I ordered a salad 

I managed to eat and snack like a healthy person today. Despite being out and about, I ordered a baby kale salad!!! VICTORY! Of course, I snacked (as I tend to do on Sundays) but instead of delicious crap, I ate plantain chips and dried mango. I had half a health bar for breakfast with no added sugar and one of those wacky ingredient labels. You know where it lists the 5 items in the bar. Shocking, I know.

I did a super sad bastard run on Saturday. My entire body hurt and it was a confirmation that I have been failing on the fitness/food/and general life front. However I’m back and have a whole take no prisoners attitude so soon I will be fit, sexy, and one of the “after” people.

I need to wake up early and make my lunch because it is not happening tonight. So that’s all kids.




I’ll tell you what I want…what I really really want


The past few days have been stressful and not imagined my July going to say the least. My Dad has been in and out of the ER with a terrible skin infection up and down his leg. Hospital food and kicking it with my familia has been the worst for my eating…hello chips, triscuits, and any kind of crunchy munchie.

I stepped on the scale today and wanted to cry…BLARGH…I’m dangerously close to my law school weight however this time around my body composition is much much better. I’ve been working out but I haven’t been running and clearly my body needs the running.

I also need to lay off the sugar…if it has sugar in it, it goes straight into my mouth.

I killed my scale, it was old at least 5 years but it was giving me weight differences of like 5 lbs and that was fucking with my head. I did place about 8lbs of hand weights on there to check for accuracy and it failed to register that weight. Clearly a bad sign. So into the trash it went and I bought a cheap $20 scale but at least it’s accurate.


At least Great British Baking is back and I can get joy from tv since my life is just one big hot mess.


I think the new job is going okay but my new boss seems to be hardly there and I’m getting minimal direction which worries me. To top that off, I’m now missing a bunch of work because of my poor Dad. I don’t regret being out but just thinking about heading into the office and how behind I am is TERRIFYING.


Thankfully I have NOTHING planned for this weekend. Absolutely nada. I intend to clean my house and work out my fat booty.

Honestly, I feel exhausted and that I just want to run away to the beach for 2 weeks but I’m beyond broke with a wedding in Seattle, we can’t really afford to attend but we’re going. All my boyfriend’s grad school friends will be there so it’s a pretty BFD and we can’t pass on it.

My summer is has not been filled with sexy, fit, or any kind of relaxation so those are my goals moving forward…..

To be continued…



That 10 percent

Back, back, back and forth.

Being an adult is learning that you have control over maybe 10% of the things in your life on a good day. On a bay day, all you’ve got is 1% which is how you handle it. There has been quite a bit of back and forth’ing in 2016. I’m still here (thankfully) and getting to place where I can gear up and strive to hit that 10%.

That pretty month of May effed some shizz up….but June will be here in a few days and I plan on making the Summer months work for me. Finance wise, my budget didn’t work and we had a LOT of unplanned expenses related to my boyfriend’s graduation and some family events. Not to mention, I’ve been buying my lunches for at least two weeks (that’s 100 that wasn’t planned right there). My body/fitness has turned into a softer and larger lump…not good. I mean naked (still decent) but my clothes like to leave indentations over my body after I take them off…so not good. I finally decided that I needed to step up and take back my 10%. So…Saturday morning, I stepped on the scale and thought well…that explains why all my clothes without elastic are painful. Keep in mind, it’s still a healthy weight but more than my 5 foot body is used to carrying and way less muscle. BLARGH. Yes, my toes need a pedicure…badly.


I’m going to rally for June and try to bring some financial fitness, mental wellness, and you know real exercise to mi vida. I re-added the my fitness pal (mfp) app to my phone so that I can, ya know, actually be accountable for the food choices that I’m making. I’ve been sick this week and cancelled fun plans to stay home and get better. Hashtag adulting. I bought some groceries on Saturday that supported me eating vegetables and getting better.


The thought of exercise exists me at this point but I plan to start tomorrow. It’s completely against my will but it’s work out or buy all new pants. I still may need new pants but I have to at least attempt to lose some of this weight.


I do have a goal for ultimate fitness….August 18th. I have a bachelorette party that I’ve very excited for!!! There will wine tasting, dancing, a dope house with a swimming pool and I will be expected to wear a swimsuit and there will photographic evidence. Sigh, every girl’s nightmare. Therefore the plan is to not look like a blob by this date. Non-blobby would be ideal with all my young cute 29 year old girlfriends even though I’m a 35 year old lady (Grandma, really) that would like to be in a maxi dress, pool adjacent. Anything with stretch really.



That just makes me want to live in elastic and chug wine…and gain zero weight…that is a girls dream…throw in sex with 90s Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum and the entire Magic Mike crew dancing for me and my girlfriends…yep, that’s about it.

Enjoy your three day weekend, peeps!



On Mondays we get serious!

It’s Monday, Interwebs….

Mondays, are the worst but we can prepare, expect the shizz, and stay focused. My birthday is around the corner…next week to be exact….AGHHH!

Thirty-five years old, yo! I’ve made some mistakes, had some successes, and in general, am one lucky mo-fo. Thirty-five is all about the FINANCES & FITNESS. That’s the slogan, brand, power phrase….whatever you want to call it.


