Kathy killed the hump so rest in peace, mofo. Sometimes you gotta just start fresh and while I will miss the Wednesday Confessions Hump, I’m sure Kathy is destined for greater things. Perhaps, just a weekly Wednesday update on all the ass she kicked. I have no idea but I wanted to give the Confessions a little shout out. I owe it at least that much….she pours some Negro Modelo onto the ground for her departed homie.


Thank you for all the kind words after my last sad bastard post. Sometimes you just gotta let the emotions pour and keep it real on the interwebbs. My emotions are now properly blocked up for the time being as I focus on personal growth…yada…yada…ya.


I called the damn Dentist and will be seeing his horrifying face on Monday. Seriously, pray for me. I hate that guy. In all honesty, I’m sure Dr. FXXXXo is a lovely man with a wife and children and concerned about their college funds….OR he’s partying it up at the disco with a wonderful partner and a pug…It’s San Francisco one never knows. The point is he is probably a wonderful person in real life but I still fear and hate him all at the same time.



I also emailed and set up an informational interview with a possible mentor. Holla. This chica has to be able to grow her career. I can’t fear the unknown that I’m jumping into a sinking ship but I can be diligent and do some research. I don’t need to LOVE my job although that would be hella hella dope (yes, I’m from the 90’s). I need to really figure out exactly what I want but I think its a job that gives me balance in my life and some flexibility for ish. The quest continues….


Last night was a rough one for the relationship. The Boyfriend being from LA and what not basically bleeds purple and gold (Lakers). I, on the other hand, bleed like a regular person but root for the SF Giants. My Dad is a Giants fan and his Dad was a Giants fan so there you have it. Back to last night, GAME SIX of the World Series and at 7:30 Lakers opening game. Of course, we had to switch back and forth for a bit because we only have one tv. This shocked and appalled my mother but hey we don’t want two tvs. We try to actually do other things besides tv watching. I digress, it was rough. No one was completely satsified especially since the Giants can NEVER just win!! Everything must be Giants torture baseball!!! If you’re from the Bay Area, you know that is a thing and that is what we call it. Torture Baseball. So tonight we go into Game 7 and pray the SF Giants will win this one!!! I will need to eat my Three Twins Sergio Romo Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream to celebrate!!! Oh Sergio Romo is a Giants pitcher and he’s a really great human being.



Alright, my lovelies. I need to pound this coffee and jump in the shower. I have a meeting this morning that is certain to make me die slowly in my chair.



Sad Bastard Wednesday – humping around


This week has been complete shizz and I keep waiting for things to get better and I seem to still be waiting. While I’m in the waiting room, I might as well hop on Kathy’s Hump-a-licious Confessions. Ya know to ease my general despair.

Vodka and Soda

1) Orange is the New Black, Beeaatches! It’s keeping me smiling. I spent 7.99 to re-subscribe to Netflix just to watch this and it has been well spent, friends. Holla at my Spanish ladies! Diggin’ the diversification of the story lines!!! Officially lbg endorsed.


2) I confess that 2014 hasn’t been a good year. For a lot of reasons that I don’t want to go into here but I’m trying. I confess that I just want to crawl into bed for two weeks and do nothing. That I really need to pull my shit together but I’m fluctuating in a space of barely getting by and not. Being in your thirties is hard and shit gets real and being a grown up is not as glamorous as NBC would have you believe.


3) I confess that I’m trying to be excited for Mexico but in reality my boyfriends health conditions are acting up. He doesn’t really want to go and normally we’d postpone the whole god damn thing but since his brother & sister and law were coming, we’re still going. It sucks and makes me not want to go and I kinda have nothing to look forward too. I should include he doesn’t openly say he’s doesn’t want to go, brave face and all but I know it.

4) This post is depressing as fuck. I apologize. Lets add a little fun to this post, shall we? I confess that evol is my new lunch jam!!! I wasn’t making lunches consistently and that was effing up my weight loss. These bad boys are pretty good, fairly healthy, and hopefully gonna keep me on track. Of course, they are tasty too!!! I know I shouldn’t be buying microwave crap but its all flash frozen real food so I feel a little better about it. Plus I got it at the Whole Foodie so there’s some screening in that alone. Will see if it helps the scale on Friday. Fingers crossed, yo!


5) I confess that I tried to eat yogurt and grapenuts and grapenuts are TOTAL ass. No idea how people eat those. Nasty. Case closed.

6) I need to go to bed early and accept I’m an old lady. Why am I fighting it???

7) I confess that humping around with you, Interwebbies, has made me smile. Xox