I’ve been dranking and hot gluing and bachelorette planning

You don’t ever think that one day you’ll be a grown up, stressed out over custom heart shaped glasses but that’s life for you.

I’m a little over a month out in planning my one and only sister’s bachelorette party and I fluctuate between excitement, anger and being overwhelmed. I know if my sister was planning this type of event it would be cute, fun, and perfect. I’m having some issues since her other two bridesmaids suck. If it was just them there would be nothing planned except for a last minute night out with zero thought at all…..which I wouldn’t mind in the least but that’s not my sister’s steez. The chica scrapbooks, hot glues, and successfully does pinterest crafts. I mean c’mon I can’t toss her a shot and throw her in a dive bar and call it party. Plus my sister hates dive bars.

So we’re brunching and wine tasting with an optional sleep over.  I’ve booked the limo shuttle (holla) and have reservations secured at winery #1, waiting on winery #2 and winery #3. I have a brunch menu planned and favors just ordered!

blog1 blog2 blog3

The sash already came and it’s even cuter in person. The custom tattoos are on their way and I just placed my order for the custom sunglasses. The theme is “Drunk In Love” so the glasses will have that on one side and each girl’s name on the other. BAM. Also PS I’m super pleased with my idea for a Drunk In Love theme.

Everything else is just going to be streamers, hand made signs, and glitter spray glued to champagne bottles and plastic cups. I think it will be cute or a total pin fail but at least I tried, right?? I really wanted to order paper invitations but I just don’t think that’s going to happen especially since I’m going alone.

I’m asking the two other bridesmaids to do lunch so keep your fingers crossed.

Alright, I’m off to call wineries and price glitter.




Couchies and Munchies



I just felt like a little No Doubt to take me back to my easy breezy high school days. Look at Gwen with those chola eyebrows….tehe…that is why I do my own eyebrows, ladies. Too many times those fabulous waxing ladies gave me those tiny little brows. And I was like NOOO!!!

Speaking of NOOO!!! for all my Wednesday Weigh In folks I faced that bastard the scale this morning.

Yep, that was pretty much my expression. Keep in mind, I’m at a healthy weight. My doctor would say I’m keeping 33 nice and healthy. But she wouldn’t say smoking hot and that’s what I would like for Mexico which is my big girl Christmas. Instead of stockings by the chimney it will be margaritas by the beach. Anyways, ideally if I can knock off these 6.3 lbs by August I will be happy. Now some of you will be – psheeh that’s nothing. Hello…I am barely 5’feet tall which means that’s like you normal sized peoples 15 lbs. One of the many down sides of being miniature. However my tone from running and when I was going to barre is still there so my little shape is better than when I started in January.

Yes, I would like to look like this at the beach. Love her little flat tummy. My New York beerfest made me a little roly…. This week was kinda a wash except I did bring back veggies and water. I should include her name but I cannot remember it but she was one of the dancers from Dancing With The Stars in the first few seasons. Sheryl something, I think. Is she still on? She’s so cute.

Let’s do some Friday Favorites with Amanda!!!
Friday Favorites

* FRIED SPRING ROLLS…..So delicious…especially when they are a make-up peace offering!!! Pretty much delicious food of any kind is a FAVORITE!!!

* SLEEPING IN!! I am looking forward to some of this!!! Ok, maybe minus the snacking…I am feeling George though!

bed bjonesbed

I will be enjoying some brunch here manana!!! Can we say hooray for bottomless mimosas until 3pm! Yes, please!

*FUJI APPLES – These are one of my favorite snacks!! So crisp and delicious!!

*OLD SEXY AND THE CITY EPISODES – These are just a little pick me up when I need to get ready, fold laundry, etc


Alright kiddies, I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a three day weekend over here in the States, holla!!! I am looking forward to my slacker Monday! Let me know what you’ve got planned, any tips to end my slackerdom, or bring back my fitness??? Send help!!