I re-did my budget and made notes in each month that I have some activities that I should keep in mind with regard to the MONEY. For example, a friend’s bachelorette party ( I know I’m always in the wedding rotation), a conference I’m attending, familia stuff.

I filed my taxes and once that return gets into my hot little hands, it’s quickly going to the credit card demons. ALL OF IT. I want those beeatches outta my life!


This is week 2 of Sunday lunch meal prep, where I make ALL the lunches for the week. It’s not exciting, I stream Grey’s, dirty up my kitchen, but at the end of it, I have ALL THE LUNCHES!!! Plus, they are healthy….which is important. I’ve been tracking my food and trying to eat like a person that will have a beach vacation….although there are no plans for said vacation. Just feeding my vacation dreams to the credit card demons. I lost two pounds which was gratifying. My clothes are still ridiculously tight. I wore a pair of pants the other day that were painful…not a good sign.


This week, I plan to workout and eat healthy. It sounds terrible but see above, fitness and finances. I know after two weeks of working out it will feel great. Right now though it’s dread. I’m going to a studio near the BART and the campus which means I have to workout with gorgeous twenty year olds….it’s the worst. My old ass will be dripping sweat next to young people that have no need to workout while sporting designer leggings….FUN.


I consoled myself with two oreos and am going to make Monday happen!!!









My sleep has been out of whack for what feels like weeks. I had no idea how important sleep is until I was about 32….I mean napping yes but sleeping not so much. Now that I’m about to be 35 (yikes), I know how effing important sleep is but I don’t always get it.


Sleeping plays a big role in all this shizz. Thanks Google.

  • Sleep improves your ability to learn…or remember all those bad ideas from your morning meeting.
  • When you sleep your heart is healing….just repairing blood vessels, no big deal.
  • Sleep helps us maintain healthy weight or lose weight….aka no sleep effs up your hormones.
  • When well rested, I’m a nicer person.


Anyways….this week I’m going to PRIORITIZE sleeping like the old lady I am. This means no working out (not like I’ve been doing much of that lately) to ensure I’m home to tackle chores and be in bed by 10:00pm. It seems a little crazy but I just need to get rest, wake up on time, show up to work on time, and not be a zombie while I’m there.


I guess this is a good time as any to also throw down some Febuary goals. January is duzo and this month feels like it’s moving even quicker. I promise before this week is up to take a look at my January goals…..blargh….failing is the new winning, right??? Yea, not so much.


  • Begin working on getting to bed on time
  • Packing my lunch during the Week of the 15th, 22nd, and 29th
    • side note – we had guests this past weekend and haven’t yet gone to the grocery store so I’m cutting myself some slack. Realism, homies.
  • Healthy dinners
  • Being present at the office….simmer down on the day dreaming.

I’m struggling with a particular work project…a committee I’ve sat on for nearly five years despite my requests to continue to build my skill set. The frustration is heavily impacting my joy in being in the office and my performance. I’m sure I will have an additional post on that later.


Alright kids, I’m off to tackle some work. Hope your February is filled with heart shaped candies.







This week has been a complete fiasco…..returning from your sister’s epic wedding (where you were run ragged) to the first week of the Spring term is brutal. There are far too many students that need advising and I am handing out tickets to the hot mess express first class to so many crazy students….EXHAUSTION.


I still haven’t emailed ANY of my Spring probation babies….I need to be like “Hey, so Fall didn’t really go your way. Ummm….maybe you should come in and talk about why your schedule looks like you’re smoking crack….you know, I don’t actually enjoy dismissing students. It’s not what one would call a perk. Ok, please come see me….and if not drop those extra 18 units. XOX.”

My 9:00am is a wonderful double major application appointment so I seriously hope she no shows. If that happens I can critically review my to-do list, cry a little, drink some coffee, cancel my barre class (because yours truly will be here past 5:00pm), and try and not eat ALL the food.


Speaking of barre, the past two weeks have been a WORKOUT FAIL!!! I should have expected that wedding week would only merit one workout class. However this week, I have yet to workout – AGHHHH! There was a last minute terrible dentist appointment for my deep clean and my cousin unexpectedly visited. I loved one and not the other. In all honesty, those were my two workouts. The first week of school is always so cray and I should know better than to imagine that I would be leaving either a)on time or b)not completely exhausted.





The Obligatory 2016 Goal Post

It’s the new year and I’m compulsive so I have to make some goals.

Even if you try something for 3 months, it’s better than nothing. Well at least that’s my thought on the matter. Besides sometimes things stick so what do you have to lose??? Nothing!!!

I’m making myself responsible for some mini monthly goals which will hopefully tie back into my larger goals for the year.

Jan 2016 goals

  • 12 barre classes – keeping my fit in check.
  • IE Basically live within my January budget.
  • Research proctoring gigs.
  • Blog once a week…for accountability on my spending, to rant about craziness, and any other written shenanigans as needed.



  • Pay down $4,000 of my credit card debt.
  • Just say “NO” to destination weddings, that’s money that can go towards the credit card. California weddings are approved.
  • Lose 5lbs.
  • Compete the book challenge from my sister.
  • Embrace some minimalism in my life.
  • Have fun and embrace turning the big 3-5!

mean girls

January besos,

lbg aka the goal maker