Aloha dreaming and the baddies of training


  • Week 5 (last week) was a goodie and a baddie.
  • Baddies included only getting in 2 of my 4 scheduled runs. YIKES!
  • Goodies included that I did my Wednesday 7 miler and the big ole 13.1 miles on Saturday!
  • Goodie is I fueled with almond butter and NO ISSUES! Thank you Justin’s Nut Butter!
  • Baddie is that we’re officially headed into uncharted waters in Week 6 since….um…yeah I’ve never run past 13.1 miles
  • Goodie is that WHOA I’M GOING TO RUN FARTHER!
  • Week 6 just started with a lovely 5 miler on Monday. Holla. I felt good afterwards and even did a little ab work while watching the last 20 minutes of Call of the Midwife. I heart PBS.


  • I was a pro and saved for my Hawaii plane ticket, air BNB, and have a nice little chunk of change saved for Hawaii drinks, luau, adventures. None went on my credit card!!!! Holla! I leave on the 20th eek!
  • I saved for my Budapest ticket and wrote that nice check to my boyfriend. We will be buying our tickets hopefully this week. No credit card!!! Winning
  • I’m doing my best to live within my means but my credit cards are pretty mostly static….no movement which sucks. Although I’m doing some research and working on killing one.
  • More research on loan forgiveness for public interest employees but I still need to consolidate my loans to Direct Loans to be eligible so that will probably be a task post ALOHA vacay.
  • Sigh, it sucks to in debt but I’m going to do my best to really stay committed. This weekend I didn’t buy some on sale Aldo shoes ($50) that I know I would of worn a lot but A) they weren’t in my budget  B) what I really needed are sandals for Hawaii. I just said no and walked away.
  • Baby steps!


I’m super excited for Hawaii!!! I still need to get a few travel sized things for the plane and maybe two day dresses (on the cheap). I’m hoping to get two dresses that I can use in Budapest and some other Summer activities but need to keep it under $30 dollars or so. I’m going to use my swim suits from last summer. I bought two for Zhiutanejo last August so those babies will do.

I also need to pick up a book or two for the beach and flight. Love vacation reading!!! It’s the absolute best. I can’t believe I’m leaving in 8 days!!!

sarah marshall

Aloha homies!!!





Run Livermore, Drink Wine, and Treat Yo’self

Livermore Half Completed!!!!

This course was beautiful even with those two surprise hills between miles seven and nine. I think my outfit choice was bad and not fitting given the weather but we’ll get to that later.  First a few photos of the race to entice you to run it next year!!! photo 1 I apologize for my poor photo taking skills on my hella sad iphone 4. The morning was cool which is always great for a race. You can kinda see the banner for the race in the shot above. The race starts and ends in downtown Livermore which is super cute and quaint. I’m really having a hard time figuring out how to dress as I run longer distances. I REALLY hate being cold and shivering my butt off before a race but I’m slowly realizing you have to suck it up butter cup and do it. Otherwise you end up full on sweat monster. Despite my 5 foot nothing status, I sweat like a man. I just hate shivering 30 minutes before a race…it pains me but sigh, guess I need to get over it.

photo 2

Here we are as we slowly move out of downtown and the suburbs and into the trails and wine country.

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

I wish my photos came out better but you can see the vineyards and rolling hills. It was super beautiful.

photo 1 copy 2

My awesome medal with removal straps so you can have a coaster to commemorate your race success!

photo 2 copy 2

We also received this fabulous little stemless wineglass for post race wine tasting! It was actual glass which did lead to a lot of glass breaking in the wine tasting area. That’s what happens when a bunch of possibly dehydrated runners start drinking 🙂 Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to drink from this bad boy at home and feel hella accomplished!


(I had to use the ladies on the course which added 2 minutes – bummer – but given the hills and that, I’m stoked with my time. Oh yeah and basically taking the past two weeks off for “Random Birthday Activities.”)

photo 3 copy 2

You can see the wine tasting festival tents in the background there. All the good kids are stretching. I was drinking water and chopping on a banana.

photo 2 copy 3It was super hot after the race and I decided on a little BBQ and a beer to celebrate my race! Hooraz!

