Monday means we’re broke.

Mixed bag so far….

I had morning issues (lost keys and bad public transit) so I ate a croissant (- 5 points).

I didn’t make my lunch because I could not for the life of me fall asleep (why????) which meant I’m sacrificing my one free lunch right on Monday (damn). I bought salad with chicken, no drink or snacks (winning + 5 points).

Worked on my budget and became absolutely depressed but still worked on it and paid a few bills during lunch (depression 5 points – winning in the long run but poor broke tears in the short game)


I will pay the rest later tonight/tomorrow. Also need to cancel fitfusion since I just don’t workout at home…my couch is far too appealing.

Considered getting a part-time job…no points since only consideration. I have too many things pending though so it’s best just to wait…pending as in terms of my living situation. The boyfriend and I are getting along…like the BEST EVER…which is amazing but also we’ve been discussing “THE FUTURE” (ominous yet exciting) and it’s unclear if our paths are really meshing. Also depressing…because things in the moment are wonderful….However it’s our thirties not our twenties and having mix match futures is really just a set-up for heartbreak, failure, and hating one another. At this point in my life I would rather have a sad but amicable grown up break up than anything…I mean, ideally we will figure out said futures and continue along in lurve but I really don’t know. BLARGH.


Instead of wine, I will drink water (double points because water and I’m at work +10).






That 10 percent

Back, back, back and forth.

Being an adult is learning that you have control over maybe 10% of the things in your life on a good day. On a bay day, all you’ve got is 1% which is how you handle it. There has been quite a bit of back and forth’ing in 2016. I’m still here (thankfully) and getting to place where I can gear up and strive to hit that 10%.

That pretty month of May effed some shizz up….but June will be here in a few days and I plan on making the Summer months work for me. Finance wise, my budget didn’t work and we had a LOT of unplanned expenses related to my boyfriend’s graduation and some family events. Not to mention, I’ve been buying my lunches for at least two weeks (that’s 100 that wasn’t planned right there). My body/fitness has turned into a softer and larger lump…not good. I mean naked (still decent) but my clothes like to leave indentations over my body after I take them off…so not good. I finally decided that I needed to step up and take back my 10%. So…Saturday morning, I stepped on the scale and thought well…that explains why all my clothes without elastic are painful. Keep in mind, it’s still a healthy weight but more than my 5 foot body is used to carrying and way less muscle. BLARGH. Yes, my toes need a pedicure…badly.


I’m going to rally for June and try to bring some financial fitness, mental wellness, and you know real exercise to mi vida. I re-added the my fitness pal (mfp) app to my phone so that I can, ya know, actually be accountable for the food choices that I’m making. I’ve been sick this week and cancelled fun plans to stay home and get better. Hashtag adulting. I bought some groceries on Saturday that supported me eating vegetables and getting better.


The thought of exercise exists me at this point but I plan to start tomorrow. It’s completely against my will but it’s work out or buy all new pants. I still may need new pants but I have to at least attempt to lose some of this weight.


I do have a goal for ultimate fitness….August 18th. I have a bachelorette party that I’ve very excited for!!! There will wine tasting, dancing, a dope house with a swimming pool and I will be expected to wear a swimsuit and there will photographic evidence. Sigh, every girl’s nightmare. Therefore the plan is to not look like a blob by this date. Non-blobby would be ideal with all my young cute 29 year old girlfriends even though I’m a 35 year old lady (Grandma, really) that would like to be in a maxi dress, pool adjacent. Anything with stretch really.



That just makes me want to live in elastic and chug wine…and gain zero weight…that is a girls dream…throw in sex with 90s Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum and the entire Magic Mike crew dancing for me and my girlfriends…yep, that’s about it.

Enjoy your three day weekend, peeps!



BLOG POST – Starring Ryan Gosling, Usher, and one well rested lbg


This is my confession…..sorry all I can think of is that damn Usher song. Anyways, joining up w/ the fabulous Vodka & Soda for Humpday Confessions….a day late (confession #1).


Confession numero dos
My job is getting (surprisingly) better and some changes that will be taking place over the next two years are making me question if I should stay. BLARGH!!!! It’s confusing because I got overworked for a solid 6 months that really burnt me into a toasty crisp. Like unsalvageable toast…the piece that’s not’s not even worth scratching off the top with a knife toast. I’m only finally just starting to feel better… AKA now that I’ve created some boundaries. When 5pm hits, I now  peace/late immediately, I started this crazy little blog, and began working out consistently. Self care, who knew? I need to work on being more positive…I can kinda be Witty McShittalker and apparently that’s not such good energy. I want good energy, peeps! Can I get that at Whole Foods in 16oz? So there….work it’s a conundrum…damn, freshman for being all adorable and full of life. The irony, I can advise a student straight into grad school success but my own life shambles ๐Ÿ˜‰ Alright,  fun, dark, twisty shambles.

