Yoga & lemon water will never be as good as wine

Hey Interwebbies,

My life got crazy as eff this Spring and of course when that happens I turn to booze, food, more booze, with some late night snacking. As a 35 year old goddess of a woman, my body behaves accordingly and gains all the weight. Yeah, those 20 year old days of dancing all night, drunkenly eating an entire pizza (alone), and waking up able to slip into a bikini on are GONE. Gone, without a trace. Eff.

The past few weeks, I’ve been really getting back on track. So there’s been cooking, being that shlumpy lady at the work out class, and drinking less. I need wine though. Being healthy is not worth enough that I will ever give up wine, kids. I’ve got to have sanity and so many things require a buzz. Thank you Zinfandel, Cab Franc, and Malbec… You’re my golden girls. 

I try and remind myself I have to wear a swimsuit happily in August so I put down the cookie. Ok, I didn’t but I ate some spinach later. Moderation, right? I actually do like working out, it’s just I’m a slacker about making the time. I generally always feel so much better getting some serious movement in my life. My fitfusion membership has helped. When I’m uninspired or broke AF, I have no excuse not to select a video and get some fit in. I’ve mostly focused on Jillian Michaels & Tara Stiles ( yoga, beatches) but there’s a ton of trainers on there.

We’ve got summer orientation galore, so I’m crazy busy at the new job but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just got to eat like a grown person and keep up the workouts. I did lose a pair of jeans to the thigh rub battle the other day and that was a sad loss. RIP Gap skinny jeans… You served me well… Even in the end when I was clearly a size larger. You mustered on, thank you for your service.

My summer fit has ups & downs. Sunday, I lost all control at a BBQ and ate all the chips, hummus, and wine. There may have been pasta as well. But I got in a Saturday workout so ya know I’m trying.

At least I still have 9 weeks left. I’m off to drink lemon water and not snack… Ok the chips are gone so there’s nothing to snack on #willpower.




April, Prince, and tears

Dear April,

You have been a mixed month of crazy. Allergies, opportunities, and unexpected outings have all lead to a massive month of breaking the bank. I’ve been working late nights which means there has been zero fitness. April is really just all about morbid obesity…and debt. BLARGH!


It’s really just time for an April update list.

  1. I got a new job! Holla!
  2. They needed me start right away which meant that I started working LATE! Most nights…plus I had to work on Saturday 4/16 for my old job (couple of hours) and Sunday 4/17 for my new job (similar)…so I worked 12 days straight. EXHAUSTION.
  3. As a result of all this working, I bought food (unhealthy & fast) and did not meal prep. There was no time for fitness….so all my clothes are tight and the scale scared me the other day. BLARGH!
  4. Working all the time means my house is a lair of filth….the RAT KING lives here. It’s sad but true.
  5. As a result of leaving my job, so so MANY unexpected expenses, outings, etc have just fucked my budget. It basically went out the window….and crashed into a million pieces on the street below.


I’m super excited about the new job though!!! It’s the right move despite bad timing and I won’t be broke and fat forever so you know….Monday is a new day and I will start to pull it together at that point.


I just wanted to drop by and say I’m alive…working non-stop with nothing interesting to report. Perhaps, just that Prince died and it was my first day at my new job and DEVASTATION. Also I didn’t know my new team well enough to blast PRINCE and be sad and say we should all drink at lunch…somehow I thought that might be frowned upon. I’m so sad as I type this….Prince, no! He played a few shows in Oakland not too long ago and I had a homie tell me in advance but I opted out of getting tickets because I’ve been so focused on my budget. REGRETS!!!!! I thought I had time! He was only 57! Anyways, rest in peace and power Prince, you will be greatly missed. I will leave you all with this jam and my favorite Charlie Murphy story of all time.

