And so it begins….mid thirties

There’s a lot of change in the wind and I’m trying to hold on for the ride. I’m having some bumps with this new whole fiscal responsible thing but I’m really proud of myself so far. I’m trying to see where I’m spending, how, and when I eff up take it with stride and say “Ok, self…why did this happen and how do I get back on track?” It’s new and hard but I’m committed to making it happen.

My relationship is having some growing pains. There’s so much love but we’re trying to figure out where we both want to be in our next phase of life and if that’s the same…It’s really fucking hard. It’s crazy mature but it also sucks to really love someone and be uncertain that you’re on the same page. We’re trying to figure it out and keep the dialogue open and honest. So you have that…..

I’ve been in the process of applying for a position, and then I got an interview, and then I was a finalist. Now, I’m waiting to see what happens….I really do want it and am keeping my fingers crossed. Trying to trust that the universe has a plan for me and if it’s meant to happen it will happen. I do feel that my interviews were very strong and have little that I regret in terms of preparation or responses….so now I just have to wait….that’s hard.


Fitness has really been the last priority….I’m averaging like once a week if that…. 35 is supposed to be about finances and fitness so I need to really pull that part together. With interviewing, I didn’t have time to meal prep and was buying my lunch like a fool. This week, I’m back on it and prepared 5 healthy lunches. Tonight, I’m going to work out at home which is why I’m blogging (ACCOUNTABILITY). I need to get some fit in and hopefully it will help clear my head so I don’t dive head first into a pint of ice cream….which is better than alcohol.

Oh yea…I already did that on my actual birthday and it may have ended with me puking and drunk crying about being old….I was straight out of a movie…a sadder less glamorous Bridget Jones movie.


Anyways, that’s what’s going on in these parts, Interwebbies…Hopefully there will be more to report soon. News that’s funny and hilarious and involves me working out. But for today is just Old Lady News about trying to keep it together and navigate my mid-thirties like a grown person….and not a Grey’s Anatomy character.






JUST BURIED UNDER WORK AND VACAY TO-DO’S – I MISS YOU….like Molly Ringwald misses the 80’s

I’m still here!!! I promise!!!

You know how before you go on vacay everything has to get amazingly crazy and your to-do list basically throws up on itself??? That’s pretty much where I am right now. Throwing back the coffee, yawning, doing a ton of work, getting distracted, working on vacay to do list, daydreaming….and REPEAT.

I made an emergency decision that I did not feel good in one of my swimsuits last night and hopped on BART into SF to basically scavenge through Macy’s Summer Swim section. That place is an effin’ mess. The season’s almost over so homegirls are not reorganizing by style or brand anymore. Shizz is just getting hung back up because they about to shut that section down and fill it with mother effing coats. I kid you not. Anyways, I did hit up ROXY but all their Summer Clearance was non-existant and they had their Fall swim line up and I just couldn’t spend $70 on a suit. Not gonna do it. Luckily, Macy’s came through and I found a cute mix-n-match number, black and white stripes on top, polka dots on the bottoms, and I’m winning $30.00 total. I know I’ll be living in my suits in Mexico, why lie, so I felt like I needed three.

I also swung by Sephora and handed over my credit card to pay for sigh….$30 face sunblock (spf 50) by Shiseido. It was a grip but as a wise & well aged beauty counter woman once told me “You’ll spend $40 on shoes which go on your feet and wear out. You’re not gonna spend $40 on your face which you will wear a lifetime?” WORD. Give me the quality sunblock. Plus whenever I have to wear face sunblock multiple days, I always develop some kind of reaction…itchiness or worse case scenario these tiny little bumps. It’s Mexico, I need to protect this old lady mug so I’m paying the dirty thirty. My chica with amazing skin swears by this and she’s a delicate little princess so if her face doesn’t break out that gives me confidence. I’ve already warned the boyfriend this is FACE sunblock not to be wasted on your body. Put the Neutragena on that!!!

My working out this past few months has had ups and downs. At the end of the day, I do feel like I look better than I did in January and I am most definitely stronger. Will I be looking like this on the beach?
Not quite but still pretty DAMN good. My tummy still has a little more work to do. However don’t get it twisted I love that my body can run and I can do way more lady push-ups and sit-ups than in a HELLA long time. Plus 2014 is still not over my friends and I plan to keep going πŸ™‚

I’m gonna try and squeeze in another post for my Interwebbies tomorrow!! Cannot miss the Humpty Hump!

