April, Prince, and tears

Dear April,

You have been a mixed month of crazy. Allergies, opportunities, and unexpected outings have all lead to a massive month of breaking the bank. I’ve been working late nights which means there has been zero fitness. April is really just all about morbid obesity…and debt. BLARGH!


It’s really just time for an April update list.

  1. I got a new job! Holla!
  2. They needed me start right away which meant that I started working LATE! Most nights…plus I had to work on Saturday 4/16 for my old job (couple of hours) and Sunday 4/17 for my new job (similar)…so I worked 12 days straight. EXHAUSTION.
  3. As a result of all this working, I bought food (unhealthy & fast) and did not meal prep. There was no time for fitness….so all my clothes are tight and the scale scared me the other day. BLARGH!
  4. Working all the time means my house is a lair of filth….the RAT KING lives here. It’s sad but true.
  5. As a result of leaving my job, so so MANY unexpected expenses, outings, etc have just fucked my budget. It basically went out the window….and crashed into a million pieces on the street below.


I’m super excited about the new job though!!! It’s the right move despite bad timing and I won’t be broke and fat forever so you know….Monday is a new day and I will start to pull it together at that point.


I just wanted to drop by and say I’m alive…working non-stop with nothing interesting to report. Perhaps, just that Prince died and it was my first day at my new job and DEVASTATION. Also I didn’t know my new team well enough to blast PRINCE and be sad and say we should all drink at lunch…somehow I thought that might be frowned upon. I’m so sad as I type this….Prince, no! He played a few shows in Oakland not too long ago and I had a homie tell me in advance but I opted out of getting tickets because I’ve been so focused on my budget. REGRETS!!!!! I thought I had time! He was only 57! Anyways, rest in peace and power Prince, you will be greatly missed. I will leave you all with this jam and my favorite Charlie Murphy story of all time.

Sad bastard abrazos,






I’m old but that means lots of toppings & one nice couch


The adventures in getting old continue, I’m fairly certain being 35 means that I can only successfully go out one night a weekend. This would be depressing except that as a 35 year old I have a fabulous couch. A couch that I really like lying on and watching tv instead of being at the bar and wanting to lay my head down on it at 12:35am. I still had an awesome time in the city with my young 30 year old girlfriends but tonight I’m happy to be home.

In other old lady news….  

I have truly been ignoring my fitness. Like in every way possible. I ignore the my fancy barre studio, weights at home are dusty, and instead I just eat frozen yogurt with lots of toppings. It’s delicious but clothes are tight and I’m broke. That pretty much means I need to get back on the damn treadmill. So I’m putting this out into the interwebs, 21 days of fitness. Even if it 15 minutes, I’m committing myself to 21 days straight of fitness starting April 3rd…. Because it’s like 9:00pm at night right now. Once again, bringing sexy back! But seriously sexy leaves so quickly like after 2 weeks. 


I’m continuing to come back to my 2016 theme of finances & fitness. In terms of finances, I’m still here, beatches! I work on my budget, each month and track my spending even when it’s over. I make notes in future month budget tabs so I can plan appropriately. It’s had its ups and downs but the biggest difference is I’m still trying. I really want to kill my credit card debt, and then I’ll attempt to figure out my crushing student loan debt & improve retirement. However one thing at a time!!! Or I’ll just effing cry.  

2016 finances are all about killing the wicked credit card debt and saying no to things I can’t afford. I said no to destination November wedding and another trip. Go, me! It sucks but I really want to end 2016 in a stronger place financially… Even if it means kicking it with my couch more. I was toying with the idea of trying to pick up a weekend job like at Whole Foods for a few months to really help but decided to wait & see what happens with the interview process for this other job. 

The more I read about debt, it seems that a lot of peeps pick up side hustles, so we’ll see.  

Sunday, you’re going to be a game changer! There will be laundry, house cleaning, meal prep, and firness! Success will be mine!!! Or at the very least I will say no to the frozen yogurt…. Ok, I won’t get toppings.



