This week has been a complete fiasco…..returning from your sister’s epic wedding (where you were run ragged) to the first week of the Spring term is brutal. There are far too many students that need advising and I am handing out tickets to the hot mess express first class to so many crazy students….EXHAUSTION.


I still haven’t emailed ANY of my Spring probation babies….I need to be like “Hey, so Fall didn’t really go your way. Ummm….maybe you should come in and talk about why your schedule looks like you’re smoking crack….you know, I don’t actually enjoy dismissing students. It’s not what one would call a perk. Ok, please come see me….and if not drop those extra 18 units. XOX.”

My 9:00am is a wonderful double major application appointment so I seriously hope she no shows. If that happens I can critically review my to-do list, cry a little, drink some coffee, cancel my barre class (because yours truly will be here past 5:00pm), and try and not eat ALL the food.


Speaking of barre, the past two weeks have been a WORKOUT FAIL!!! I should have expected that wedding week would only merit one workout class. However this week, I have yet to workout – AGHHHH! There was a last minute terrible dentist appointment for my deep clean and my cousin unexpectedly visited. I loved one and not the other. In all honesty, those were my two workouts. The first week of school is always so cray and I should know better than to imagine that I would be leaving either a)on time or b)not completely exhausted.






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