Yes, I’m not sure if any vacay posts will happen but I will be back!!! Don’t forget about me!!!

Best to leave you with this.


I need a luck dragon….and to get out of this damn bell jar

Do you know you’re in the bell jar or is it only after you’re out that you know you’ve been in???

Where are all my damn Philosophy majors? Probably spending their summer some place dreamy…Damn, kids..I kid..I kid. Well at least about the kids.


Oh Reality Bites, I can’t even look to you for wisdom because I’m now a decade older than your characters. What movie should I be referring to with thirty somethings…I mean I obviously have Bridget Jones πŸ™‚
Well at least this hot mess express woke up and made herself do a nice 3.5 mile run and treated herself to a good ole cup of joe. Work has been very slow which is good because my motivation ended right as I walked in the door. I did try and resuscitate it with another cup of coffee but that too failed. I read two articles on improving your productivity/desk station. I will post them later this week if I find them actually useful. I also saw a job that I’m going to apply for at the University. No expectations just a chance to throw my hat in the ring and possibly increase cash flow if it happens. The work would be different and maybe that’s what this bell jar bebe needs?

I need to fall back into love with the administrative side of my job or at the very least not get caught up in the inefficiency and put in a few LOOOONNNG nights. I need to commit to letting something go so that I can make that happen. Most likely it will be having a clean house, laundry, and dinner with my lovely boyfriend. If I get in at least 3 late nights this week and next, maybe I will be caught up before vacation. I just need a strategy, commit, and put in the hours. Sigh, hours that I am not paid for…BLARGH!

I’m thinking of purchasing this workout dvd despite the current “I’m in the red” financial situation.
First, I need to have a back-up when I can’t get my morning run due to an early morning meeting. Second, if I’m working out in the evening I’d like my boy to be able to enjoy the living room. There’s no tv in our bedroom so I need something that I can download to my ipad. I think I can get this for $10.00 (itunes) which is pretty reasonable and I love Jillian.

Back to the dreaded office, I’d like to have a plan of attack for work so once I return from Mexico I can put on my big girls pants and budget the hell out of the next 6 months.

I’m 33 and I’d like a kid and to retire one day so I need to break up with my retail therapy, lack of budgeting, and general non-financial savviness.


I really want a win…so I can feel like this and possibly turn this ish around. Or at least get me out of the jar.

That’s all I got for tricky Tuesday, my interwebbies. Hope yours is going well. Let me know if you have any budget blogs I should be reading, or any how to be a grown up blogs for that matter.

Rolling with my homies or should I say running?

Floating around this week and I’m still trying to get myself together. Grief, stress, work and trying to move forward all just crushing me. I want to lay in bed, sleep, run, drink iced coffees and just be….just be in the quiet. That space I can find in the morning as the geese honk softly across the lake and I feel my tired steps along heavy breaths.

It’s not all bad just complicated. Let’s focus on the normal, you know the fake it ’till you make it theory.

STITCHFIX ordered in a moment of shopping therapy to fill my big fat grief hole.


The box was pretty and lovely. Too bad I swam in everything and only one piece was really my style. I was pretty disappointed but it seems like you need 2 or 3 boxes before it hits.



I really dug the little style card they sent you with outfit/styling ideas. I don’t really think I’ll order another box but I will probably follow their style blog.

Running has been going well and I even managed a 3.0 mile walk on Saturday. Hooray 4 workouts and a walk! I still gained .1 lb this week (Friday weigh in). Not a bad gain but I thought I’d have a loss, maybe too much beer. This weekend had been full of way TOO much good stuff. But hey workouts and water drinking are solid so maybe this will be the week for food.

Fireworks always seem so magical to me. Reminders of summers’ past and running around without your parents. Waiting up to twirl around with sparklers, see a big show, or light your own in the street. I love that feeling. We spent this year quietly, a BBQ for two, some Godfather on tv, and watching the fireworks from our rooftop deck. I’m still not feeling crowds yet and it was nice to be at our casita in the sky. I captured that little jewel on my phone and just relaxed and enjoyed the rest.