Sad bastard abrazos,





Clean Eating, Working Out, and other failures on Monday

Okay, okay, this weekend was pretty much filled with drunken shenanigans and brunch. I mean I did manage a four mile walk with my homegirl on Sunday but my eating habits were nothing to write home about….I also consumed enough alcohol on Friday for a small boat of pirates. Whiskey, why are you so delicious in a mixed cocktail???

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.43.44 AM

Friday was one of those nights where you open your purse and review the receipts for clues regarding all the poor choices you made. Hmmm…apparently I bought a round of drinks there too. It happens. Hey, at least I’m spending money on experiences and not things. #minimalism

Week 2 will be better. I’m signed up for three Pure Barre classes (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) and this morning I ate kale for breakfast with my eggs. Super duper healthy. My pants are still tight as eff and that jerk face the scale may have gone up 3lbs on Friday but I’m determined to keep going. I blame bloating…..

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.44.05 AM

However I did succeed in being a grown up this weekend by cleaning my kitchen, tidying up the living room, and grocery shopping. My Sunday was evidence that there is part of me that truly can manage adult life….now if I just could get 5 out of the 7 days to look that way, I’d be winning.


I’ve also been doing A LOT of Netflix binge watching. I killed Grace & Frankie this weekend and am SO sad that I don’t have more episodes. I started Sense8 and think I’m into it even though some of the episodes I’m what the eff is going on??? I will write up a little post on Grace & Frankie because it is so WONDERFUL. Sadly, now I have to go and do some work and advise students.



I haven’t written for the longest time….woahhhh oh oh oh…for the longest tiiiimmmme!

Dearest Interwebs,

It’s been a million and one years but your favorite lbg is still trucking along making bad choices and trying to pretend that I am a sophisticated grown up. A good blogger would of actually looked at the last time she posted and write a proper summary. You’re not on her blog but I assume you’re hear for the shenanigans, to feel better about your own situation, or to learn from my mistakes. Anyways, I’m glad you’re here to kick even if it is only for my 80’s references and love of Salt-n-Pepa.



Since I typically write about my attempt to keep the sexy going on and running, it’s only fair we have a little update. I have to be the WORST SF Marathon trainee ever! Well let’s back up a bit. I headed out to Hawaii for my home girl’s wedding on May 20th. I had planned to run on Monday, Tuesday before I left and signed up for the Hibiscus Half on Sunday (while in Hawaii). Did I run on Monday and Tuesday? Of course not. I had a million of work things and trip prep – so yep, no running. I preceded to drink away my vacation, enjoy the sun, surf, and hawaiian pork err’day. I slept for 2 whole hours the night prior to the Hibiscus Half because I was out at the bars with my homegirls. Despite all that I got my hella tired ass up and tackled that bad boy in 2 hours and 14 minutes! Holla!!! The humidity was NOT my friend. I was walking to the race start from my hotel at 5am in the morning and the weather was so perfect until I had to run. The first 3 miles of humidity hit me hard but my body adjusted and I somehow managed. I was able to see the sun come up as I ran behind Diamond Head which was AMAZING. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this race even though you’re running on the highway for part of it (which is totes SKETCH) but you should knock it out at the beginning of vacay. I came back from Hawaii and this week have not run once!!!! SLACKER! I finally confided in my friend Heather that I just hadn’t hit a single training run this week and she was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Apparently this is not the proper way to train for a marathon. Since I can’t remember the last time I blogged, you should know I did run a 15 miler in here and that is my longest training run as of yet. Today I ran 14.5 miles and it was TERRIBLE but I DID IT!!! Monday, will be all about bringing the training back and letting go of my party girl diet. The marathon is on July 26th so I still have all of June and most of July to get there. Prayers are being accepted.


