34 Stories of running, empty pockets, and April showers

Being 34 is exhausting. I have a strong feeling it has to do with all the drinking, eating out, and socializing that came with my birthday. Somehow I can’t seem to catch up on my sleep and running this week has been nil. I mean the last birthday happy hour was Monday and I think I’m focused on fully recovering at this point.

Sunday was the She Is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz and I ran a solid 55 minute race, holla! It drizzled a little during the race but it felt so refreshing and gave me a little boost as I ran through Natural Bridges. The race was sold out and it definitely felt that way, the shuttles arrived late/moved slowly, and I was unable to make it into my time corral. Despite all this I still had a really good time. It was overcast but still such a great day to be near the ocean. I love being at the beach and running, I mean c’mon just add wine and you’ve got perfection. I’ve run this race 4 years now and I have to say I do miss the smaller feel of the first years but it’s still a lot of fun. The energy is so positive and everyone is really friendly. The theme of embracing your own beauty permeates throughout the entire race. It’s a great race for first timers, walkers, and families. The post race festival was beyond over crowded so we grabbed our shirts and headed back to our hotel.


photo 2-2photo 3-2

May feels right around the corner with my trip to Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding, soon July will be here, and I will be headed to Budapest for another wedding. It’s so exciting but stresses me out a bit too since financially I’m in such a shaky place. For Hawaii, I’ve paid for my ticket and my hotel which is great. I just need to work out a budget for while I’m there. For Budapest I have about of a third of the ticket cost saved but I’m going to throw a chunk into savings with my April paycheck so that we should be able to buy our tickets in May.

I need to really work on my financial security, 34 make me feel like 40 is around the corner, and I would like to be able to retire someday. I was out for jury duty during the Spring Retirement Session but I’m fully planning on attending the Fall session so I can see where I’m at and what I need to be contributing moving forward for my future old lady adventures.

Between my student loans and credit card debt, I feel a little crushed. Having the two weddings this year really hurt my credit card pay down plans although I haven’t added to that debt so small victories. I just need to sit down with my boyfriend and review my budget and our living expenses. I love where we live but we pay a ton in rent and I don’t know if the second bedroom/office was the best investment since he uses it less than anticipated. I don’t know….I just know that I need some help because clearly the choices I’m making on my own financially are not making sense.

Oh yeah and I dropped my phone pretty badly in Santa Cruz. It’s holding on but that’s another cash money purchase that will need to be upcoming. I did not mean for this post to be a broke ass thirty something entry but there you have it. I mean if you can’t be a financial sad bastard on your own blog where can you??


2015 the theme word was INSPIRED and my action item is appearing to be to ask for HELP.

 Basically I’m Sandra Bullock in 28 days. I heart her.


April is the get serious month, peeps. We’re bringing the fitness and healthy food back with a vengeance. We will be in Hawaii swimsuit countdown and I want to look and feel good….I say this as I eat mac and cheese. I’m drinking water at least. Thank baby Jesus for that much. I also will be getting serious with my Marathon training – LOOK OUT!!!! Let’s set up some April Goooaalllss!!!


  • Run 3- 4 times a week
  • Plank for core strength – goal 20 out of 30 days this month!
  • Stay within my budget!!! Just say NO to spending
  • Work on cleaning out my clothes closet
  • Bring my lunch to work also known as saving money!!!
  • Read a book

I’m serious here, kids. It’s time to put the two week long birthday celebrating behind us and get back to reality. I’m considering a sugar detox to help with the eating and hopefully the race this Saturday will be perfect for a Marathon Kickoff!!!

I’m heading to Livermore on Friday for the race expo!!! So excited and did I mention there’s wine tasting!!!!??? 13.1 tastings to be exact. Isn’t that clever.

Alright my peeps, it’s time for me to call it a night and tackle some chores.



The Devil’s Advocate aka Target

The one nice thing about jury duty is that the courthouse is only a 30-40 minute walk from my casita. It is quite literally across the lake which provides for such a lovely morning commute. I was actually a good blogger today and snagged these photos for you all.

photo 1 (1) photo 2

Yesterday, I managed to hit up Target and get some household shopping taken care but it was an expensive little trip. Granted most of the items I picked up will last me and the boyfriend a considerable amount of time and sometimes it is better to pay up front. I’m excited for my run today and hoping the weather lasts through the day. I’m mixing running with errands today…I know so crazy.

