Take a breath…the world is not crumbling around you

Ok, maybe not a breath, maybe a shot of tequila would be better.


2016 was supposed to be about fitness and finances. A year where this 35 year old got her ish together and made some real progress toward my effin’ life goals. I just accepted an Assistant Director position, have been diligent about my finances (even w/ a few set-backs) and was getting ready to get my fitness back…I sit here typing this eating dark chocolate. However last night the wheels came off with some issues my Mom. It’s a hot mess and reiterates why I have to kill my debt and be in a better place to help people around me.

My mom has struggled so much with the passing of my Grandmother and never went to grief counseling despite our strong urging. My sister and I thought recently she was doing better but some self destructive habits have come to light. It’s a little bit of a mess right now and the hardest part is that she lied to my sister and has not been honest.

Thankfully, my new boss isn’t in the office until next week and I’ve completed all my tasks so I have some time to help my sister deal with all of this….it’s really just hard and crazy. Hopefully things aren’t too bad but I won’t know until I get down there later tonight. It’s overwhelming but I’m trying to keep a level head. Last night, there was some serious rage, drinking, and crying. You know just the usual Tuesday night. Damn, why does being a grown-up suck so DAMN hard. Seriously!

I have a conference in Santa Barbara for the first few days of May and will be in Portland the second weekend, so the timing is craptastic. Of course, all the joy is being sucked from these things because I’m stressed and will probably stress eat. Only making my clothes even tighter….DAMN…See once again, being a grown-up is not great.

I need to remind myself to read up on loans….see depressing.

Alright, I’m off to microwave a sad sack lunch and attempt to not drink at lunch.





Iced Coffee or Die!!! Oh yah, I’m back



Sorry Interwebs…I am a constant state of sorry but blogging doesn’t keep the lights on and my tummy full.

Let’s catch up, shall we?


My Pure Barre membership ended and it was time for something new. Don’t get it twisted, I so so enjoyed my time at Pure Barre. It was an adjustment at first since it differed far more than I expected from Bar Method. The cardio aspect is heightened in Pure Barre and you will work up a sweat. I experienced some small but great changes in my body from the beginning of the month until the end. If the monthly membership wasn’t $225 (yikes) per month, I would have kept it up.  As a result I jumped on the ClassPass bandwagon with it’s budget friendly $100 price tag.  Also bonus points, Pure Barre and the Dailey Method both have studios in my hood that accept ClassPass.

ClassPass does have some downsides though, you can only sign up for a class a week in advance. The release all new classes on noon each day for the following week. Basically if you work out a couple times of week, you have to always be logging in. Inconvenient but not terrible. If you cancel a class less than 12 hours from the class, you face a $15 cancellation fee. BLARGH. If you no-show, it’s 20 bucks. AGHH!!! That said your membership fees could jump up quite quickly if you have a lot of unexpected events in your life or meetings go long. This is definitely the biggest downside.

The other biggie is that you can only take a maximum of 3 classes per studio a month. Now, there are tons of studios in my neighborhood and I did the research to ensure that there were at least 3 studios I was likely to attend with classes that fit my schedule. I figured if I attended 8 classes per month it was worth it but 10 would be ideal. If there aren’t enough studios in your area, ClassPass really won’t work.

I’ve hit up the following so far!

