FRIDAY LOVE & HATE and the cray cray between!


No offense if these are your jam but yesterday I felt like I was changing my stride to avoid pain in my left foot and this morning my left knee hurts. BACK YOU GO! I ended my 5 miler a little early to be on the safe side and I’m glad I did. Anyways, I boxed up those jerk faces this morning and plan to get my booty over to UPS this afternoon on my lunch break. I’m requesting some New Balances in exchange and hoping that these will rock my running world. If not back to my clunky Asics but at least they get the job done.


My allergies are crazy today. I just sneezed like five times in a row. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. I weighed myself this morning and I had a 1.3 lb gain!! HOW???? I mean there was a cookie, some popcorn, half a donut one day but I definitely watching my foodage this week. Sigh, the body is such a weird thing. Maybe I should actually measure myself. I was feeling super bloated this morning so maybe my body is hoarding water. No idea but seriously putting a damper on my aloha fit. BLARGH!


Get away from me with your jello pudding! It’s making me fat! Dude, do they still make jello pudding packs? Those bad boys were delicious and apparently that’s where my 1980s mind went w/ visual weight gain.

I’m linking up w/ Amanda of the Fabulous Meet Me at the Barre for Friday Favorites with an EVIL TWIST!!!!


FRIDAY HATE HATE!!!!! The Evil Twin of Friday Favorites!


These are the things that are driving me cray to the zee this week and so for your reading pleasure, FRIDAY HOT HATE LURVE!

1) Mizunos as mentioned above they suck (for me!) and I have a slight knee issue from my three runs….Seriously!!! BLARGH!

2) Students that say “Oh this packet is a little crumpled” and then precede to pull sheets of paper that look like they’ve been through war. Nope, not a corner bent or even bent in half but full on crumple status as though someone made an airplane out of it and you have decided to now submit it as an official document.


3) That is take hours and hours to clean my entire casita but in a single night it can be destroyed.


4) When people ask about my weekend and I say “Well I have an 8 mile run” and they immediately say “That’s terrible!”…..thanks for all the support.


5) Really old Deans that don’t understand racism…umm, yes sir…I think it may be time to retire. Bye, bye. We thank you for some of your non-racist service. Best wishes and enjoy this fruit basket.


6) Laundry….it seems to multiple while I’m at work!


Alright kids, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous weekend planned and manage to get all your ALOHA FIT in!!! We’re in this together. I will run and cross-train! Positive thoughts, right?




Humpty Hump Wednesday Update on the CRAY CRAY

Monday came and kicked off my Hawaii get fit in 50!

I roughly have fifty something odd days before hitting the Aloha State up for my homie’s wedding. Birthday cake and booze needed to be thrown out the window to make room for the veggies and marathon training.


This week so far has been pretty good with minimal snacking but hey slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m planning on a run today after work just to get the flow going. Next week, I’m going to have to bring it with 4 training days…..SCARY STUFF.

Water consumption, planking, running, and in general bringing my sexy back are a big focus this month.


Speaking of marathon training, I broke out my pocket book, and pulled out all the extra to purchase the following items:





I need to actually carry fuel and my phone and keys and probably other stuff because it’s 26 MILES OF CRAZY! I also felt like this was a good time to get a second pair of shoes for plenty of break in time. It’s getting serious y’all. I feel like you cannot kid around with 26 miles….I mean when you’re with a half it’s just all la-de-dah….I can make it happen.


This weekend I have a 40th birthday dinner for a friend and NOTHING ELSE SCHEDULED! It’s amazing! I cannot wait to clean house, do laundry, and run. Just some straight grown up chores and relaxing. I’m hoping to do some hardcore lunch prep on Sunday night.

Friday, I will face my frenemy (the scale) and see all the damage Birthday 34 has left in its midst. The food and excessive booze have left me with super tight jeans and no desire to be prancing around in a bikini. Hence operation Aloha 50. My snacks are going to be almond butter and apples. I’m kicking all the bread, pasta, and grains to the curb and embracing zucchini noodles and kale. I’m just gonna veggie my way into beach shape! Woo!


Keeping on humping, homies! Friday is in sight!