Good Vibrations, C’mon C’mon C’mon….to Confessions Hump Day

WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY! Where I work half days and run away to NYC and drink in the most interesting bars in the world…airport bars.

Holla Peeps! It’s time for our Wednesday Link Up Confessions Lurve with Kathy from the fabulouso Vodka & Soda!

Vodka and Soda

1) The Airport Bar is one of the best places to drink. People are usually friendly, willing to buy you a drink with no expectations, and share crazy inappropriate things with you. Not to mention the airport bar people watching is AMAZING! You don’t even have to pretend that hard to be reading! Just sip and observe the pre and post vacay shenanigins. The business trip stress melts away and people really loosen up…it’s fascinating, I tell you.

2) Channing Tatum (who’s name I had to look up) is just the new Marky Mark for the 2010s. Just think about it. Same dirty white boy thing working for him. All he’s missing is a funky bunch. Evidence below!!! Just Marky Mark but now in 2014!



Same. 2014 meet 1994. Drops Mic and walks away.

3) I hate buying tiny bottle of things in less than 4 ounces because I refuse to check a bag. It ends up costing me a small fortune but is far safer than a lost bag. I’m also the worst traveler because I come home and continue to use my tiny bottles instead of saving them for my next flight. BLARGH!!!


4) I’m saving to cover the hotel for Mexico Vacay because we wanted to go someplace REALLY nice. But I’m totally bummed because of course my bestie’s husband just emailed us about celebrating her birthday in Santa Cruz and I cannot afford the hotel and a night out – sadness. Not if I stay on budet for August. He’s also planning on going during the weekend of graduation for UC Santa Cruz which makes everything even more expensive! I feel like a bad friend but I haven’t gone on a big vacay in 3 years and being broke isn’t a crime but I still feel terrible saying no.

5) Thank baby Jesus, they are wrapping up Greys. I love it but it’s time. Time to put that baby too rest. We’ve already had a ferry crash, bomb going off in the hospital, plane crash, car crash….I mean we’re dunzo. Nothing from this season – don’t trip no spoilers. I love ya Grey’s but let’s put a bow on it.



6) PERSONAL SPACE. People please understand this!!! Nobody wants you so close in line to them that I can hear you breathing. It’s creepy and unneccessary. Also with regards to running if you’re not fast enough to run ahead of me and keep the pace of at least two full steps ahead – DON’T TRY TO PASS ME! RUN NEXT TO ME! Otherwise I will accidently kick you! C’mon, peeps! Pull it together. Life, line, and running ettiquite.


via etsy

I’m off to NYC and will be having a SFO airport bar cocktail for all of you. Enjoy the rest of the week and I will try to give ya some shout outs until I head back to the real world on Tuesday. I miss the golden years of MTV. Remember Real World San Franciso with Puck, Rachel and Pedro….before it became Real Ho Bags of Random Cities and eventually Jersey Shore.

Love ya peeps!

I’d like you to meet the girls. Saki, Tequila, and of course Mimosa.


I missed you, Interwebbies!!!!!

Alright, the lbg is back after that extended hiatus. I meant to holla at you all yesterday but ish got crazy and it just never happened. BLOGGER FAIL. My little prima (ok, she’s 28 but she’s still my little cousin!) is moving to Portland with her fiancé on Saturday so last night we kicked it instead of me getting my fit on. Oh well, familia is forever and I will just readjust my workout schedule like I do every week.

No, but seriously I am going to miss her dirty hippie super cute half Mexican ass. There was always way too much fun with her around…sad face. Anyways, she was a hot mess with their packing. Of course I jumped in and loaded the dishwasher, hand washed a ton of ish, and tackled the pantry for our last hangout session in the East Bay…. because thats what familia is for. We also ordered Mexican take out and I may have eaten way too many fajitas and refried beans. I’m just saying if you add lard and cheese to anything its going to be DELICIOUS!!!! But yeah thats gonna look sexy on my hips later. Curse you, food of my people,for being so good and completely unhealthy.