  • Corepower Yoga Sculpt (heated power yoga with weights) – Core Power Yoga
    • I’ve done Bikram yoga before and this was way way CRAZIER and harder.
    • Class description: A total body workout, CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class complements your regular yoga practice, while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. Free weights are added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep curls and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results in your body. Class is heated (92 – 95 degrees) with little added humidity.
  • Total Body Burn (TRX) – BURN
    • Our unique Method draws upon the very best aspects of Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.
    • They even have a little video
    • So….yeah that KICKED my ass. I didn’t love it but I definitely know I was getting a good workout. If I keep ClassPass, I’m sure I’ll go at least once a month.
  • Shimmy Pop – Hipline
    • Straight from their website: A Hipliner can expect each choreographer, trained in different disciplines from ballet, Afro-Hatian and Hip-Hop, to lead the class in dancing to the moon and back, every time. Placing value on the concept of ‘whole health’, Hipline is a place to not only come and dance at any level, but to belong. Offering classes in Shimmy Pop, a one-hour Choreographer led dance experience and Power Pop, a conditioning class to support muscles and movement in Shimmy Pop; the studio’s approach to fitness is rooted in celebrating the female body’s strength and beauty at any stage.
    • My Thoughts: I’ll be back! It’s basically a dance party in the day time or on Friday night for old ladies like myself. I have so much fun and you get hella sweaty. It’s a win-win but you have to be willing to get a silly and not be super intense about instruction or form. No one’s coming over to correct your posture and at several points in the class you’ll have some free dance/movement. Without a doubt I’m gonna hit my 3 times at this studio and it’s a good one to schedule when you don’t want to work out. The fun level without a doubt will make you commit…well and that $15 fee.


I’m planning this and initially there was some stress but it’s coming along. Now it’s just trying to stay under budget….these things aren’t cheap but I only have one sister and I’m determined to have it kick ass.

But so many deposits…on my credit cards…arghhhh…I know I will get it back but still so stressful….remain calm.


It’s going…I still suck and go over but I’m getting better. Baby steps, right?


Drinking and ubering everywhere all weekend broke my little pocket book. It was way way too much fun and after 5 bars in San Francisco, I felt like I maximized my going out. I planned to stay home for the rest of the month but then my Dad came to visit and that lead to some winetasting, more ubering, and a brewery spot….yep, I’m grounded for the rest of the month due to self induced poverty.

RUNNING…..hello…is it me you’re looking for?

I still haven’t run post marathon….I haven’t really had the urge but I’m sure it will come back.








True story, in real life my handwriting is all caps block style letters. Anyways, today I have to run seven miles and will have to face that fateful piece of sidewalk that burned my ass last week. Well actually my right lower leg but you get the drift. P.S. my leg is finally getting bits of that nice purple-y shade. I keep debating whether or not to post my bruised leg. I mean it’s a badge of running honor, right?


I’m going to run without musica for the first five miles to ensure I don’t wipe out again. Hashtag paranoia. I always laugh when I spell out hashtag it makes me feel so old and crotchety which I enjoy. The last three miles as I loop around the lake will involve some 80’s pandora.

Besides running I’ve been focused on the upcoming Mama’s Day. Holla if you love your mama!!! My mom is the best and I can’t wait to kick it with her this weekend. My sister and I are treating her to a little pampering with a pedicure on Sunday and probably some kinda of breakfast yumminess. Not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to having someone take care of my sad running feet too. I always think gifts that are activities ie pedicure, restaurant, movies, concerts, etc are the best since my mom has everything she needs and is impossible to shop for.

In other randomness:

  • Novela in San Francisco is my new favorite bar. Have the punch trio. I got tequila, white, and pisco.
  • I’ve been avoiding trying on bathing suits because BLARGH but I only have two more weeks until Hawaii!!! Hooraz so basically only two more weeks until this!

sarah marshall

Alright kids, let’s make this humpty hump happen!



Monday I’m not in love…..nor am I excited

It’s just me and Monday slogging along fueled by too much coffee and a Whole Foodie version of a Dr. Pepper. I’m digging the extra daylight but my body always has a mini freak out about the loss of an hour. I stay up too late and wake up exhausted and usually by Thursday, I’m back to normal. We really just need to eliminate daylight savings all together.

This weekend the boyfriend had a handful of homies from out of town in the vicinity so of course shenanigans. We went out for yummy Jamaican food and I threw back too many red stripes, rice, oxtail stew, and fritters. We bbq’ed the following day where this little brown girl ate ALL the tortilla chips. Like fo’ reals. I cannot have chips in the casita, it’s my kryptonite. Basically I ate all the food including some brunch at our favorite greasy spoon around the lake.


