16 Candles X2 plus a little change

Sooo…..it’s my birthday. Why are birthdays so weird when you’re old?? We need to take it back to your 6th, 7th, and 8th birthday, where there are no expectations. You’re just excited to eat some cake, maybe some pizza, and rip the paper off a package or two. When you were 7, you didn’t sit around and compare yourselves to other 7 year olds. “Man, Tony is riding a bike without training wheels…AND he can do some multiplication. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!!” Nah, none of that happened. You were just like damn, I’m 7….that’s gangsta. But it’s so hard to be your thirties and not complain or be like what am I doing??? Anyways, I’m grateful to be having a birthday, have awesome homies, and kick it with you all on the Interwebs.


Yesterday, I didn’t get a job I REALLY wanted so that sucked. I just have to keep applying and trust there’s some kinda plan in this crazy universe. I consoled myself with pizza and beer which felt like a good way to end my early thirties. I will be more sophisticated as I move into my mid thirties, note to self.

On the up side, today I got notified that I get to be a SWEAT PINK AMBASSADOR for fit approach!!! That was pretty amazing and makes me feel like a real blogger! Holla! Check out my fancy new badge on the side bar.


Thank goodness I have my 10k race this weekend because my fitness has been on slacker central this past week or so. April is around the corner and I’m going to have to be serious with my SF Marathon training! EEK, scared!!! But also excited.

Birthday Week has been filled with food and booze and tonight will be no different since it’s the actual day and I get to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend. Seriously, he’s my Jake Ryan….that’s a sixteen candles reference for all the bebes out there. It’s a great movie but it’s from the 80’s so warning there’s definitely a racist stereotyped character in there but if you can get past that it’s a gem. MOLLY RINGWALD FOREVER!


Alright kids, hope you have a fabulous Thursday! Have a little cocktail for me!





We’ve got to hump quickly today since I’m behind/late or as my buddy would say “tardy to the party.” I’m pretty sure that’s a song by one of those fancy housewives in random city X.

Anyways, it’s time to leave my troubles behind and jump on Kathy’s vodka fueled train for Wednesday’s Confessions!

Vodka and Soda

I have one co-worker in particular that drives me bat shizz crazy. I’m like send the student to me DIRECTLY. It’s not that hard. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your last email…you send out unrelated ish that I often don’t check and FYI that’s nothing to cry about. Sigh, I hate that she makes me feel the need to walk in the other direction but DAMN! I just can’t handle your nonsense.

One of my office besties is moving on to bigger and better things (go him!) but I’m hella sad to see him go. We shared all our coffee/beer dates and I will have a void in my work life….he made my job suck less. Sadly, it will suck more without him. SAD FACE.

Read sad bastard post here & here. I’m like f’ing Bono and still haven’t found what I’m looking for…. I need to get back on top. I need to care more and be able to fake it with random co-workers. Instead I just want to punch them in their face. BAM!!! Let the relief wash over me, hop on a plane, and make drinks for the rest of my life like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

I confess that I had cake for breakfast this morning at an office meeting. It was a lemon bundt cake and that made me miss my Grandma. I fought back the tears and thought about her little yellow cake bundt cakes with chocolate frosting and crushed walnuts. I made me sad she would never make me that cake again….stupid cake. It was delicious and that is a small consolation.

Guilty pleasure at it’s finest. I really love to read the missed connections on craigslist. Some are so sweet you can’t help believe in love and the others are so skeezy…it’s really quite unbelievable. I highly recommend this in the art of time wasting, day dreaming, and internet frolicking.

I confess I really want to be Mindy Kaling’s buddy and I think we would completely crack one another up, drink too much, and brunch it all off. I mean I’m hilarious, she’s hilarious. I would take her photos for her facebook and we could chop it up about what’s going on in the interwebbies.

Speaking of homies, thanks for coming by and kicking it on the Humpty Wednesday. I appreciate all the little comments and or even the reads. I hope I can make you beaatches smile the way many of your blogs do. That concludes this sappy message now back to the Hump!