And so it begins….mid thirties

There’s a lot of change in the wind and I’m trying to hold on for the ride. I’m having some bumps with this new whole fiscal responsible thing but I’m really proud of myself so far. I’m trying to see where I’m spending, how, and when I eff up take it with stride and say “Ok, self…why did this happen and how do I get back on track?” It’s new and hard but I’m committed to making it happen.

My relationship is having some growing pains. There’s so much love but we’re trying to figure out where we both want to be in our next phase of life and if that’s the same…It’s really fucking hard. It’s crazy mature but it also sucks to really love someone and be uncertain that you’re on the same page. We’re trying to figure it out and keep the dialogue open and honest. So you have that…..

I’ve been in the process of applying for a position, and then I got an interview, and then I was a finalist. Now, I’m waiting to see what happens….I really do want it and am keeping my fingers crossed. Trying to trust that the universe has a plan for me and if it’s meant to happen it will happen. I do feel that my interviews were very strong and have little that I regret in terms of preparation or responses….so now I just have to wait….that’s hard.


Fitness has really been the last priority….I’m averaging like once a week if that…. 35 is supposed to be about finances and fitness so I need to really pull that part together. With interviewing, I didn’t have time to meal prep and was buying my lunch like a fool. This week, I’m back on it and prepared 5 healthy lunches. Tonight, I’m going to work out at home which is why I’m blogging (ACCOUNTABILITY). I need to get some fit in and hopefully it will help clear my head so I don’t dive head first into a pint of ice cream….which is better than alcohol.

Oh yea…I already did that on my actual birthday and it may have ended with me puking and drunk crying about being old….I was straight out of a movie…a sadder less glamorous Bridget Jones movie.


Anyways, that’s what’s going on in these parts, Interwebbies…Hopefully there will be more to report soon. News that’s funny and hilarious and involves me working out. But for today is just Old Lady News about trying to keep it together and navigate my mid-thirties like a grown person….and not a Grey’s Anatomy character.






On Mondays we get serious!

It’s Monday, Interwebs….

Mondays, are the worst but we can prepare, expect the shizz, and stay focused. My birthday is around the corner…next week to be exact….AGHHH!

Thirty-five years old, yo! I’ve made some mistakes, had some successes, and in general, am one lucky mo-fo. Thirty-five is all about the FINANCES & FITNESS. That’s the slogan, brand, power phrase….whatever you want to call it.


I re-did my budget and made notes in each month that I have some activities that I should keep in mind with regard to the MONEY. For example, a friend’s bachelorette party ( I know I’m always in the wedding rotation), a conference I’m attending, familia stuff.

I filed my taxes and once that return gets into my hot little hands, it’s quickly going to the credit card demons. ALL OF IT. I want those beeatches outta my life!


This is week 2 of Sunday lunch meal prep, where I make ALL the lunches for the week. It’s not exciting, I stream Grey’s, dirty up my kitchen, but at the end of it, I have ALL THE LUNCHES!!! Plus, they are healthy….which is important. I’ve been tracking my food and trying to eat like a person that will have a beach vacation….although there are no plans for said vacation. Just feeding my vacation dreams to the credit card demons. I lost two pounds which was gratifying. My clothes are still ridiculously tight. I wore a pair of pants the other day that were painful…not a good sign.


This week, I plan to workout and eat healthy. It sounds terrible but see above, fitness and finances. I know after two weeks of working out it will feel great. Right now though it’s dread. I’m going to a studio near the BART and the campus which means I have to workout with gorgeous twenty year olds….it’s the worst. My old ass will be dripping sweat next to young people that have no need to workout while sporting designer leggings….FUN.


I consoled myself with two oreos and am going to make Monday happen!!!