Buttered, smothered with avo, peanut butter? How do you like your toasty toasted lbg?


I am so grateful that is Friday and I’m not in court. Unfortunately, my brain is drained and I’m in my office attempting to do my job when really I need another 3 hours of sleep. As the pro’s say “Fake it ’till you make it!” I’m here and seeing students and attempting my very burnt out best.

Since my brain is just running on the bare minimum think 1990s dial up internet, the best thing is just to jump onto Amanda’s Friday Favorites!!!! Share the lurve and see what this lbg is hearting this week!
Friday Favorites

What am I loving this week……hmmm….ok….ok, I got this.


This is seriously THE BEST! You know when you sign up for a race, super early, land a great deal, and are super excited??? Of course, someone will end up getting married, having a party, or something else you can absolutely not miss on that date and you feel like screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” This is basically the story of my life and as a result I have to hide my sadness and loss of funds since my non-runner friends don’t even like to walk let alone run and cannot conceive of my possible sorrow. Those bastards. Anyways, I’ve noticed a newish trend of races offering the option to sign up as a remote runner or change your racing option to remote runner. As a remote runner you still receive your bib, medal, and shirt the week following the race with the aim that you will run the race mileage in your own hood on the day of the race. Basically you are participating in spirit. This is AWESOME for peeps like me that have to miss a race but already threw down the cash and most likely will be getting the miles done anyways. I switched to a remote runner for the SJ 408K and all my ish came yesterday and it really perked up my Thursday!!!!




My boyfriend got me a subscription for this magazine as a Christmas gift which was very sweet. I usually buy Runner’s World, Women’s Heath, SELF at random times sometimes the PALEO magazine. Sometimes I like to treat myself to a magazine now and then even though it’s a little old timey. I wasn’t sure what this magazine would be like but it turned out to be pretty cool although pretty short in length. I’ve only received one issue but so far I’m enjoying it. To be honest I thought it would be lame and just full of crap to buy but there were some solid articles in there, so you GO GLEN COCO! Aka Women’s Running Magazine.



I bought some of these for my salads and lunches and they are so pretty!!! Plus delicious, my friends. Also you just can’t beat the prices at good ole Trader Joe’s.
4. THIS VIDEO! Beyond Cute!

Alright kiddies, I’ve got to do some work, update my March Running Mix, and get some ish accomplished!
Fingers crossed we all knock out our weekend runs!


FRIDAY LOVES FRIDAY…..there’s always a favorite




1. My allergies kicked my booty so hard…down a flight of stairs. I ran home once and it really did me in. Sad face even my Zyrtec has only been mildly life saving. Hopefully tomorrow I can rally and get a solid run on. Fingers crossed, my friends.

2. We do Spring Frosh Programming which is basically three weeks of poorly attended workshops despite the fact our frosh complain we do nothing for them. Ummm….excuse me I was in your dorm hall presenting at 7pm on Pre Med Advising, where were you???


They don’t care, Cristina…so there will be no Grey’s Anatomy for them…damn students.

3. I am very tired from all this evening programming….damn freshmen.


4. This week has really been work, sneeze, present to students, work, sneeze, crimson wave, sleep poorly, present again, margarita, rally for work on Friday. Rinse. Repeat. Exhaustion.

Alright peeps, my week was that tedious and uneventful and while I could post lots of interesting pre-med advising facts this is definitely not that kind of blog. I did love the panel though….damn it, why am I so nerdy??? Instead we’re gonna jump onto a little thing called Friday Favorites with the newly wed, Amanda from Meet Me at the Barre! 

Friday Favorites


This show is my jam and even though I’ve only watched three episodes, they are truly hilarious. The entire cast is great and it’s just some real life humor which as a thirty something I adore….I can’t even describe the falling off my seat laughing…just enjoy this preview and get on your HBO go and make this show happen.

I’m dead inside…hehehe….oh, seriously watch this!


This bad boy is my jam!! Damn, I just wrote that! Sigh, it’s Friday Favorites they are all my jams but I need better writing. Sorry kids, I’m tired (see above).

Warning: If you’re not a fan of ginger this is not the smoothie for you. I would come close to saying it’s the primary flavor. MMmmm…it was seriously so tasty. Get up on it.


Eeek!! I pulled the trigger and put my money where my mouth is and registered!!! It’s official I’m going to have to start training and make a real commitment here. There’s a six hour course time limit which scares me…I mean I don’t want to take six hours…not that your time matters. Mad props to ALL marathon finishers regardless of the clock but it does frighten me. Yelp. According to some RW race estimator I should be able to do my full in 4 hours and 10 minutes……but who knows??? Ok, keep it together. WHAT HAVE I DONE???