Wedding Crashed….

Wedding weekend is over!

My sister is happily married and the crazy shenanigans of throwing a wedding are dunzo!

I love my sister and she looked beyond happy and that’s all that matters. I’m exhausted and in no way ready for the week but that’s life.

I budgeted and failed. My advice is if you’re a bridesmaid particularly the maid of honor, take your budget and increase it by a third. From picking up shoe cushions to a target run for your bride and grabbing a round of cocktails…. It added up. Oh and the In & Out you will treat yourself to on the road trip there. So that was a budget fail but I’m still in it for the long run and will not let this derail me!

This week is short (thank baby Jesus) and I just need to buckle down and stay on track. I signed up for pure barre after work each evening, nothing helps me focus and de-stress like working out. Last week was beyond crazy and I worked out once…. Wah wah. If I’m going to hit my January goal of 12 workouts, I need to hit four this week. Two, I need to take a look at my budget for the rest of the month. Last but not least, I need to bring my lunch everyday this week.

Coming back to reality is rough but  it was worth it as I scroll through photos and look at my sister’s smile. 

There’s something that feels like 2016 is going to fly by and that freaks me out because I have a ton I want to accomplish this year. I’ve got to somehow make it work. So now that I’m officially broke AF, I have the next two weekends in to accomplish shizz at home without spending money….. Will keep you all posted.

Now I’m off to binge AHS Hotel since Gaga nabbed a Golden Globe.



34 Stories of running, empty pockets, and April showers

Being 34 is exhausting. I have a strong feeling it has to do with all the drinking, eating out, and socializing that came with my birthday. Somehow I can’t seem to catch up on my sleep and running this week has been nil. I mean the last birthday happy hour was Monday and I think I’m focused on fully recovering at this point.

Sunday was the She Is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz and I ran a solid 55 minute race, holla! It drizzled a little during the race but it felt so refreshing and gave me a little boost as I ran through Natural Bridges. The race was sold out and it definitely felt that way, the shuttles arrived late/moved slowly, and I was unable to make it into my time corral. Despite all this I still had a really good time. It was overcast but still such a great day to be near the ocean. I love being at the beach and running, I mean c’mon just add wine and you’ve got perfection. I’ve run this race 4 years now and I have to say I do miss the smaller feel of the first years but it’s still a lot of fun. The energy is so positive and everyone is really friendly. The theme of embracing your own beauty permeates throughout the entire race. It’s a great race for first timers, walkers, and families. The post race festival was beyond over crowded so we grabbed our shirts and headed back to our hotel.


photo 2-2photo 3-2

May feels right around the corner with my trip to Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding, soon July will be here, and I will be headed to Budapest for another wedding. It’s so exciting but stresses me out a bit too since financially I’m in such a shaky place. For Hawaii, I’ve paid for my ticket and my hotel which is great. I just need to work out a budget for while I’m there. For Budapest I have about of a third of the ticket cost saved but I’m going to throw a chunk into savings with my April paycheck so that we should be able to buy our tickets in May.

I need to really work on my financial security, 34 make me feel like 40 is around the corner, and I would like to be able to retire someday. I was out for jury duty during the Spring Retirement Session but I’m fully planning on attending the Fall session so I can see where I’m at and what I need to be contributing moving forward for my future old lady adventures.

Between my student loans and credit card debt, I feel a little crushed. Having the two weddings this year really hurt my credit card pay down plans although I haven’t added to that debt so small victories. I just need to sit down with my boyfriend and review my budget and our living expenses. I love where we live but we pay a ton in rent and I don’t know if the second bedroom/office was the best investment since he uses it less than anticipated. I don’t know….I just know that I need some help because clearly the choices I’m making on my own financially are not making sense.