The weekend was AMAZEBALLS!!! Way too much fun with my homegirls. The weekend included day drinking at Santa Monica and enjoying the beach. Dear Kona Longboard, You’re the bestest! Love, drunken lbg. We ordered spicy Thai food and caught up ie grown up sleepover. Saturday, we hiked and it was hella gorgeous. Followed by mimosas with a super yummy breakfast. My LA chica is an amazing cook. There were manicures, shopping, and cupcakes! Surprisingly the lemon and apple were my favs not that Heath bar and double chocolate didn’t put up a good fight. Holla Big Man Bakes in LA! I would link but I’m on my ipad and that makes ish crazy. Oh did I forget to mention the DANCING!!!

These old ladies made it out to drunken sushi. Can you say more saki??? After quite a bit of tequila. Yep, nothing like good old fashioned house drinking with a playlist while 5 chicas try to all get ready at once. Way too much fun! We hit up the club pretty toasty and then some. We danced, mocked others, crammed into a photo booth and still decided we weren’t as drunk as the young people. It was fun and we grabbed a cab at 1am!! Yes, the old ladies all needed to sleep in on Sunday and have a heavy brunch to recover from that late night. There may have also been a 1am Costco pizza that went into the oven. Which brings us to April and bringing sexy back.

I will not be weighing in on Thursday because of the following reasons:
A) I do not want to see the scale
B) I think my body deserves a week to detox from all the booze
C) I do what I want 😉

That being said I was up at 5:20am to hit up a 6:00am bar method class. Check!! Today it’s all about the water and just saying no to bread….or anything covered in lard and cheese. Sigh, I have missed all the internets and hope you all didn’t break up with me while I was gone. If you did break up with me well it’s ok you can logon and read this blog in the middle of the night. It’s part of the break up process 😉

Alright kids, it’s April 1st and we have to regain all our January 2014 momentum. As Tim Gunn would say make it work!!! Sorry I don’t care enough to have some April fools funny. Mmmmm.. Ok how about this?</span
Via – moredesignplease.com


You need a person, a shot, and a jam


Today is my Friday and this time tomorrow I will be in sunny (hopefully) LA. I’m beyond excited for a weekend with my homegirls. Just some to time to catch up and share where we are with our lives and find support. There’s really nothing like having a group of mujer that you can just count on. I’m a little stressed to take off for another weekend with so much going on but I also know I’m gonna come back in a much more positive place. Alright, that was me being all zen and lovey dovey. I promise I will be back to being spiteful and wicked in like a paragraph. I hope you have some solid home-girls or home-boys, Interwebbies. I don’t know if I really believe all those people that are like my wife/husband/partner is my best friend. I mean, I kinda get it, but don’t you need like a REAL best friend for you to talk about your significant other with?? Someone who will hate your boss with you and think whatever else is dumb too and maybe down some tequila shots with you?? I don’t know maybe you actually married your best friend and in that case I hope you never get divorced because that would suck ass! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boyfriend and I’m sure we’ll take the plunge sooner or later and he is “my person” to quote Grey’s but I also have a Cristina person because dude, you need that. Also if you don’t get all these Grey’s analogies you really need to Netflix the first 3 seasons. Just do it. Otherwise my blog will never make sense.



Anyways, these ladies are my people and I need some serious time with them. The end. Since I have my little trip and today is my Friday I’m gonna blog about my to-do list. I’m flying out on Virgin America which is the best from Terminal 2 in SFO, also the best. This is the newer terminal with a WINE BAR! Need I say more. Once in Feb 2013 when I was flying to Palm Springs they had a “Pretty in Pink” flight of rose. How amazing is that? Of course I had to order it, you cannot reference Molly Ringwald and have me not order it. IMPOSSIBLE, YO!