Here comes another week interwebbies. Feeling like another wave to knock me under the water… The most important thing is just to keep trying and going. Smiling and letting myself laugh. Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!!!


In my day dreams I’m the Dowanger Countess…. but there’s delicious food

Thoughts for Thursday….inspired by Wednesday night fried spring rolls

1) Ugh, I hate working. I would really just like to be a lady of leisure…Downton Abbey styles. Instead, I’m just a regular little worker bee. Also where is my panic about the frosh and orientation? I need to have my Spring freak out so I can plow through all this work. My freak out has yet to show up and instead I’m still tripping in vacay slacker mode…la de dah…send help!

2) I hate it when my boyfriend and I fight about imaginary money and budgets we don’t have!!! I would say it’s the dumbest thing in the world but it does result in fried spring rolls so it was kinda a win. Having to be fiscally responsible in your thirties is the pits! BLARGH!!! Once all this Mexico Vacay is over – I’m gonna focus on finances. Hopefully I will be super Mexico fit & hot by that time so it will make it easier to focus on said responsibilities.

3) I need to start a Summer Bar list. There’s a bunch of new and some old places I haven’t been to and Summer is the perfect time for checking them out. It’s a major to-do. I think I’ll need to incorporate pinterest. Holla!

4) I hate when I break down and eat Mexican because my bf texts that he will need to work and be busy for most of the three day weekend. I’m sad and ate my feelings…Can someone please do a post on not eating your feelings!!! I need to start to hydrate away my feelings – wait strike that – hydrating away my feelings with water. I finally tried those nuun hydration tablets all the running bloggers post about at the New Balance Expo and that ish is pretty good. Maybe I will order some of the energy ones instead of drinking afternoon coffee. Thoughts? PS – I actually linked the image to their website…look at me πŸ™‚

I need to break up with this vacay mode…it’s now 1:23pm and still no breakdown or freak out.


Alright interwebbies send me your Thursday love and some motivation tips you use to tackle your work. Strategies for slacker lbgs??? HELP PLEASE!




It’s time for Wednesday Link Up Lurve where we hook up with all kinds of sexy ladies on the interwebs. Hooraz for hitting the Wednesday hump but truth be told May is just one B-I of a month. For instance, I lost part of this post once already. That’s May for you….she just is all about eff’ing your ish up and then BAM it’s June. Let’s just say as a College Adviser May and June are beyond crazy with my seniors graduating and my new frosh showing up all bright eyed. July shows up and I’m half dead on my desk trying to get ready to cage fight the other advisers to take our respective vacations. Yep, because the College Advising office must always be open and with that let’s get to it!


Vodka and Soda

1. RESOLUTION BREAKER – I resolved this new year to no longer work late or come in on the weekends. To be honest, I’m not paid enough and I was really really stressed in 2013. That was the eff’ing year of work stress. I finally broke down and brought work home last night. As a result of my resolution, I’ve been taking bar method and running and feeling way less stressed. I’ve also been chronically behind at la oficina. I’m still going to try to not make this a habit since before it was kinda my lifestyle. Anyways, I’ve broken that resolution. I’m impressed that I’ve come this far.

2. I HATE FLAKY PEOPLE! Ok, hate is a strong mother e’ffing word but I strongly dislike flakers. I have one girl friend from back in the day that is absolutely wonderful, fun, brilliant, and usually really considerate but….yep here’s the but…she’s so flaky! You’re not allowed to confess to missing my sexy ass when all you do is bail or are unable to commit to a plan to get together. Also if you’re not willing to cross the bridge to the Easy Bay, you just lost another 5 points. Either commit or don’t complain!!!!

3. I think confessions w/ Kathy should count as therapy. I should really be sending her checks. Hope she takes blog gratitude.


4. My allergies have been so bad lately and my nose is just constantly stuffy. I’m worried that since I’ve been trying this new EO natural deodorant that maybe it’s not working and I smell and no one has told me I’m a sweaty beast but I have no idea because of the damn allergies. The only thing that’s reassuring me is that I’m pretty confident my boyfriend would have told me. Why can’t you beattches smell me through the Interwebs!!!

5. Basketball playoffs last forever and I basically don’t get to watch any tv. I love my boyfriend so much I missed the Mindy Project Season Finale. Yep, that’s effing love.