If Atreyu and Tupac had a rap song I’d be their back-up dancer

I’m feeling like Tupac this week, me against the world styles.

Yesterday was a toughie, jury duty all day, home for a quick old lady dinner, back to work to present an evening study abroad panel for the bebes, and amidst all that ish navigating some familia issues. Of course, I couldn’t sleep and today am feeling a little like I got hit by a truck or that I just lost my horse to the swamp of sadness.


Running this week didn’t happen due to all of that above but I’m here blogging to hold my slacker self accountable. I’m hoping to actually get this booty up early (eek) and get my run on! Thursday morning run, Friday morning run, and long run on Saturday. I can do this!!! I have been off my game all week and I need to get it back!!!


I WILL get some sleep tonight, run in the morning, and basically be an actual grown-up!!!!

In other news, I tried a bullet proof coffee at Whole Foods and it was definitely different…..It was creamy in a buttery way…I don’t know if it’s something I’d do on a regular basis but it kept me fuller during my full morning of court. Sigh, jury duty continues on and it’s like my cousin Vinnie but instead of being hilarious it’s tedious. Please baby Jesus let me back at work on Friday….please.


I wish I could say more but I am forbidden from discussing the case, trial, shenanigans, and jury room dealings at this time. SIGH….tedious… so tedious. Keep in mind I’m nerdy and despite the terrible timing I was actually excited to perform my civic duty. Serving has definitely been the right word to describe my experience.

Alright homies, I hope you’ve been getting your fit on this week. Ya know, so at least one of us is accomplishing something.




Monday I’m not in love…..nor am I excited

It’s just me and Monday slogging along fueled by too much coffee and a Whole Foodie version of a Dr. Pepper. I’m digging the extra daylight but my body always has a mini freak out about the loss of an hour. I stay up too late and wake up exhausted and usually by Thursday, I’m back to normal. We really just need to eliminate daylight savings all together.

This weekend the boyfriend had a handful of homies from out of town in the vicinity so of course shenanigans. We went out for yummy Jamaican food and I threw back too many red stripes, rice, oxtail stew, and fritters. We bbq’ed the following day where this little brown girl ate ALL the tortilla chips. Like fo’ reals. I cannot have chips in the casita, it’s my kryptonite. Basically I ate all the food including some brunch at our favorite greasy spoon around the lake.


– 5.5 mile run
– 4.5 mile run
– 11 mile run – Hooraz!!!

11 miler


Today my court strategy was to stay awake by snacking which wasn’t as helpful as I originally planned & definitely not great for the waistline. I think I ate 3 or 4 ginger chews and a small handful (5?) of healthy starbusts, a small bag of pirates booty, oh there was a small chocolate chip cookie, and the above mentioned wannabe Dr. Pepper.


Currently, I’m hiding out on the couch binge watching The Great Brit Bake Show which I love!!! A treasure that I discovered as a result of my Downton addiction. Thank you PBS and NPR for bringing so much nerdy joy into my life.



I feel the need to set some goals for this stressful week. I have to unexpectedly head home for the weekend as a result of some family drama which is a shame. It never ceases to surprise me how hard it is for people to do the right thing when death and money are involved. I highly recommend that people take the time to ensure their loved ones wishes are recorded in a will. Sadly people will not honor the deceased wishes otherwise. People will cry tears and say that they just want what that person wanted but in the end it seems sometimes greed prevails. It’s really really sad and disheartening in particular when the person that expresses these feelings was not the primary care taker and in some cases failed to truly set up and assist with someone’s care but that is the way life goes I suppose.


On top of that situation and the remaining freshman programming I have to facilitate while on jury duty, I’m burnt out…oh and that pesky time change. This lbg can’t get a break. However I feel very lucky to have an amazing boyfriend that cooked me a lovely little dinner even as he got ready for a business trip that leaves tonight. Heart him!

Ok, back to goals for the week of March 9th!

  • Get all three of my runs accomplished
  • Eat clean on Tues through Friday to get back on track
  • Bring my lunch to court all week
  • Stay within my weekly budget
  • Spend at least a little time each night organizing my messy bedroom*

*We had guests over this weekend so the casita did get cleaned but everything random/unorganized laundry got thrown into the ramshackle bedroom.



Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive and keep your head up.


You can’t handle the truth! Starring Me & Kevin Bacon

Dear Monday,
Why must you never go as planned? Seriously? Why are you so spiteful and wicked? Really, Monday…I mean I know it must suck to not be Friday since she’s the cool one but that’s absolutely no reason for you to be the eff you one. I guess that’s the way it goes though. Sigh, whatever.
We’re over Monday.

Despite the set backs of that bastard Monday, I still managed to get in a five and a half mile run!!! Holla. It was a struggle but once I got past those first three miles, I really enjoyed myself.
photo 1

Yesterday, I busted out the spiralizer and attacked some beets and carrots which I roasted. They came out amazing and looked so beautiful on top of some spinach. Yummers!!! Today there will be some running but it might be to Target. We have some guests coming for a BBQ this Saturday so I’m trying to get the casita as cleaned up as possible. Here’s hoping that Friday night isn’t fueled by coffee as we work until the wee hours cleaning our dirty little casita. If the trusty boyfriend can’t take me today then I’ll be hitting the lake to get in another solid 5 miles.
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.48.56 AM

In other news, I’ve been selected for jury duty. EEK! My posting is already irregular so here’s hoping it won’t get any more wonky. Fingers crossed!! I can’t believe that the Livermore Half is in 24 days!!! I’m really excited and hoping to have a good race. I’m feel like my training is going well and can’t believe that after that it will be time to start my MARATHON training!!!! Seriously, beyond crazy. What am I doing???

I think I need to get a foam roller since everyone is always recommending you foam roll after you run. It sounds terrible but healthy for you. I have no idea since I’ve never done but I see some skillful runners doing it so can’t hurt to try. Why are foam rollers so damn expensive?? It’s foam like a pool noodle, right? Crazyness. I will have to check groupon for some deals. Foam rolling, interwebbies, thoughts?? I’m ready to hear any tips, tricks, or good deals you may have. Oh, maybe I will look at Target tonight!!!

Let’s get this humpty hump insanity over with peeps!!!! But on that note, due to jury duty I had to get my amazing colleagues to cover a million things and I sent this little movie music to inspire their booties to be my hero. Hope you enjoy it!!!

PS Nobody says no to Kevin Bacon!!!

Munchy & Crunchy Sick Days

My sleeping has been a mess since this weekend and last night was the absolute worst. I think I slept maybe 3 hours by the time my alarm starting going off 5:30..snooze….5:45…snooze….6:00am get up. Ok, I sat up and realized I was in zombie land and I couldn’t sloth through today with two coffees and an afternoon latte but it wouldn’t be pretty. I called into the sick line and determined my body needed a little love.

I was able to get in another 2.5 hours of sleep or so and just kinda floated through the afternoon with some trash tv and blog reading. I finally showered and pulled on some yoga pants to hit up the Whole Foodie. Picked up some chicken, tomatoes, hand soap, cauliflower was on sale. Holla. Oh I figured some kombucha couldn’t hurt and I guzzled that bad boy on the way home.

I was supposed to run today but figured it’s better if I get some rest and try for tomorrow.


I have to admit I did do some googling on running your first marathon, marathons for first timers, and SF marathon for first time marathon runners. I would really need to commit to my training but the timeline would work and I really can only foresee needing to take one weekend off in July for the Budapest wedding. I’m turning the BIG 3-4 next month so maybe my birthday present to myself will be to register for the SF Marathon. It would be pretty amazing to run a marathon before 35 and in my favorite city that I called home for 5 plus years. There’s more reasons to say yes than no after the short consideration I’ve given. I guess worst case scenario is if I just didn’t feel prepared come the big day I could just downgrade to the half. However I’d rather hope for a best case scenario of finishing in one piece.


The SF Marathon is on July 26th so I would have a solid almost 5 months which is like 18 weeks and I just ran 9 miles last weekend. From all the plans I’ve looked at it seems feasible. I would need to really do some prepping on Sunday and stay on top of my runs home from work but I think I could manage the mileage plus the weather is getting better. My bad East Coast, but damn I’m just a little California girl, I have very very warm standards for cold. No idea how anyone runs in 18 degree weather. You’re heroes, the lot of you….or absolutely crazy. I mean snow! Living in snow! I believe it’s what you refer to as weather….but you can keep your seasons. I hate waking up to 38 degree weather…hashtag California for life.