I need to touch up my toes. There’s a possibility we will get some mani/pedis but I’ll just get a manicure. When I’m running a lot, I’m not really into getting $30 pedicures because they always chip off! Plus my toes and feet are so beat up, I feel bad for the pedicure ladies. Also pedicures are the one thing my mom really does for herself and if I’m shelling out that cash, I’m going in with her. Otherwise I’ll stretch out and paint my own damn toesies. But I need to bring my color so I can be matchy matchy. I’m actually not a mani/pedi girl AT ALL but one of my chicas is so I will suck it up and do it for her. Unless there’s a wedding or some fancy outdoor event then I ALWAYS get one. You shouldn’t ruin someone’s special day with bad cuticles unless they’re the type of shitty people that have their wedding on a three day weekend and steal your vacation and guarantee that it will be WAY more expensive because it’s a three day weekend….this hasn’t happened to me at all..nope….not like it’s happened 3x and the wedding discount barely makes it regular expensive because they jack up prices for X holiday weekend. See back to spiteful and angry, the world is right once more.

Yesterday, this old lady pulled off a double. Yes…not one but two workouts. I did a 3 mile run (very slowly) and went to bar method. Woo Woo! However we did the dreaded f’ing pretzel which whittles your waist (and I believe that ish) but it’s beyond HARD! More like impossible. If you get really good there’s always a modification to make this pretzel move way more difficult. BLARGH! But I did it. I have added a cheesy video if you want to see what I’m talking about. That crazy tiny fit lady is the creator of the Bar Method. Yep, clearly this ish works – just look at her! I have no idea what jenky place they are in because my studio is HELLA nice and nothing like that. It’s also clearly being shot by someone’s mom with no video skills whatsoever.

Anyways, I am all caught up except for a pesky 8 mile run…sigh…I’m gonna try to do it today even though I do not want to run. I want to paint my toes, pack, maybe do a load of laundry, clean my kitchen, and living room. I need to be out the door at 6am tomorrow for my flight so I’m feeling EEK! Hopefully, I can leave the coal mines early today.

I will try to drunkingly post from the airport or my phone tomorrow but I cannot make any promises. I will have a mimosa for you, Interwebby buddies. I’m leaving you all this jam today which takes me back to College and a Mazatlan trip with my chicas where this was theme musica. Now it kinda just makes me laugh but it was some good times. Have a great weekend!!!! Keep me posted on your shenagains or workouts! I want to know what you’ve got lined up!

Don’t call it a Comeback!!!! Ok, actually that’s exactly what it is…oh and I’m breaking up w/ Birthday Week



Let's make a little list of all the mishaps of Birthday week and ways to improve 
next week, shall we?
I went to Bar Method on Monday and promptly gave up on all other exercise. 
Unless you count using my right arm to throw back wine, beer, and cocktails. 
I thankfully have my She is Beautiful 10k this Sunday which means I will have 
worked out a whopping two times!!! Seriously, I need to bring the fit back full 
on next week. Sing it to 'em, Justin.

I really really needed to catch up this week and the BIRTHDAY 
EXTRAVAGAZA-ING just held me back. In a plan, to really get back on track,
invest in my professional development, and my job this week was eh?? I did 
however have a very successful meeting with my A.D. on what I hoped to 
achieve for the next year. So not a fail but not a win, either. There's still so 
much I need to do. ARHGHHH!


I have given up on salvaging this month. Meet my friend, visa. She'll be paying for the 
rest of Birthday Month and then I will be in debt to the family and no good can come 
of that. I'm making peace with it because I still have LA GIRLS WEEKEND trip on 
Friday. I'm flying out of SFO fancy terminal 2 and will begin drinking at 7:30am 
and continue through Sunday at 5:00pm. There will be brunching, manicures, 
dancing, and money spending. Next month, bitches.


Alright, enough with the Debbie Downer. Let's set some goals for next week, so I 
can pick my loser ass off the floor and put on the big girl panties....ya know with 
support, coverage, and some serious slimming going on.


