist beneath my tummy is needed.  Who knew I had some muscles under there?? Clearly not me.

The streak of bringing my lunch continues with my chicken, avo, tomato, carrot, and kale salad…BOO YAH! I also brought a nectarine and blueberries. Summer fruit, I love you. Sooooo much. I couldn’t eat clean without you.


I know…it’s an avocado but it’s all I had saved in my images, okay!!! I think I may need to break down and get a coffee…I’m not holding it together well. Maybe an afternoon playlist and expresso will help me pull it together….

To Be Continued…….



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