This was a super beautiful course and I will probably do it again next year if I don’t succumb to the San Francisco Rock N Roll Half.  I only have two runs planned for this week since it’s my “recovery week” and on April 6th my official San Francisco Marathon training begins!!! I have several plans saved on pinterest but need to sit down and actually come up with something useable/feasible. I’m really nervous about fueling, to carry or not carry water, and getting a running belt for all this crap. I feel like when you go from half to full, shiz starts getting real.

Alright kids, I hope you had a great weekend and Monday isn’t too hectic.

Sending much love and besos,


Ranty, Ragey, & Pumpkin-y Monday

It’s a sunny Monday in October and thankfully I don’t have to be in the office until later this afternoon. I promise a race recap of the San Jose Rock-N-Roll Half is in the works. This was a wonderful race experience for me despite the unseasonably warm weather and my under training. My legs are pretty achy today and I pushed myself a little too hard to beat the heat. Don’t get it twisted, I am still SO HAPPY I signed up for this race and nostalgia washed over me as I ran through many familiar spaces. Shout out to the Tide House that was handing out free beer to the runners. Like I said a proper review will be forthcoming, Interwebbies.

I declared breakfast my last meal of not caring before I jump back on the get fit Fall bandwagon. I treated myself to a glorious non-fat pumpkin spice latte and headed over to a local bakery for a yummy pumpkin cranberry muffin. A good blogger would of taken a photo but I am a bad blogger. Sorry (as I wipe pumpkin crumbs off my face.)
The chemistry between me and the boy is off today. His back is hurting and I’m a little slow from the half. Not a great combination but I’m not sure how to get him to go to the Doctor to see what’s going on…we may just need a new mattress but our pocketbooks are pretty tight. However we need to figure it out if that’s what he needs. Sigh, boys why are they so dumb!

Not gonna lie I’m feeling a little rage filled and ranty this morning. Perhaps it’s that lovely tidal wave of emotion that arrives with my flood of hormones prior to my lady times. Damn being a lady! I suppose it’s for the best that I’m saving the world from my wrath by hiding out here for a while. The world can thank me later.

Despite my wrath filled rage, Oakland was beautiful and I enjoyed getting a little morning walk in and gorging myself on pumpkin flavored delights. It’s time to get back to business and recommit my morning work-outs. I may even get a Groupon for the gym that’s down the street from me and give that a spin. Also I ate lunch out everyday last week which is FAR FAR FAR from ideal when you work on a college campus filled with greasy college kid food. I need to get bring healthy back to my lunch escapades preferably by bringing my lunch but at this point healthy is all I’m asking of myself.

I honestly cannot believe it’s already October. This year has been a long and rough one…I’m hoping 2015 brings a lot more joy and much less stress for me. I would like to be more peaceful, calm, and balanced. Sometimes I feel like my life is just a damn teeter totter, all ups and downs. I know that no one has it all together but aren’t you supposed to feel like it’s mostly together in your thirties? I hit the BIG 3-4 this March and I’m dreading it. My dread is probably mostly based in the fact that I feel like my life is slightly directionless but I’m not sure what next or where to change things up. Thank god for running. That shizz is seriously keeping me sane. I may not know what the eff I’m doing but at least I can put my feet to the pavement and run 13.1 miles in a single shot.

I guess I’m saying October take it easy on me. We’re heading into the first holiday season without my dear little Grandma which I expect will be nothing short of a soft melancholy falling upon the entire familia. 2014 was characterized by me being completely burnt out by my job and refusing to work additional hours beyond 8-5. My Grandma began declining in January and passing away in June. During this time period, I spent many weekends in San Jose doing my best to care for my mother who was my Grandma’s primary care taker. We structured & ran a brand new orientation from May – late June where I fell even further behind in work. I mean I still traveled to NYC for the Brooklyn half and went to Mexico for an amazing vacay. I tried bar method for several months which was an amazing experience so like I said a lot of good. However it just felt like a hard and overwhelming year.