HAWAII aka I’m poor and made bad budgeting decisions

I had an amazing time and I wish I could of stayed longer to be honest but with the Budapest trip/friend destination wedding coming up I just didn’t have the vacation days to spare. I do have to say that I prefer Maui over Oahu but I still had an amazing time. I spent more money than I budgeted so that REALLY sucks. I had a great time and don’t regret the extra spluring BUT I should have budgetted more. DAMN. This month will be pretty tight but as long as I just say no to buying lunch and don’t get crazy on the weekends I will be okay. Basically I need to cook and drink at home. I also applied for a higher paying job so there’s that but let’s keep that on the down low.



This week starts Orientation for all our new frosh which means the next six weeks will be filled with crazy. They will all be pre-med or pre-business and their little hearts will break when they realize their test scores won’t meet course requirements and that we have 8 majors that you have to apply too (aka some of you will be denied entry). There will be laughs, new friends, panic attacks…you know Tier One Research Institution freshman shenangins. I will present, host small advising sessions, individual sessions, and cry everytime I look at my inbox to see another 20 emails from new frosh each day. There is a lot of fun to be had but generally you leave exhauseted each day and by the final week I’m just that lady that crushed your dreams and is running to the bar right after work.


Speaking of work, this lbg needs to get her beauty sleep….ok, I need to finish my wine and THEN get my beauty sleep. I mean my freshman think 34 is ancient so hopefully I can pull a 30 with some water and sleep.

Night homies!

Oh and for your moment of zen



Monday, you’re you… let’s just talk about running and ish.

11 miles down….

This bruised lbg put on her big girl panties and got her run on yesterday. After biting the dust hard core on Monday, I took a few days off for my knee and leg to heal up a bit. I did try and get a lot of walking in but otherwise there was no fitness going on until my long run on Sunday. It went really well…HOORAZ! I put on my Pandora 80s station and went out to run without any goals other than just completing the damn 11 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.51.53 PM

I also worked on fueling and took GU at mile 5.5 and mile 8….sigh, GU is not delicious and I’m struggling with that. I think it’s honey like texture is just really hard for me to get down even with water. I’m going to try nut butter for this upcoming 13 miler on Saturday.

nut butter

In other news:

  • Fighting with my Insurance Company over a plan change and I have to send in a million things. I’m healthy, believe me!!! I signed up for the wrong thing and only now 3 years later realized it and dude I’m training for a marathon!!! C’mon!
  • This Entertainment Weekly Article explains all my feeling and questions regarding last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode.
  • Yes, I still watch Grey’s….I’m addicted and probably need an intervention.
  • I slept three hours last night because my brain would NOT turn off!!! As a result I may need to break down and buy an afternoon coffee…..sigh, I am ready to put my face on this keyboard and snoozzzeee.
  • I’m watching Empire (finally) and LOVING it!!! That show is sooo good and I love that I can watch 2-3 at a time since the season is over. Binge watching is the best!! Cookie is so bad ass. No words.
  • Today I’m am feeling worthless at work as a result of said lack of sleep. I’m supposed to run 4 miles but am just feeling so tired….arghhhh, being committed to a training plan is so hard.


Happy Monday Kids.



FRIDAY LOVES FRIDAY…..there’s always a favorite




1. My allergies kicked my booty so hard…down a flight of stairs. I ran home once and it really did me in. Sad face even my Zyrtec has only been mildly life saving. Hopefully tomorrow I can rally and get a solid run on. Fingers crossed, my friends.

2. We do Spring Frosh Programming which is basically three weeks of poorly attended workshops despite the fact our frosh complain we do nothing for them. Ummm….excuse me I was in your dorm hall presenting at 7pm on Pre Med Advising, where were you???


They don’t care, Cristina…so there will be no Grey’s Anatomy for them…damn students.

3. I am very tired from all this evening programming….damn freshmen.


4. This week has really been work, sneeze, present to students, work, sneeze, crimson wave, sleep poorly, present again, margarita, rally for work on Friday. Rinse. Repeat. Exhaustion.