 I will work out at least 4x next week and get back to my Brooklyn Training with
an 8 mile run!!!! I'm really counting on the She is Beautiful 10k this weekend to 
check me and make me realize - eh this ish needs to happen!!! Also I will come to 
work and do a DAILY TO-DO list to really get back on track!!!. Also I'm gonna move 
my short run to Wednesday to prevent my Tuesday run turning into sleep in and just 
do a bar class. This lbg is MAKING A COMEBACK! Also I will make lunches next 
week to save a little cash for LA or just starve. Let's be honest, I've consumed enough 
calories for a small country during Birthday Week....lunch starvation is manageable. 
I believe the yoga and paleo people call it fasting. I call it being cheap. No seriously, 
I will make lunch.
Since this is the end of all this Birthday cray cray...ok, well actually I'm giving myself 
until Sunday. Let's say goodbye to Birthday Week with some MIA... OH but first - 
check out Follow through Friday with these LOVELY LADIES!!



Let me know what shenanigans, you have planned???

RED WINE IN THE EAST BAY followed by our sponsors running and myfitnesspal


The Birthday Work day has included lots and lots of coffee and flowers! I'm a lucky lil' 
brown girl what can I say. Tonight we're gonna have some seriously yummy spaghetti 
and garlic bread. One of my unhealthy faves! Topped with at least two glasses of red. 
I love it!!!
Let's talk about the weightloss and my journey to lose this last 10! OR NOT! 
Plus link up lurve for Weigh In Wednesday!!! Check out all the awesome chicas!
Pretty Strong Medicine
 GAINED. +0.2 lbs. Actually I can really dig this. Given all the birthday 
shenanigans, I fully expected a pound so this was a sweet birthday surprise. I can 
only thank my long runs for enabling me to continue to cheat here and there...
thank you Brooklyn Half training.
Seriously though, next week we're getting back on track. More kale and spinach 
and maybe some water drinking to rival all water drinking. You can only do so 
much celebrating as an old lady. We pass out earlier and I'm not dancing for hours 
on the dance floor in four inch heels which was the cardio of my twenties. Not I say 
this is my jam and instead of running out to the dance floor, I convince myself 
I can push through another mile. Oh well....there are worse things I suppose. 
I love my old lady ballet flats.
Ok, now after all my promises of health and fitness that I may or may not keep....


I woke up and was like DAMN 33....That's kinda a bummer. But my hair at least came
 out really good and my vanilla latte made me feel happy. Also NSV I squeezed into a 
dress I haven't worn in a minute! Awesome and the boy assured me it was still work 
appropriate. Ya know, I didn't want to be all sausagey...But I'm a Mexican and my 
people love them some tight dresses. You always have that one Auntie that's like 
if you can squeeze into it by any means necessary it fits, mija. I however need to
 check myself because there's no need to look so rough, mujers. Lesson learned.
I need to save some pennies for LA CHICAS WEEKEND. I am really just throwing 
the dollar bills around like I'm Puffy, Jay Z, or insert your favorite rapper here. 
People love the Drake so maybe him. Anyways, I need to reign myself in!!!! 
But it's so easy to say BIRTHDAY MONTH! Or I'm old, I deserve this 
(insert my sad face).
Ugh, the other thing about old lady birthdays is you feel the need to look 
back and say what the hell am I doing???? BLARGH!
Carrie had some points but she also made some really god awful choices. However 
I can dig the above. At the very least, you could be like thank baby Jesus I did not
 do that!!! Or you were like, me too!!!! I'm also a big hot mess just less glamorous. 
People seem to be enjoying "GIRLS" on HBO but I don't know....it's like they're
 hipsters in NYC having unsexy sex and I just can't get into the twenty minutes I saw. 
UNIMPRESSED. Maybe it's because I'm old. I will go back to Grey's with sexy doctors 
having implied sex in on call rooms and supply cabinets....it's wonderful.
Anyways, have some fun on my birthday, Interwebbies! And if you have 
any old lady advice for my thirties situation, please share!!!! Lord knows I need it!