Oh yeah and I dropped my phone pretty badly in Santa Cruz. It’s holding on but that’s another cash money purchase that will need to be upcoming. I did not mean for this post to be a broke ass thirty something entry but there you have it. I mean if you can’t be a financial sad bastard on your own blog where can you??


2015 the theme word was INSPIRED and my action item is appearing to be to ask for HELP.

 Basically I’m Sandra Bullock in 28 days. I heart her.


April is the get serious month, peeps. We’re bringing the fitness and healthy food back with a vengeance. We will be in Hawaii swimsuit countdown and I want to look and feel good….I say this as I eat mac and cheese. I’m drinking water at least. Thank baby Jesus for that much. I also will be getting serious with my Marathon training – LOOK OUT!!!! Let’s set up some April Goooaalllss!!!


  • Run 3- 4 times a week
  • Plank for core strength – goal 20 out of 30 days this month!
  • Stay within my budget!!! Just say NO to spending
  • Work on cleaning out my clothes closet
  • Bring my lunch to work also known as saving money!!!
  • Read a book

I’m serious here, kids. It’s time to put the two week long birthday celebrating behind us and get back to reality. I’m considering a sugar detox to help with the eating and hopefully the race this Saturday will be perfect for a Marathon Kickoff!!!

I’m heading to Livermore on Friday for the race expo!!! So excited and did I mention there’s wine tasting!!!!??? 13.1 tastings to be exact. Isn’t that clever.

Alright my peeps, it’s time for me to call it a night and tackle some chores.


Fresh Prince, Dirty Dancing, and a nice Back to the Future blog post

Alright peeps, it’s been a minute since I ran over to our corner of the Interwebbies to kick it with you. My apologies, if it’s any consolation, I’ve half written two or three posts that just never made it out of the draft box.

Let’s bust out those glorious bullet points and bring us all up to speed. Shall we?


  • I hit up two runs, a 5 miler and an 8 miler – Holla!
  • I attended a Hipline class – Shimmy Pop
  • Hipline is basically work out dancing for old ladies that don’t go to the club but miss going to the club. Heads up, there is VERY little instruction but it’s very very fun. You’re learning simple dance moves to each song, you’re barefoot, and just doing your best. Bonus – the room has club lighting aka dark and there’s a disco ball.
  • Here’s a shimmy pop flash mob but keep in mind you’re doing this in a darkened studio with no shame – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0LwRoV8hno


  • Yesterday, I did a lovely 5 miler that Strava only half recorded. Absolute sad face!!!!
  • Thursday – another 5 miler aka running home from work – BAM!
  • Saturday – 9 miler ….here we go…eek!
  • Friday night, I’m gonna try to do some serious stretching with light weights but ya know….Friday workouts.



  • I’m going to see Dirty Dancing at the Movie Theater on Saturday – Woo Woo!!! I mean seriously….how awesome is that. Sure, I hate Valentine’s Day but I LOVE ME SOM DIRTY DANCING…..Nobody puts baby in the corner.
  • dirty
  • Yep, that was also a bullet.
  • I love/hate registering for races early. It’s awesome because races are generally hella hella cheap early on and they usually offer an additional discount. Right? But then you sign up and two months later, you can’t do the damn race. San Jose 408k – I’m going to have to cancel on you because I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungover post-wedding and a 2 hour drive away. Also I wrote down March 7th in my planner and not March 1st. I figure if I drink $30.00 worth of booze at the wedding – it’s a zero sum win.
  • I’m thinking of extending my half training after March to FULL MARATHON training. Is that crazy? I’ve never done a marathon and thought suddenly terrifies and excites me all at the same time. Thoughts?
  • I last 3 lbs last week but I preceded to have happy hour cocktails, indian food, and maybe a LOT of cheese over the weekend. This Friday, could be precarious.
  • funny-picture-dog-on-a-weight-scale-555x785
  • I made a really bomb Butternut squash, Sausage, and Kale Lasagna. You should check out the recipe here! I’m so digging her website.
  • FYI, that shizz refrigerates beautifully and for lunch I just put some fresh kale underneath my yummy lasagna and heated in the work microwave for 5 minutes – DELISH!
  • Jimmy Fallon continues to make me laugh with his West Coast Tonight show – watch this!
  • Work is heating up and I’m keeping my head up like Tupac says but the first two weeks of Spring term are always brutal. Why are my students so crazy!!! Sigh, bebes you need to consume less coffee. I on the other hand could probably use some more.