Alright peeps, my week was that tedious and uneventful and while I could post lots of interesting pre-med advising facts this is definitely not that kind of blog. I did love the panel though….damn it, why am I so nerdy??? Instead we’re gonna jump onto a little thing called Friday Favorites with the newly wed, Amanda from Meet Me at the Barre! 

Friday Favorites


This show is my jam and even though I’ve only watched three episodes, they are truly hilarious. The entire cast is great and it’s just some real life humor which as a thirty something I adore….I can’t even describe the falling off my seat laughing…just enjoy this preview and get on your HBO go and make this show happen.

I’m dead inside…hehehe….oh, seriously watch this!


This bad boy is my jam!! Damn, I just wrote that! Sigh, it’s Friday Favorites they are all my jams but I need better writing. Sorry kids, I’m tired (see above).

Warning: If you’re not a fan of ginger this is not the smoothie for you. I would come close to saying it’s the primary flavor. MMmmm…it was seriously so tasty. Get up on it.


Eeek!! I pulled the trigger and put my money where my mouth is and registered!!! It’s official I’m going to have to start training and make a real commitment here. There’s a six hour course time limit which scares me…I mean I don’t want to take six hours…not that your time matters. Mad props to ALL marathon finishers regardless of the clock but it does frighten me. Yelp. According to some RW race estimator I should be able to do my full in 4 hours and 10 minutes……but who knows??? Ok, keep it together. WHAT HAVE I DONE???



I’ve really just been feeling her music lately and playing this album while cooking is so wonderful. So so just…heart it…..I’m falling for you….thank goodness you cannot hear my off key singing.

That’s all this lbg has for now. I will be wedding it up for the weekend so say a little prayer that I don’t party to hard 😉 Hope you all get your fit on and enjoy the weekend!




Day dreaming across the blog universe

I found my April race, Interwebbies & it was a steal! Bonus points! Yesterday, I registered for the Across the Bay 12k & 415k for $39.00. Woo Woo! I will be running the 12k which is a little over 7 miles. They had a flash sale yesterday and this little brown girl was all about it. The race starts in charming Sausalito and we get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco! I’m really looking forward too it. Hooraz!

I needed to modify my workout schedule due to some programming for my job but I’m committed to completing all my runs. Tomorrow, I’ll run home from work again (5 miles) and on Saturday I have a 7 miler to tackle – eek.  Otherwise the biggest to-do is to fix my running playlist on my hella old iphone. My damn iphone has been cray to the zee with my musica. …I think my poor 4S doesn’t do so well with some of the upgrades. Seriously though, I need my jams for my long runs.



Because you can always use a Dirty Dancing gif for anything.

I’m on the prowl for some budget digs in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding this May. I started doing some budget hotel googling but I still think that AIRBNB is the best for my teeny tiny budget. Trust, I am definitely down with doing some research first along with a healthy amount of day dreaming. Thankfully, I have another good friend that will be flying solo for this wedding so we decided to book together. I’m not sure how she feels about AIRBNB so I’m trying to get together a nice list of options for us to discuss.What are your thoughts on AIRBNB/VRBO vs hotel stays? Thoughts?


As I pursued Trip Adviser, Hawaiian Air, and several other sites it suddenly became real that I will be in Hawaii in a few months. Sure, planning for a destination wedding is stressful and expensive (even as a guest) but it’s also pretty awesome. It’s easy to lose yourself in the stress and worry and not catch your breath on how epic and blessed your life can be. I’m a HUGE culprit of this, just jumping straight into stress and worry instead of being full of gratitude and excitement. I need to work on this but changing your mindset isn’t that easy BUT I’m still going to try!!! Just gotta bring it back to my 2015 word INSPIRATION!!! Focusing on gratitude and blessings, seeing the joy and letting worry take a backseat. I’m going to HAWAII!! I’m going to sign up and run a half marathon while I’m there!!! I’m going to see a beautiful beaches, sunsets, and maybe a sunrise or two. How amazing is that?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.48.56 AM