I’ve really just been feeling her music lately and playing this album while cooking is so wonderful. So so just…heart it…..I’m falling for you….thank goodness you cannot hear my off key singing.

That’s all this lbg has for now. I will be wedding it up for the weekend so say a little prayer that I don’t party to hard 😉 Hope you all get your fit on and enjoy the weekend!




Friday Funk Makes Us Wild….well in old lady ways


Seriously, thank you little baby Jesus! I am ready for the weekend!

Let’s talk about the fitness update, yo! I’m coming along and actually adhering to a suedo running training plan. Next week, I’m hoping to actually hit all my planned runs. Last night, I was sidelined with a migraine. BLARGH! Just one of those lovely almost my “ladytime” side effects. When I hopped on the scale this morning that crazy effer told me I gained 3 lbs!! WHAT!! Now in all honesty, I drank and ate a little too much during the three day weekend but I’m willing to bet the other 2lbs are just ladytime bloat. Yep, sexy I know.


This weekend is another no plans weekend aside from my 6 mile training run. Holla! However since we didn’t have water for two days, I still need to do a million pounds of laundry. Laundry is so depressing. I think it’s my least favorite chore. Granted this has a great deal to do with the fact I live in a complex with three washers and three dryers and am subject to the washing gods. There’s nothing worse than preparing all your laundry, getting all your quarters, and detergent and heading down to the parking garage and every single machine is in use. ARGHHH!!!! Having your own washer and dryer is a glorious luxury, people. I mean don’t get it twisted I love my penthouse apartment with our deck and partial lake view…but I would love a washer and dryer. Sigh, hashtag old lady dreams.


I still am on the lookout for an April race that fits my schedule. I have an 8k, 10k, and the half all lined up for March! Woo Hoo! I’m pretty sure I will sign up for the Hibiscus Half (May) after pay day. There’s the Bay Breeze 10k in February and the race is about 3 miles from the BART station. I could BART there and run the 3 miles plus the actual 10k and hit my 9 miler goal for that weekend. Possibilities right?

This morning when I left for work it was in the forties and I just cannot take it. I am ready for this cold weather to be over! I apologize to all you people with real cold weather but hey I live in California, I did not sign up for weather below 50. At least it’s sunny this afternoon although by the time I leave the building it will be seeping into darkness. God damn. Can’t win with all this daylight saving and winter nonsense.


It’s Friday, let’s have a little fun with things I enjoyed this week!!!

1. This hilarious SNL skit! Artisanal Mayonaise!

2. Seeing my bling for the San Jose 408k


3.‘Transparent’: Amazon to Stream Entire Season Free for 24 Hours

To all those who aren’t subscribed to Amazon Prime, clear out some hours on Saturday — Transparent will be available free for 24 hours only. I WILL BE BINGE WATCHING!!!
4. I finished Wild which I throughly enjoyed. There were times where I was like “NOOOOO!!! Bad decision making!” but it was very heartfelt and honest. It was a breeze to finish and I found myself endeared to this young woman that was quite a hot mess. Recommend it! Especially for a weekend or vacation read.
5. This little homie has Uptown Funk down!!! Seriously I heart this little man!

Alright let’s get on out of here and have a great weekend, Interwebbies!



Weekends were made for old lady fun!




How could I resist Carlton?? I know Christmas is long gone but I enjoyed this image. It conveys my GLORIOUS three day weekend joy, especially since my last post was such a Debbie Downer. I thought I needed to bring in some more positive energy to our little corner of the Interwebs.


In other news, my clean eating is going really well! I lost 3lbs this week! HOORAZ! I’m basically back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. There’s still more to go but what else is new. My running has been less than stellar but I signed up for the Livermore Half and am now bound to actually being ready to run 13.1 by March 28th. Hopefully I will make the most of these three days and get some fitness in…fingers crossed.

II haven’t been to my neighborhood Farmer’s Market in ages so I’m stoked that I get to go tomorrow and buy tons of veggies, fruits, and all that good stuff. I hope my Olive Oil people are there. They make this bomb dot com Kalamata cold pressed olive oil that is AMAZING on salads, kale, in tuna salad, basically you name it and it makes it more delicious. We use a ton of olive oil in our place and usually have about three different kinds at any moment but this ish is my fav. The boy also bought me some avocado oil so if anyone has any suggestions/recipes for that holla, please!