So October be gentle and help me not throw myself off a bridge.

Alright Interwebbies, enough of this sad bastardness. It’s time to shower, clean up, and hit up the Whole Foodie for my HEALTHY LUNCH! That’s right starting on the Fall Fit bandwagon.




I decided to forgo the Thursday double workout because my house is a hot mess like mi vida and you need to start somewhere. Bar Method kicked my ass this morning and I was a sweaty little beast which usually does not happen. Anyways the house needs to be tided and I need to buy groceries so I think my good ole 3 miler may have to wait until Friday. I just need the house to look a little less crazy. It brings me peace. Some people meditate but I bust out my lavender method cleaner and the vacuum. To each their own, beatches.

via Chloe Taylor, pinterest

I was reading a blog that had their Thursday wish list which included a very cute tie dyed dress. Of course I clicked on it and that shizz was $245.00!!! I’m thinking I may need to stop following this blog since it’s completely beyond my Target budget. Sigh, I am not fancy in those ways. $10 cocktail – hell to the yeah! $245 dollar dress??? Only when I am someone’s bridesmaid and it is forced upon me. That is how much I love my friends. Have I shortened it and worn it again? Nope. HASHTAG – Biggest wedding lie ever!!!




I worked a Save Your Semester workshop last night until 7:45ish so I came into the office at 10:30am today. Of course it’s sexy back April so my booty was at the 7:00am bar method class. Listen, I feel great when I get to workout in the morning. It is an IDEAL way to start the day. It’s just the whole waking up thing I struggle with. In a perfect world, I would be up at 4:45am for 5:00am runs and all that ish. I know if my bedtime were earlier and more predictable this would help. BUT….I still have the sinking feeling I do not want to be up early. My body rebels against it. Especially when that jerkface the sun isn’t even up yet!!!!

This 2014 I said I was going to bring my fit and get healthy. I feel like I’m on the path to making this all happen but I would be a big MEXICAN liar if I didn’t admit part of that is we’re thinking about having some bebes in two years or so. As I have been blessed enough to witness, bebes are WONDERFUL….BUT….they make your life cray-to-the-zee! In a really great but also really hectic, sleepless, life changing way. That kinda makes me feel like, Dude, I should get my ish together while it’s just me, the boy, and our pretty chill plants – Bonsai (he’s not a bonsai – that’s just his name), Calvin Johnson (our giant pink & white geranium), the Swiss Cheese plant, and our succulents. We’ve named our plants but only the big ones. We’re strange, what can I say. Anyways, I feel like morning workouts are the way to go but maybe I just need to focus on working out and ease into the morning thing slowly. Sigh…I am NOT morning person. You probably know this since I blog about coffee every other day. Coffee is awesome…it’s my crack rock.

Yesterday, two out of three meals were healthy and dinner was a downward spiral with a burger with avocado BUT it came with a side salad. GO ME! See this is why I hate evening workshops where I am unprepared and need to eat near campus. Anyways, FAIL the kitchen effed up and gave me fries! First, in my defense I NEVER send anything back. EVER!!! That’s how your food gets tampered with. It’s a huge risk that’s not worth taking. Also if you’re gonna send your food back you better damn wait until I get my food so that it’s not at risk for being spat in as well. End Story – I was forced eat the delicious fries. Moral – today is a new day and I’m going for 3 for 3.

I have the dreaded tax appointment on Saturday but I’m pretty sure I will get a little cash back so keep your fingers crossed for me peeps. Lastly, I cannot believe I will be running in Brooklyn next month!!! Super duper excited.

Have a great Thursday, peeps! Hope your casita is nice and tidy and if you’re living in a dirty place like me don’t trip – we’re over the hump!

Speaking of humps 🙂

Hey it’s been a while since I did a video. Sorry if this doesn’t live up to the very high MJ & Salt-N-Pepa standards around here. BUT IT WORKED!!!