My plan is to run to my pharmacy (about 1.5 miles) pick up my prescription and run back to my apartment building (1.5) and place my prescription in my mailbox and continue to do another 2 miles. I usually just run with my phone in one hand and my keys in the other so not quite sure how I will finagle the logistics but I’m not too worried. I am worried about running with water. For all the half marathons I’ve participated in (5 so far) I’ve never carried water. I have always utilized the water stations and that seems to work fine for me. However for a marathon, I feel like I should carry water which is a little daunting. I really don’t think I would like using those waistbands with water bottles attached…although that seems smart. I guess I’m leaning towards a handheld water bottle with a grip? I’m going to have to do some research on this matter.


In other news, I am so excited for my two races this month!!! I will be in Santa Cruz for the She Is Beautiful 10k in two weeks and after that it’s all about the Livermore Half on March 28th!!! Super excited for two new bibs to hang in my office and a medal for the Livermore Half plus a cute wineglass!!! Seriously, races for me are so fun and I usually run alone so it’s exhilarating to be in a crowd.

Alright peeps, I’m going to attempt to tackle some ish while I wait for court to begin.

Dude, I’m back! Don’t trip it’s Monday

Bullet point style because it’s been days and days and days….ok well not that long but far too long.

Damn, where to begin!!! There’s way to much! Hmmm…..

* Brief Week Overview.
Last week we said adios to my bestie and co-worker. It was filled with way too many good bye lunches and happy hours. I worked out less due to some early morning meetings and had dinner at the bar. Eek! It was hella fun and sad…tear tear…I’m gonna miss that guy but he’s going on to amazing things. This bestie is proud of her homeboy.

* Friday Link Up – Catch Up!
Fridays, we sit with those cool girls Amanda & Aubrey and we chop it up about our faves and fitness. It’s some serious goodtimes.
Little did I know, that Friday at work would be mother effing cray and I was trying to leave early because ummm…margaritas. So I missed out on posting. SAD FACE! I did have a Friday Favorite list and it included things like drinking with buddies, pork chops, and coming home to flowers. You know good shizz. However that was all wiped away when I stepped on my frenemy’s (the scale) face and the number that smacked me across my face!
Did I expect a gain? Of course! One does not drink margaritas on three separate occasions during the week and not expect a gain. But seriously 2.5???? I was feeling all bloated that morning so I’m sure some of it is water (hopefully) but it still sucked!!! Damn you, good times with friends! Spoiler alert – I just misbehaved through the weekend so that wasn’t very productive. BLARGH!!!



* Summer Breeze 10k
I did however despite drowning my sorrows in cocktails by the firepit at Comal get up on Saturday and kick ass at a 10k. PS I love Comal, it’s seriously fancy Mexican and I adore it.

Anyways, back to the race. This was a great race and I would completely do it again! We ran along the San Francisco Bay Trail in San Leandro and the views were beautiful even if it was gray.
For the 10k they had 4 aid stations and two of them had tons of snacks! Not just gu but pretzels, potato chips, and fruit. The mile markers were small but efficient and visible. Overall it was a flat course which what’s not to love about that??!!! There are a few cute little bridges you run over and I enjoyed it immensely. Plus you got this beauty!
The cherry on top was that I finished 4th in my age group with my 57 minute 10k!!! Hooraz! I felt like a champion and preceded to celebrate with brunch.

* Dinner Parties/Grown Up Get Togethers
The Saturday celebration continued with an amazingly delish cookout with friends. I kinda killed the hummus and chips….I’ve got issues. I managed to eat healthy at dinner – grilled chicken, squash, zucchini, salad, small serving of rice…god damn you capresi salad (fail). One medium glass of red wine (not bad). I couldn’t pass up blueberry tart and espresso with patron chocolate liquor…Sigh, deliciousness. I give up…Saturday despite the 6.2 miles you won!
* Sunday, how the hell do we get back on track!
I spent Sunday buying healthy ish at Whole Foods, doing laundry, and tidying my kitchen. There were some sit ups and push ups but no real workout (fail again!). I did feel like a grown except for where the bf suckered me into brunch again!! Nooo!!! But there was no booze (winning!!). I vowed Monday would be the day I would pull it all together.