– 5.5 mile run
– 4.5 mile run
– 11 mile run – Hooraz!!!

11 miler


Today my court strategy was to stay awake by snacking which wasn’t as helpful as I originally planned & definitely not great for the waistline. I think I ate 3 or 4 ginger chews and a small handful (5?) of healthy starbusts, a small bag of pirates booty, oh there was a small chocolate chip cookie, and the above mentioned wannabe Dr. Pepper.


Currently, I’m hiding out on the couch binge watching The Great Brit Bake Show which I love!!! A treasure that I discovered as a result of my Downton addiction. Thank you PBS and NPR for bringing so much nerdy joy into my life.



I feel the need to set some goals for this stressful week. I have to unexpectedly head home for the weekend as a result of some family drama which is a shame. It never ceases to surprise me how hard it is for people to do the right thing when death and money are involved. I highly recommend that people take the time to ensure their loved ones wishes are recorded in a will. Sadly people will not honor the deceased wishes otherwise. People will cry tears and say that they just want what that person wanted but in the end it seems sometimes greed prevails. It’s really really sad and disheartening in particular when the person that expresses these feelings was not the primary care taker and in some cases failed to truly set up and assist with someone’s care but that is the way life goes I suppose.


On top of that situation and the remaining freshman programming I have to facilitate while on jury duty, I’m burnt out…oh and that pesky time change. This lbg can’t get a break. However I feel very lucky to have an amazing boyfriend that cooked me a lovely little dinner even as he got ready for a business trip that leaves tonight. Heart him!

Ok, back to goals for the week of March 9th!

  • Get all three of my runs accomplished
  • Eat clean on Tues through Friday to get back on track
  • Bring my lunch to court all week
  • Stay within my weekly budget
  • Spend at least a little time each night organizing my messy bedroom*

*We had guests over this weekend so the casita did get cleaned but everything random/unorganized laundry got thrown into the ramshackle bedroom.



Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive and keep your head up.


The one where I get all depressed and play Sheryl Crow and am a sad bastard

Christmas season unlike Thanksgiving has an undertone of melancholy and a hint of regret that tugs at the holiday. Maybe that’s just me? Last night, I gazed at my cute little Christmas tree, Reggie Noble, and felt the pangs of my first Christmas without my Grandma. Sigh, it makes me sad and feeling old-ish. I guess one less Grandma gets me thinking about my life and how maybe 33 isn’t as young as I want it to be. Depressing stuff, right? At least I didn’t dive head first into a bottle of wine. Ok, maybe Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups did make a guest appearance.

My small Christmas depression woke up with me and I’ve carried it into my office despite today’s super storm, that mofo’ failed to get washed away. Yes, NorCal is experiencing a super storm and several school districts cancelled school. I can see the East Coast laughing at us but sadly the University goes on and I am at work. It’s quiet because students are afraid of the rain and I commenced my super slacking with a little sad Christmas depression on my shoulder.

My hair is even depressed. When the weather changes my scalp gets all funky and I have some mild dandruff. Not sexy. I need to pick up some dandruff shampoo and I need a haircut but it’s Christmas and I can’t afford my fancy hair girl….yet I am terrified to have someone eff up my hair. I may try to see if the Aveda School in SF has any openings. They are cheap and there’s an 80% chance of a pretty good haircut. The odds are in your favor, peeps.

I need to refocus my energy and steal back my kick ass attitude. I want to be kick ass and cheerful and a winner but I also just want to crawl under the damn covers and hibernate until winter is over and I can afford a good haircut.


So what if right now everything is wrong……sing it Sheryl, sing it.

I am going to make a list to cheer myself up. Little known fact, I love checking things off lists. My boyfriend loves to tease me about all my little lists that he finds around the house.

1. Fresh squeezed juice at the Farmer’s market….in general the farmer’s market
2. My boyfriend, love that guy.
3. The first few sips of coffee in the morning…perfection.
5. $30 bottles of wine….sooo good.
6. My Mom because she is awesome.
7. My familia and friends
8. Reading a really awesome book, with a beverage, and being all cozy…be it a hammock or a couch.
9. Running….it’s a love/hate thing.
10. The Ocean….perfection.