I promise to try and post a little more regularly but I’m still here! Still running! And definitely a hot mess express!!!






Monday Love

It’s Monday, beaaatches!!!

Let’s make it happen. I woke up a few times last night dreaming stressing about work. I know this is one of the most unhealthy habits to have and I’m really working to bring balance to my life…probably since I started blogging a year ago but it’s a process, peeps. This morning, I’ve accomplished a decent amount but I felt like I needed to jump back here and drop a little note to say Holla, Monday.

The second thing I’m going to give a shot this month is working on my meanness. Yep, straight up mean girl habits.


I read this article which I didn’t save or pin (bad blogger) and it inspired me to try and be more positive and just less mean overall. The article talked about catching yourself when you exhibit these habits and exploring why you behaved in this fashion. I guess the whole idea of lessening your critique of yourself and others to make more room for positivity and love kinda spoke to me. I will be trying to limit/get rid of the meanness in my life. We will see how it goes. Have any of you taken up this type of practice? Or just implemented more positivity un your life?

motivation monday

FITNESS WRAP UP – Let’s talk about fit!!!

Monday – 5.2 miles
Wednesday – weights/stretching (ie cross training) 20 minutes
Thursday – 5.2 miles
Sunday – 7 miles

Last week was a great week workout wise. I’m going to have to award myself five gold stars for this one. My 7 miler yesterday felt really good. I was tired for the last mile or so but I felt like I could of run longer if needed. I would say that it was solid but once I hit 9 miles I might start to build a little slower ie half a mile increases for my long runs. Things I could have done better include hydrating the night before in a more focused fashion and leaving the house earlier so that I have more energy and the weather is a little cooler.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.49.52 AM

Alright, that’s all I got for now, kiddies. Let’s drink our coffee, get our work on, and do our best to be kind to one another.

Crawling across the Friday Finishline


I’m desperately ready for the weekend and Friday at the office has already killed me and it’s barely 2:00pm. How does that happen??? I can only describe it as craptastic because as usual I have so much work that’s waiting to get done. I really need to read the four hour work week. There’s no way I’m using my time as efficiently as possible and I need to figure this ish out!!!


In exciting health news, I jumped onto my ultimate frenemy, the scale, this morning to be greeted with a nice little number that was 3lbs less than last week. Down, beatches!!!

mean girls

This made me do a little happy dance inside. Just gotta keep up the working out and eating all the healthy lunches. Easier said than done, my friends. For example, the Cookie Man showed up at my office. He’s got a student affairs wifey and his delicious business involves making cookies for events, etc. Of course, he comes by quarterly with six types of cookies for us to try. Yes! I said SIX!!! I can’t lie I ate four delicious cookies. My most favorite was this Lemon Lime Basil cookie! Amaze-balls! Did I mention the deliciousness that was the Brown Sugar cookie or perhaps the crazy Rootbeer & White Chocolate Chip cookie. Oh yah, and the snozz berries taste like snozz berries!!!

Thank goodness, I ran the 5 miles home yesterday. WINNING.


My heart is aching with the sad realization I need to come in on Sunday. Sigh, I guess I will try and wake up at a decent hour and come in and attack all the emails and papers. followed by a 2 mile loop around the campus track and 5 miles straight home for my 7 mile long run. We’ll see how this ambitious plan goes but anonymously announcing it to the interwebs somehow makes me feel better.


That’s all I got for now, Interwebbies. Enjoy your weekend and get out there and have some fun.