* Monday mishaps!
Now, here we are back to Monday. I woke up and stayed true to myself and hit the lake for a nice 3.4 miler. I brought oatmeal into the office so I could just say No to Breakfast Burritos. PS This is a critical campaign and I hope you all fully sign on. I added spinach to my Evol fire grilled steak bowl for added nutritional value which is amazing. Anyways, the work stuff has been slow and not the best day…maybe because I feel asleep on the train and almost missed my stop. Or the whole blow drying the hair thing making me late. Eh, Mondays right?

So that’s almost everything you missed, Interwebbies. I will try and be more on it this week. I swear. I don’t want you all to be like this:
Hope you’re having a manageable Monday, peeps. Really I do. Until next time which will be sooner, I promise!


I am the WORST blogger ever!!! I forgot my phone at work this weekend…all the way in Berkeley. I was in the 408 (San Jose) and Santa Cruz for my race and clearly was not coming back for it. I have very few photos as a result which is weak sauce. I apologize and thank you for sticking around to talk about how LAME I am.


Now that we’ve talked about what an embarrassment I am to the Interwebs, let’s discuss the SHE IS BEAUTIFUL SANTA CRUZ RACE!!!We woke up hella early to hit the road by 5:30am to get to Santa Cruz with plenty of time to coffee, pick up bibs, and just be timely. My Dad ended up joining my sister and I for some quality time at the beach and just to see what kinds of shenanigans his unmarried daughters were getting up too. Hooray! The guy drove and took us to brunch post race. It’s good to have your Dad around even at 33, ladies & gents.

Getting up at 5am and being out the door at 5:30am is painful. I looked like crapola but I did it! I also had a kick ass race. I admit I wasn’t worried until the morning of the 10k. I woke up and realized I would be running without my musica – eek!!! I wasn’t sure how that would work out especially since I use my music to pace myself. I actually did really well but started out way too fast. I needed to slow down by mile 2 and try to get my rhythm back. I WOULD NOT WALK! There’s nothing wrong with walking mind you. Nothing at all. But I wasn’t going to walk –  I ran all my training runs!!!! I just came out the gate way too fast with all these speedy broads at this race. Seriously, there were some FAST LADIES!

Speaking of speedy ladies! So I don’t know if any of you read – Skinny  Chick Blog? But if you don’t you should. She runs and lives near the beach and drinks Starbucks…it’s lovely. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! So she was going to be at this race and of course because she’s lovely and all, she said to say hi. At the end of the race, I totally saw her (BLOG STALKER) but she was on the other side of the barricade race divider from me. I didn’t want to yell “Hey Skinny Chick Runner blog” because that’s creepy. It was kind of a bummer – I wanted to be hey I love your blog but in a non-creepy way….and read my crappy non-photo having blog….Sigh, oh well. This whole paragraph is probably completely creepy and now I will be blocked from reading about her awesome adventures. FAIL – DOS! This little Mexican cannot catch a break today!

Back to the race, I hit up all the water stations and decided to grab the H20 and drink it by the garbage receptacle instead of running through since I had started too fast. I think this really helped. At the end of the day, I finished with a 10K time of 53:33!!!! My pace was 8:38 and I was 41st in my 30-34 age range out of 314.   Woo! Woo! I know if I actually practiced some interval training and what not my time would get better but right now I just need to focus on distances and actually ya know….running. Maybe next year. The race was fun and I love seeing all the ladies with their daughters. The last half when the 5k and 10k converge was a little cray but still a super fun race. This race used to start further back on Cliff drive and I miss that since it let you run along the coast for longer.

After the race, we hit up Pacific Ave in Downtown Santa Cruz for brunch. It was super delicious! I had my fav an eggs benedict with avo and crab!!! A ton of coffee and some lemon scone. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! The race announcer/DJ totes said my name when I crossed the finish line – so cool! I heart those timing chips! Also this random adorbs mexican familia was waiting for their peeps but when they saw me the Dad yelled “Si, se puede!” and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile! Then my Dad yelled for me and we gave each other a hug over the race barricade! I tell ya chicas, you can be 3, 13, or 33, and even 63 and it still feels super dope to have your Dad cheering for you as you cross that finish line.

Random photo of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Now, it’s back to the real world at least until Friday morning (LA CHICAS VACAY). That means I have four days to put some clean, veggies, and reasonable calories into this body. I am not drinking until Friday! I will work out each day….because I have to be on a beach on Friday. Also my weekend in SJ and Santa Cruz involved my familia showering me with take out, restaurants, and home-made pancakes….really I needed to run just to fit into my jeans. Here’s the plan for the week!


