Wedding Crashed….

Wedding weekend is over!

My sister is happily married and the crazy shenanigans of throwing a wedding are dunzo!

I love my sister and she looked beyond happy and that’s all that matters. I’m exhausted and in no way ready for the week but that’s life.

I budgeted and failed. My advice is if you’re a bridesmaid particularly the maid of honor, take your budget and increase it by a third. From picking up shoe cushions to a target run for your bride and grabbing a round of cocktails…. It added up. Oh and the In & Out you will treat yourself to on the road trip there. So that was a budget fail but I’m still in it for the long run and will not let this derail me!

This week is short (thank baby Jesus) and I just need to buckle down and stay on track. I signed up for pure barre after work each evening, nothing helps me focus and de-stress like working out. Last week was beyond crazy and I worked out once…. Wah wah. If I’m going to hit my January goal of 12 workouts, I need to hit four this week. Two, I need to take a look at my budget for the rest of the month. Last but not least, I need to bring my lunch everyday this week.

Coming back to reality is rough but  it was worth it as I scroll through photos and look at my sister’s smile. 

There’s something that feels like 2016 is going to fly by and that freaks me out because I have a ton I want to accomplish this year. I’ve got to somehow make it work. So now that I’m officially broke AF, I have the next two weekends in to accomplish shizz at home without spending money….. Will keep you all posted.

Now I’m off to binge AHS Hotel since Gaga nabbed a Golden Globe.




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