After a week of birthday celebrations, brunch, and snack a lacking, I’ve been trying to get back to my healthy eating. Sigh, it’s been better but a little farther from perfect than I hoped. I kinda was CRAZY munchy crunchy yesterday and today but at least everything was for the most part clean whole foods. Ya know, apples, almond butter, lara bars and the like. I know Hawaii is gonna sneak up on me and I’d like be a sexy mo’fo. Or at least feel like a sexy mo’fo without my friend, tequila. Trust, tequila makes me instantly feel sexy….however that’s not always a good thing.


Alright my homies, I’m off to pretend to do something productive like clean my kitchen or try and use my jedi powers to move my dishes into the dishwasher.


ROM COM SATURDAY & your best LOVE themed playlist EVER!

I’m not a Valentine’s Day person. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no love hater and if you and your partner like a designated xoxo holiday to keep it sexy, you do you. However I think this holiday of pink and red is best served for small children with hilarious little cards and far too much sugar. I would be remiss to note that there is one mad benefit for Valentine’s and this is the movies. For a romantic comedy junkie, such as myself, this is a perfect weekend. Everything from the classic “When Harry Met Sally” to “It’s Complicated” perhaps you’re a Julia fan, don’t trip, there’s gonna either be some “Pretty Woman” or “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I can spend the entire weekend gorging myself on “27 Dresses” and  “Dirty Dancing.” The highlight of my weekend was actually going to a 7:30pm showing (ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!) of Dirty Dancing. It was EPIC, my friends, epic! Patrick Swayze is so perfect….sigh…no words. All this being said, I hope you enjoyed the movies this weekend and possibly the discount chocolate that will be upcoming.

Now I’m not so heartless that I didn’t squeeze in a some running and what better way to run than with a LOVE playlist. You have to keep in mind that love is complicated, depressing, and obsessive. My LOVE playlist covered all this and more. For your viewing pleasure, I give you the Happy Valentine’s Running Mix!!!


Sorry, you need to click on it to make it bigger. I have no idea how to enlarge that mess. My bad. I’m a baby blogger, ya know. I have chosen to highlight a few of the jams below. So enjoy, all you love haters and cupids!!!

First, I’m only highlighting a few of the jams with videos but I strongly recommend any LOVE playlist have Happy Valentine’s Day by Outkast. So just do yourself a favor and download that shizz but we digress.

JAM #3 – Love Stoned, Justin Timberlake aka the King of Heartbreak himself.
You cannot have a LOVE playlist without this guy. He did a whole album about Britney cheating on him and went on to become cool despite being a member of N*SYNC, some would say this couldn’t be done. Anyways, get your run on with Justin telling you what it’s like to get down and move on from your heartbreak.


JAM #5 – Son of a Gun, Janet Jackson featuring Carly Simon
This song is kick ass and Carly Simon does some excellent free styling on it. I mean this song is all about revenge, getting up and over, and telling that ex just to back the eff off. Keep a steady pace and just enjoy! Plus MISSY!!!!


JAM #12 – Teenage Dream, Glee Cast (all mens choir from that other school)
Now, I’m not Katy Perry fan. That’s not my cup of tea…no idea what’s going on there but as my Tia would tell me “Mija, if you have big enough chi-chis you can be famous.” Hence Katy Perry and others. But!!!! Teenage Dream sang by an ALL MENS CHOIR!!!! It just makes it right and I cannot help but enjoy it. Take it away, boys!


JAM #23 – Hey Ya, Outkast
Classic throwback which gets everybody on the dance floor and my theory is that if the song EVER got people to the dance floor it should be on your running mix. Running is old people, dancing. I sing along when no one is in close proximity and try to rock out particularly during those last sucky miles.

This sweet little playlist helped me kick ass and run 9 miles this weekend!!!! Woo, woo! Damn it was hard but I’m super proud of myself. Livermore Half, here I come!!!