FRIDAY – SUNDAY – LA WEEKEND!!! I actually think it will be easier to eat healthier with my girls than my familia but we’ll see…fingers crossed.

It’s crazy though, May is around the corner, and Brooklyn is getting to be real!!

As for our friend the scale… I am predicting it will NOT BE PRETTY ON THURSDAY! However you never know…sometimes when I don’t track, I’m making better choices than I think….and sometimes I’m just eating crap. It’s a toss up, really.

lbg aka worst attempted blogger ever

Don’t call it a Comeback!!!! Ok, actually that’s exactly what it is…oh and I’m breaking up w/ Birthday Week



Let's make a little list of all the mishaps of Birthday week and ways to improve 
next week, shall we?
I went to Bar Method on Monday and promptly gave up on all other exercise. 
Unless you count using my right arm to throw back wine, beer, and cocktails. 
I thankfully have my She is Beautiful 10k this Sunday which means I will have 
worked out a whopping two times!!! Seriously, I need to bring the fit back full 
on next week. Sing it to 'em, Justin.

I really really needed to catch up this week and the BIRTHDAY 
EXTRAVAGAZA-ING just held me back. In a plan, to really get back on track,
invest in my professional development, and my job this week was eh?? I did 
however have a very successful meeting with my A.D. on what I hoped to 
achieve for the next year. So not a fail but not a win, either. There's still so 
much I need to do. ARHGHHH!


I have given up on salvaging this month. Meet my friend, visa. She'll be paying for the 
rest of Birthday Month and then I will be in debt to the family and no good can come 
of that. I'm making peace with it because I still have LA GIRLS WEEKEND trip on 
Friday. I'm flying out of SFO fancy terminal 2 and will begin drinking at 7:30am 
and continue through Sunday at 5:00pm. There will be brunching, manicures, 
dancing, and money spending. Next month, bitches.


Alright, enough with the Debbie Downer. Let's set some goals for next week, so I 
can pick my loser ass off the floor and put on the big girl panties....ya know with 
support, coverage, and some serious slimming going on.


 I will work out at least 4x next week and get back to my Brooklyn Training with
an 8 mile run!!!! I'm really counting on the She is Beautiful 10k this weekend to 
check me and make me realize - eh this ish needs to happen!!! Also I will come to 
work and do a DAILY TO-DO list to really get back on track!!!. Also I'm gonna move 
my short run to Wednesday to prevent my Tuesday run turning into sleep in and just 
do a bar class. This lbg is MAKING A COMEBACK! Also I will make lunches next 
week to save a little cash for LA or just starve. Let's be honest, I've consumed enough 
calories for a small country during Birthday Week....lunch starvation is manageable. 
I believe the yoga and paleo people call it fasting. I call it being cheap. No seriously, 
I will make lunch.
Since this is the end of all this Birthday cray cray...ok, well actually I'm giving myself 
until Sunday. Let's say goodbye to Birthday Week with some MIA... OH but first - 
check out Follow through Friday with these LOVELY LADIES!!



Let me know what shenanigans, you have planned???

I don’t always sleep in but when I do I eat kale


I needed this shirt this morning. There was no running…nada…just sweet sweet sleeping in. I did not want to leave my bed and considered calling in “sick” to work due to birthday sleep-itis. Thankfully, I came to my senses and got up around 7:45ish. I did read blogs and facebook for thirty minutes prior to that so TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE! Plus I walked to my neighborhood Whole Foodie and pick up some ish to make myself a spinach salad for lunch and a delicious kale salad for dinner. I brought an apple and of course a Luna bar for snacks. Looks who’s being HEALTHY!!! Woo, woo! Well also just getting ready for the Wednesday Birthday Yummers! Which also means not healthy at all! With wine!

Today is one of my weirdo long days 11-8 where I head into the dorms to advise the freshman and they don’t show up. I know, awesome right. Actually it’s kind of a bummer. I HAVE SO MUCH GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE!

I think I need to actually go to bed on at a decent hour on Monday because my Tuesday work outs have been struggling (aka not happening) for a while. No excuses! Except for sleep….sleeping just always seems to win, that bastard. I know sleep is importante!!! I need to go to bed earlier and not just read and pin things. Sigh, I should google one of those articles on going to bed early, getting enough sleep, morning workouts – ya know all the ish successful grown-ups participate in. BLARGHHH!!! Let’s just eat luna bars instead! Ok, ok, that’s not happening. Let’s review the Workout Plan for the week since I already messed up and it’s Tuesday.

