I’ll tell you what I want…what I really really want


The past few days have been stressful and not imagined my July going to say the least. My Dad has been in and out of the ER with a terrible skin infection up and down his leg. Hospital food and kicking it with my familia has been the worst for my eating…hello chips, triscuits, and any kind of crunchy munchie.

I stepped on the scale today and wanted to cry…BLARGH…I’m dangerously close to my law school weight however this time around my body composition is much much better. I’ve been working out but I haven’t been running and clearly my body needs the running.

I also need to lay off the sugar…if it has sugar in it, it goes straight into my mouth.

I killed my scale, it was old at least 5 years but it was giving me weight differences of like 5 lbs and that was fucking with my head. I did place about 8lbs of hand weights on there to check for accuracy and it failed to register that weight. Clearly a bad sign. So into the trash it went and I bought a cheap $20 scale but at least it’s accurate.


At least Great British Baking is back and I can get joy from tv since my life is just one big hot mess.


I think the new job is going okay but my new boss seems to be hardly there and I’m getting minimal direction which worries me. To top that off, I’m now missing a bunch of work because of my poor Dad. I don’t regret being out but just thinking about heading into the office and how behind I am is TERRIFYING.


Thankfully I have NOTHING planned for this weekend. Absolutely nada. I intend to clean my house and work out my fat booty.

Honestly, I feel exhausted and that I just want to run away to the beach for 2 weeks but I’m beyond broke with a wedding in Seattle, we can’t really afford to attend but we’re going. All my boyfriend’s grad school friends will be there so it’s a pretty BFD and we can’t pass on it.

My summer is has not been filled with sexy, fit, or any kind of relaxation so those are my goals moving forward…..

To be continued…




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