The Obligatory 2016 Goal Post

It’s the new year and I’m compulsive so I have to make some goals.

Even if you try something for 3 months, it’s better than nothing. Well at least that’s my thought on the matter. Besides sometimes things stick so what do you have to lose??? Nothing!!!

I’m making myself responsible for some mini monthly goals which will hopefully tie back into my larger goals for the year.

Jan 2016 goals

  • 12 barre classes – keeping my fit in check.
  • IE Basically live within my January budget.
  • Research proctoring gigs.
  • Blog once a week…for accountability on my spending, to rant about craziness, and any other written shenanigans as needed.



  • Pay down $4,000 of my credit card debt.
  • Just say “NO” to destination weddings, that’s money that can go towards the credit card. California weddings are approved.
  • Lose 5lbs.
  • Compete the book challenge from my sister.
  • Embrace some minimalism in my life.
  • Have fun and embrace turning the big 3-5!

mean girls

January besos,

lbg aka the goal maker


One thought on “The Obligatory 2016 Goal Post

  1. So good to see you back! I feel like I haven’t seen one of your blogs in AGES!! (But then again, who am I to talk?) Anyhow, check out MY new blog post when you get the chance.Hope you had a fun, safe, and all-around AMAZING holiday season. Love ya! ❤

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