Ummm….I think that about covers it for the week. I’m good.

Ooooh but don’t forget to check out Wednesday Weigh In !

Pretty Strong Medicine

I didn’t weigh in today things with work have just been too crazy. I think I’m going back to my Thursday/Friday weigh ins since it lets me have a last chance work out. That may sound dumb but it motivates my sleepy booty. Hopefully, this damn book will do the trick. See yesterday’s post. I should link here but I’m tired, sorry kids. I’m just keeping it real. I need to work on a Dave Chappelle type post on “when keeping it real goes wrong.”

Anyone have a keeping it real gone horribly moment? Holla at me! Or let us know how your weekly get fit is coming? At the very least may you all get the eff over the HUMP in one piece!!!



LA to Boston to Brooklyn and back

Monday. You’re never a pleasant surprise.

I missed you all over the weekend, Interwebs. It was a quick and busy one so there was no time for hoping on for an update. But of course, in true Monday slacker style, I am here now. Friday was spent doing wash, packing, and trying to get organized for our quick LA familia trip. I tried to get to bed at a decent hour so I could squeeze out a run prior to our flight. AND BAM! LOOK WHO MADE HER SATURDAY MORNING HAPPEN!

9 miles

I managed to hit my 9 with a little change and head home for some showering and airport drinking! I have to say I was mostly impressed with what a good run it was and how solid I felt afterwards. Sometimes a run kicks your booty to the curb but that wasn’t my Saturday. HOORAZ! A lovely little flight out of terminal two was my treat for the day. Seriously drinking on the way to somewhere is one of my most favs and the airport bar is one of the most interesting places to drink. I strongly encourage this!



My favorite was the Santa Barbara Grenache blend! Adore!

The rest of the time was spent with the Boy’s familia so not much to report there. On the way back I did pick up Runner’s World Boston edition and that was a really good read. Some of the pieces made me super sad bastard teary eyed but I recommend you all pick up a copy. SUPER INSPIRING. People are just crazy amazing. There’s also a couple of articles for beginning runners so that’s pretty nice too.



Speaking of picking up ish. I saw an article on XOJane for the Socal curls and I kinda want to buy one. It seems legit but I’m tettering. It also could be a waste of $20. Anyways. Here’s the little video. What do you guys think? I’m all about sleeping with something and waking up with cute hair. That whole sock bun thing didn’t work for me because I have a ton of hair and this seems kinda legit. Arghh!!! Anyways let me know what you think??

Hmmm… hope that works. I feel like I have a million little projects I want to do but there’s never enough time. Or maybe I just manage my time poorly but seriously you need some tv, relax, eat bad food time! It’s essential to decompress. Maybe I’ll start a little project page on here for things I want to tackle. Ugh, my closet is a big one. So is my budget. I also still have two boxes of make-up, jewelry, random stuff that are not all the way unpacked from our big move-in this October. I know sad, right? Moving right before the holidays was a HUGE MISTAKE! Avoid this at all cost. Plus it was our first time moving in together so we did get rid of a lot of stuff but these last two little boxes….just are constantly being moved around. It was a Friday project but I napped before I did laundry so there you have it. SLACKER!
coffee slacker

CRAZYNESS!!! I will by in NYC at this time next month! Well technically I’ll be flying Virgin right now this time next month but there you have it. I’m BEYOND excited for Brooklyn. I also have a half the weekend before with my sister (10k, baby) so that will be fun! I want to add some more races but we really need to figure out this vacation thing. Although I think I’m learning towards Mexico (cheaper) because it turns out there may be a 2015 wedding in Aruba and a destination 40th birthday for friends/family so that would be a HUGE chunk of change right there. Money, I hate you!!!! But only because I don’t have more 😦
I did bring a microwavable lunch item today, cheaper than buying on campus, and there was no time to make anything since we came back from LA. I think budget wise I may need to just invest in a handful to keep at work to bring the finances under control.

Let’s have some more coffee and get this crazy pants of a day shaking. Oh, I’m going to BAR METHOD THIS WEEK!!! FINALLY!!! Maybe later tonight I will squeeze in a weekly workout post. Sorry I’m super boring today! Don’t worry, it’ Monday all hell will break loose and I’ll be back to being angry and insane by tomorrow.

Coffee covered besos,