There will be reading, sleeping late, running, and lots of cooking & sadly cleaning too this weekend. You have to just put on your big girl panties on and make it happen. Sigh, doesn’t everything but the cleaning sound wonderful? Hashtag life in your thirties.  I may even go to the movies to see Selma or Wild, something nominated for an Oscar.


II’m off to download some jams for a new running mix and I leave you with this jam.



The One Where I Get All Pretty Woman…

You Take Care Of You
Sometimes you take a step back in your life and try to see how all the little pieces are working or aren’t working. You try to figure out where your priorities lie and if you’ve truly been prioritizing them…or not. My posting has been irregular as I try to keep up with my job and prioritize my health, sleep, and body.

This week I haven’t been as diligent with my 21 day sugar detox yet I’ve felt a difference and am grateful for the little reset. My eating overall has improved and I’ve been getting much more rest. Earlier old lady bedtimes with early morning rises that are quiet as I cook breakfast, drink coffee, and listen to podcasts. It’a a relaxing way to start my day and it feels like it brings me a little extra peace or zen, all that Dalai Lama type stuff. The only downside is that it’s displaced my exercising with this new morning ritual. However I felt that this past month I needed to p prioritize my eating aka kicking the garbage to the curb over the exercise. What do they say you can’t workout your way out of a bad diet or abs are made in kitchen. No se. But you get the drift.

Next week, I will be bringing fitness back. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I have in mind…I mean I will as well too since I haven’t made that executive decision. It feels like a good week to make some ish happen though.

Work is work is work. I’ve met with two different women to discuss their careers and expand my network. There is a possibility for me to work on a policy project in the Spring which would enhance my resume and be an awesome learning experience. I’m more than half way through teaching this year and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m exhausted and have a stack of ungraded papers that should have been graded yesterday but it’s been worth it. BAM, another skill on the resume! If I can land the Spring project this will be a stellar year for developing myself professionally. Trying to hold tight to the idea if I put the work in on myself the right path will reveal itself.

You know just wanting my own little fairytale and just trying to make it happen.

I still heart being on the interwebs and reading about everyone’s shenanigans so in the spirit of all that ish, let’s kick it with Amanda. Holla at the homies and do a little FRIDAY FAVORITES!!!



About a month ago, I bought myself the VivoFit by Garmin.
It’s been a super helpful tool. Even if I’m not exercising, I’ve been getting my steps in and monitoring my sleep. It also just looks like a little watch for the most part so I haven’t felt like it’s cramping my style. Not that I’m all that stylish but you gets my drift. I also love that I can eventually buy a heart rate monitor and sync that with my vivofit when I start running again. LBG APPROVED

Eggs for breakfast!
Clearly when you get rid of sugar that pretty much eliminates all instant processed breakfast foods. For the first week I made some bomba buffalo chicken egg muffins. I would eat one at home and one when I got to work. Sooo delicious! Last week, I mixed it up with some bacon & veggie egg muffins, scrambles, and some fried egg on sweet potato.

Trying out new recipes!
I cooked up some hella delicious fig m Mediterranean chicken with cauliflower cous cous!!! SUCCESS!!! The boy loved it! Check out the photo. I also cooked some lamb meatballs with a kalamata olive and tomato salad. Go me! I enjoyed bringing out my inner Julia Child this week. No joke, I am loving my Mediterranean Paleo Cook Book!!!
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

That’s all I got for this week, kiddies.

On Fridays we link up and drink PSL’s while dancing to Salt- n -Pepa



I cannot express how happy I am that it’s Friday. These students got me running around like nobody’s business. Let’s get to the good stuff and kick it with Amanda and her fabulous FRIDAY FAVORITES link up!


I bought the travel size for vacation and actually didn’t use them until I came home. I seriously adore these for the days I’m way too tired to wash my face. I wouldn’t say they are super refreshing or anything like that but they get the job done. My face is actually pretty damn clean. I will probably start keeping a set of these around for those long days where washing my mug is the last thing on my mind.

They’re back beeaatches!!! I am telling myself ONLY on weekends or in the case of an exceptionally bad day! Yum….nom….nom…nom!

I was able to have some lovely quality time with my Mama this weekend and enjoy a delicious margarita. There’s nothing like being a set of ladies lunching and drinking just enjoying a sunny Saturday. Hopefully you get to enjoy this kind of this w/ your Mama or any Mama type figure in your life. I know sadly some of us have Moms that are not all that great. Boo! Anyways, bottoms up!

Ok, let’s talk about ALL THINGS FITNESS WITH AUBREY!!!

Sang to “Let’s talk about sex” – Salt and Peppa!