Here we go again – LBG’S WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK!
Monday – 6:45pm Bar Method
Tuesday- RUN  REST DAY
Wednesday – Short run – 3 miles (ish)
Thursday – 6:45 Bar Method
Friday – 8 miles
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 10k! She is Beautiful in Santa Cruz!

I’m really thinking of getting some wireless headphones so I can put my phone into some waterbottle combo just to make everything easier to run with. I’m thinking now that my distances are passing 7 miles, I should be running with water aka hydrating. I’m having trouble posting the link but eh, you know what I’m talking about.  Also as I stare at the above schedule or the original one that I have f’ed up already – I’m thinking maybe Tuesday mornings I should go to Bar Method and on Wednesday evenings come home and short run now that we have the time change. That may be next week, kiddos. Hopefully problem solved. Going to bar method makes me accountable because I will not be charged $10 for something I already paid for!!!!

Also FYI, The She is Beautiful people assured me they would have the hoodie in my size. They were posting about some dri-fit shirts. Whew!!! Relieved…..you will be mine!

Last but not least, my sister tagged me in this awesome BUZZFEED list and I encourage you all to check it out!

I’m all about the devastation of #14 & #15…utter devastation.

Don’t get stuck in the swamp of sadness, homies!

the sleepy lbg – but at least there’s kale!!!

Don’t be sketchy or I will take you down but not until I get some coffee

It’s officially Monday and I am worthless…..

I have responded to the most critical emails and that’s about it…I’m waiting for this coffee to kick in.


Since I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in, I might as well kill this Luna Bar – Nutz Over Chocolate. Seriously, so delicious. I did have a small yam with avocado for breakfast before I left the casita but it’s almost 10 and I’m starving again. Monday Munchies, what can I do???

There was so much Birthday goodness this weekend and now it’s time to pull it together at least until Wednesday (actual Birthday). I brought a spinach salad with tomatoes, avo, carrots, and garbanzo beans topped with TJ’s turkey meatballs for lunch. Hooraz! Salads are back! Let’s talk about the weekly fitness.

Monday – 6:45PM BAR CLASS
Tuesday – SHORT RUN
Wednesday – 5:30PM BAR METHOD CLASS
Thursday – 6:45PM BAR METHOD CLASS (BACK UP for Wednesday)
Friday – 8 MILE RUN!!! Eek!
Saturday – REST DAY!

Wednesday the boy is cooking a little birthday dinner for me at home. So I scheduled a Thursday night bar class in case I bail on Wednesday so technically one of those days is a rest day. Friday I have to get my half training run in but am also running a 10k on Sunday so I may be a slow poke but am super excited!!!! The race is in Santa Cruz and the weather is supposed to be perfect. My sister also ordered us hoodies!!! This is my birthday treat from her! Heart my sister.

Since the race is in Santa Cruz we’re just gonna head up Sunday morning and get there early to get our bibs and hoodies. However I got an email that kinda seemed like they were encouraging people to get their bibs/hoodies on Friday/Saturday so they don’t run out of your size???? WHAT??? Does this seem sketchy to anyone else? It’s not the free shirt w/ registration this is something we paid extra for and I pretty much expect my size to be there. I sent an email to clarify ie see what the f’ is going on because I really dislike the sketchiness.
Yep. I’m about to get angry Jillian on them.


I feel like there will be a gain this week and maybe a loss next week. This is based on the all the damn (but wonderful) Birthday celebrating combined with keeping up my workouts.  We will see what the scale says. I will definitely jump on there maybe Wed/Thursday. Maybe Wednesday morning since I plan on pigging out  enjoying my Wednesday dinner. The Boy is cooking up some spaghetti with my fav ground turkey tomato sauce complemented by his famous garlic bread and a side of kale salad. See there’s still salad…of course wine too….DAMN, ok weigh in Wednesday it is.


Despite the sketchiness I am really EXCITED FOR THIS RACE!!! I have no idea what to wear???? EEkkk!!! Race outfits! I mean it’s gonna be 66ish so I will still rock my black trusty yoga/running leggings. Not sure which sports bra and shirt. I may need to buy something new. I have problems 🙂

Alright, it’s time to pull it together and get productive at the office. Hope your Monday is not kicking your ass, peeps!

What’s your workout schedule look like for the week?
Keep me posted!