1. That I have a job in this crazy economy
2. Awesome Apartment
3. Boyfriend, family, friends
4. Food!
5. That I can buy Starbucks
6. See all above
7. Oh yeah, that I’m healthy and able bodied.
8. That I have really good medical and dental benefits!

Alright, I feel a little cheered. Thanks for letting me get my ish out on the Internet, Interwebbies. I think I really need to make a better attempt with running because as Elle Woods would say “Endorphins!” I did find a nice little training plan I may implement next week.

Maybe I will register for a race or break down and buy some new running shoes since my Asics are feeling ready to be replaced. Sigh, therapy shopping you are the DEVIL!!!

Let me know if you have a little Christmas depression, we can commiserate together. I do recommend doing a little list and playing some Sheryl Crow.

It’s almost Friday peeps, we got this!

I was supposed to post this on Monday but life happens, yo

Have a holly, jolly Monday, and if that’s not possible drink more coffee!!! Alright, let’s bust out some Monday Updates on the lbg’s faves of Fitness & Food!!!


SUNDAY – 3.22 miles!
MONDAY – 3.29 miles
Two runs! What, what! I wish I would have hit three but I feel like this is an amicable start.

This week I will hit three workouts! I am also willing to blame the rain and having to run around with my familia all weekend which prevented the working outtage.

Remember my butternut squash broccoli idea?

Well, it sure was tasty. I have secured a few photos for your viewing pleasure, Interwebbies.

Broccoli covered in blended butternut squash puree (includes some milk & gruyere)
photo 1



photo 2

photo 3

I also met up with my crazy familia and yes, they confirmed they are crazy, to make tamales.

Sorry, I was a bad blogger and this is your only photo.

Tamales in the making!
photo 4

In other foodie news, I have found my new seasonal beer jam.

Hellloooo White Christmas!

White ale with some cinammon, nutmeg, and orange peel….why yes, yes I say.
photo 2-2


Of course work got BUSY!!! Also the President emailed us all to head home early since student protests might create some BART & freeway drama. I basically was forced to adios and go get my Christmas tree!!! Hooraz.


Running Away From Turkeys

Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines. It’s one of those weeks where my desk is just covered in papers so I pretty much feel this:

It’s a juggling act of what gets done and what doesn’t right now and HOW THE HELL IS IT ALREADY THANKSGIVING!!! I mean really the time is flying by me….just completely whizzing by. My sweet booty will be flying to LA on Wednesday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny fun Turkey Day. But DAMN how is it here already????

We had some torrential rain last night in the Bay. Hooraz because we hella need it. Can you say drought? However upon leaving Whole Foods and seeing said torrential rain, your mind does not go hooraz instead it swears. You manage just to shake it off (not like Taylor Swift) and make your way home in the rain. Oh yes, I was walking. I’ve really missed seeing, feeling, and smelling rain so it was truly epic in that sense. Not so much the part where I was dripping wet in the kitchen as I pulled off soaked boots and socks but the boy and I had a nice little laugh and wet beso.

I’m staring at my messy desk and hoping my appointments are fully booked so I can squeeze in some quality organization time. Holla.



With all this cold and dreary weather plus the time change, I’m feeling so couch potatoey. I need to cut back on the television and incorporate some good books. Perhaps sometime today will be devoted to ordering some lovely reads on Amazon to get me through the winter. Also post Thanksgiving, I will be bringing back Monday night & Thursday night runs. These days were picked because of football. I should get my booty up and running so I will be scrounging for a cheap bright running jacket. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I’m gonna do an LA Turkey Trot 5k to bring my running back and plus mashed potatoes. It’s always good to get some fit in on T-day if you’re not chained to the kitchenette.

Alright, kiddies, I promise a longer post this weekend. Just wanted to check and holla at you. I leave you with this little jam for the weekend.

Make your own weekend wonderland.