I hope you enjoyed that because I certainly did! Hehe, but no kidding aside let’s link up with our fitness homegirl and let the truth telling begin.

This week has really just been about bringing the fitness back. Just actually getting some exercise in there because peeps…see below

Nah, it’s not that bad but I love that gif! Shizz is hella tight but I’m not too worried. It’s just about bringing that sexy back and making time to get healthy…Sorry pants, give me a few weeks.

TUESDAY – 3 mile run (35 minutes)
WEDNESDAY – Yoga (thanks Comcast fitness channel – 25 minutes)
TODAY – 3 miler!!! post work.

Given my 20 min a day or 140 a week goal that I started on Tuesday, I’m feeling pretty good. Saturday, I have a 6 -7 mile run planned so here’s to hopping on the back on track train! Also I wish I wrote down the yoga video I did because it gave my thighs quite a work out. I’m not really a yoga person because I tend to like more high energy exercise but I know for runners this can really help prevent injuries. Also I suck at yoga but I’m hoping to try and incorporate it a bit more into the schedule.

Have you tried any new workouts, kids? Holla back and let me know.

In terms of my fitness I kinda feel like we are right back here but hey at least I’m bringing it back and chopping it up with all of you 🙂

Alright, time to down some coffee and accomplish some serious paperwork.


On Fridays We Link Up and wear flip flops and drink margaritas….DEAL!

Beaattches, it’s Friday! You know what that means right???

It’s Friday and we show all our link up lurve and drink margaritas at 4:30pm. Yep, it’s definitely one of those effing weeks. My mind is officially on the weekend even if my body is sitting at my desk at work.

First, is the lovely Amanda of Meet Me at the Barre. If you haven’t got a chance check out all her gorgeous engagement photos. She let’s us all in on her Friday Favorites and keeps us old ladies in the know.

1) AVOCADO!!!! It’s my favorite for the week in the fruit/veggie category. We had an Iron Chef Avocado challenge in the oficina yesterday. My little Avocado soft serve came out pretty good. It needed more freeze to really hit up soft serve but was way thicker than a smoothie so go me! Plus hella people in the office LURVED IT!!! Honorable Mention but no win..still awesome.


– 2 very ripe bananas (cut up and frozen)
– 1 bag of TJ’s frozen mango (make sure the mangos look more orange than yellow for ultimate ripeness)
– 3 Avocados
– Two splashes (about 1/2 can of light coconut milk). I did one splash in the beginning and another later on as I added more avocado to keep my ninja blending.
– Bust out your ninja/bullet/vitamix and blend with lurve!!!

2) Flip Flops!!! I’ve been living in my flip flops this week because I’m lazy. They’re quick easy and my toes are the cutest turquoise with Essie Trophy Wife 🙂 Holla flip flops!

3) ORIENTATION IS OVER!!! I love these little frosh bebes but I cannot keep up with 7 weeks of their excitement, heart break, and anxiety over coming to college. They have been leaving me looking like this:

But don’t trip, later today I will be all smiles looking this!!!

4) MARGARITAS!!!! This is because it’s Friday and I am really looking forward to drinking five one and kicking back with co-workers. Love, love, love!!!

Those were your Friday Favorites, chicas!!! Brought to you by the letter F!!

HOLD UP! Don’t just peace out yet. We have my other Friday homegirl, Aubrey, from ALG Uninterrupted to chop it up with. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LINK-UPS BABIES!

She hosts her Friday Fitness where we can talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of our fit.

It’s Friday so I go find my frenemy, the scale, and pull her sad ass out of the bathroom cupboard. Just the usual Friday – check one, check two…… AND BAM DOWN -.4 lbs!!!

My eating wasn’t as clean (ie there was some junk and quite a bit of processed-ish) as it should have been but I did track, track, and more track. I also was a little loose with my calories but hey when you’re riding the lady time wave you’re lucky I didn’t eat an entire bag of oreos….ya hear me?

I did pretty good bringing my little evol lunches and the BF and I cooked all our dinners. I also picked fruit 9/10 for my snack instead of cookies. My office almost always has a baked good in the kitchen and I have been pretty much “Just say no to baked goods” unless it’s like REALLY DELICIOUS.

My running and abs have been on track. I wish I could of run yesterday too but I was tired and my body needed the rest. Take a quick look at the week in review since our last little Friday check in. Yeah me!!

All and all I am pretty happy with the get fit this week. Hopefully you all kicked some ass and had some good fit too! I have four more weeks until Mexico so trying to really make it count!!

Alright my internet lovelies, it’s Friday and I’m out!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to all your posts and seeing the shenanigans.