About the lbg & her hot mess(es)

Just a little brown girl (lbg) trying to be a grown up in her thirties and all the hot messes that ensue as a result.  Trust, the beautiful Bay Area provides plenty of trouble as I try to manage a precarious career in higher education, getting my fit on, and tackling my disastrous finances.

I would like to say in some ways this is a healthy lifestyle blog but I drink far too much for that. My workouts are most likely sabotaged by happy hour and my love of food….. what can I say, I love food. I’m a member of a pure barre studio and I heart it! I ran my first marathon in July 2015 and once the weather warms up I’ll be back hitting the pavement.

I spent 2015 attending weddings, being in weddings, traveling to destination weddings and attending way too many birthdays, baby showers, and events that cost far too much money….so now I’m trying to kill some of that credit card damage….Damn.

And in another lifetime, this College Adviser attended and graduated from law school. I fought the law and the law won…now all I have is this student loan debt and a really fulfilling career.

So sit back, pour yourself a lovely glass of wine, and hop aboard my hot mess express and share in the


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