Shoulda put some Vicks on it…. and other Friday fixes



This is gonna be random Friday post since I have a list of unrelated events and items I want to throw up on this little bloggy blog. Prepare for the strange and unrelated, peeps.

Saturday, I awoke to this really nasty cystic acne bump. Damn, you hormones! I tried my sister’s Neutragena dry creme that night and it didn’t really do much. Of course I turned to the interwebs and came up with Vick’s Vapor Rub – weird right???

THIS ISH WORKED! Monday night, I decided to brave it. I washed my face, put on my argan oil (what I use for night cream), and covered that bad boy with Vick’s. It went down significantly and by yesterday was almost completely gone. Woo Woo! My biggest concern was that I have Saturday B-day plans and didn’t want to have a huge ole’ pimple on my face. Getting old with zits, hot. However!!! Most of my internet research stated you shouldn’t use this method if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. Vick’s… that ish is like the Mexican cure all.

I really should update my blogroll on this thing. I actually use bloglovin’ not wordpress to do all my interwebbie reading. I really dig it and they have a nice app for the phone when I’m commuting in the morning. Anyways, Marcy from Running 4 Beer is doing a 90 days ’till Summer swimsuit challenge and I felt that was a good motivator. Nothing like being practically naked in front of other people to motivate your ass to get sexier.  So buy your swimsuits, take a photo, and check in 90 days from now. Hooraz? Anyways, I was planning on buying a swimsuit for my LA trip in 2 weeks!!!! REAL HOORAZ! I always want to buy cheap swimsuits but they never fit me right, BLARH! I’d rather shell out the extra $30 and feel comfortable. I went to Target last night and tried on some tops and nothing really worked. I also have super small ta-tas so I like something flattering and that doesn’t resemble my sports bra. Not sexy…well unless you’re that one lady from the US world cup, several years ago.

Yep, that one. HOT!

Hmm, we talked about Vicks, 90 days, bathing suits….what else was on my list.

Oh yeah, I didn’t run last night…only to Target. My bad. I’m nervous about my 7.5 miles tomorrow but Major Madness has been killing me and the time change too. I would say the lazy-ies are winning. I mean, I still plan on hitting 4 workouts – 3 bar classes (one on Sunday) and the run tomorrow. Not terrible…but not so great when my stomach was eating crapola. Why is crap so delicious??!!!

Oh Jamba now has KALE!!!! LOVE IT! I had a carrot, kale, banana juice the other day – can we say yummers! Not gonna lie the color was an ugly brownish but still delicious!!!

I may need new running shoes…I think my shoes are getting old and maybe giving me aches. Or it’s just turning 33…sad face. But as mentioned earlier at least my sad face is zit free!!!

Last but not least, I just started reading this!


It’s really good so far and I felt like it will get me inspired!!! I started working out in Jan and now it’s March! I’ve been really consistent even on my off weeks like this one but I felt like I needed a little motivation. In two months from today, I will be flying to NYC for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I’ve got two months to hit the big 13.1….that’s beyond cray – cray!

Let’s play some Bey!!! To celebrate and have a mini dance party!

I felt like that was the best Bey choice since we’re talking about running. I actually don’t have any Bey on my playlist – is that a FAIL?
Well let me know what your weekends are looking like, peeps. Also is Bey on your running/workout mix? Any reccs?


Running Baby! From the Bay to Coney Island and back!




May 17th yours truly will be running 13.1 amazing miles in Brooklyn! This morning 8:55am I was ready and waiting for that 9am race registration and was super stoked to see that race confirmation!

My prayers to the Beastie Gods were answered! Guess that means they will need to be added to the Running Mix.  Without further ado a little tribute to those Brooklyn Gods.

One of my favs!

Great Video!

And just because

I’ll be headed to Bar Method tonight and updating my planner w/ all my loooonnnggg training runs! Eek!

Tomorrow is Thursday weigh in and we’ll chat then, peeps!