Confession three

Ok, my bestie texted me before I caught up and the following is what ensued.


Seriously, I have problems. In my defense which is weak, I have been watching Grey’s since season one. We did have a break-up when it got super crappy around season 5/6 but of course I had to come back. It’s a sick addiction to a show which has turned super soap opera-ish but what  can I do….it brings me joy.


Pretty Strong Medicine

Check out the awesome weekly weigh-in link with Heather and Ash! Heather from Pretty Strong Medicine has a really great personal post today. I gave it a million thumbs up.

WEIGH IN – 0.00.

Maintenance week. Given that I was home all weekend eating not so great stuff and during the past work week – I basically ate out everyday this is pretty ideal. I have to pull it together since Birthday Dinners, Drinks, and other fun stuff will be happening. You know old ladies like to party but still be in bed by 11pm ๐Ÿ˜‰
The kale lunch salad needs to come back…no joke.

I love love LOVE the extra daylight but have been hurting from the Spring Forward ish. My working out plan went out the window and I overslept this morning (oopsie). I still haven’t got my short run in and I obviously did not make it to Bar Method this morning. I have worked out 2x (Monday morning & Wednesday night Bar Method classes) and last night’s workout was DAMN!!! Super proud for doing it and can feel my body getting stronger and leaner. I know my diet as of late though isn’t as clean as it could be but this is the last week of my frosh – MAJOR MADNESS – programming so after this I should be easier to ya know to grocery shop and clean my casita like a real grown up.


Before I forget – here’s the damn Usher song. Not gonna lie it takes a bit to the chorus which has the whole “this is my confession” part.

Ok, since I’m trying to be positive and zen I feel like we just can’t end Thursday with Usher. In all honesty, it’s a terrible situation and you don’t need that. You need 16oz of positive energy pressed with love by yours truly. Too much? Too yoga instructor? Should it be more sherpa smoking pot? It makes me this of this.

Embody your inner Val Kilmer Sherpa, yo!

lbg now with more zen



Luck is my lady and it’s officially dance it out Thursday!

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Welcome to BAGEL THURSDAY! Now with Updates!

This morning I treated myself to a bagel with WAY less cream cheese than the above image. It was BEYOND delicious and I washed it down with my coffee….sweet sweet heaven. Let’s talk about why I was able to eat this little reward…yes, I occasionally reward myself with food even though Jillian Michaels is like that’s a NO-NO. In my defense, there’s no time to shop before work which is my food reward substitute.

You know it’s Thursday and that means I head into the hall bathroom and pull my weight watchers scale out from under the sink. Side note: It has a body fat % calculator that I’m convinced is faulty but I do think it would be really cool to have a scale that did that. Interweb homies, do you have a scale that provides your bf% that isn’t a gagillion dollars? Let me know. Anyways, the scale comes out and I strip down to nada. The lbg steps on and BAM!!! I lost -1.6 lbs this week!!! What??? AWESOME! Thank you long runs! Some of this may also be that the Monday tummy troubles resulted in me emptying my entire gut system…no joke …that was not pretty. Clearly not healthy nor recommended. I had to step on the scale several times to ensure my hazy old lady eyes were not betraying me. Hence I run out and eat a bagel ๐Ÿ™‚



Whew! Way to drop it like it’s hot, peeps. Ok, moving this Bagel Party along…

WEDNESDAY – 6:45 BAR METHOD! PS – Guess you planked for a full minute!!!! ME!!!
SUNDAY – REST or maybe a little Bar depending on soreness

I’m a maniac and am signed up for two back to back half marathons. The Mermaid East Bay and Brooklyn!! Still beyond excited but we can talk more about this in May or late April when I begin to freak out.

Two weekend until the She is Beautiful run in Santa Cruz with my sister and I cannot wait!!! 10K baby!
I love all their little messages of self-lurve.

It’s hit or miss. My calories are really solid lately but quality isn’t there. This why I need to get back into bringing my lunch because the quality of nutrient dense food is so much higher…whoah, did I just write that. Cray. I’d rather have high calories with good food than on point with pizza, ya know ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s all about balance and finding that is not so easy. BLARGH!

Next week I will bring it!!! The kale salad must make a comeback!!!


Frosh programming craziness is easing towards an end. Next week will be much less crazy and I can catch up on the piles of work I float around in these days. BLARGH! I have a job, I may apply too so that’s a little something and obviously I cannot STFU about getting my hair done. Hair is expensive people. This is my luxurious little birthday treat. ย So sorry if you hate ish like that but make a fancy hair appt and I swear your mind will be blown! I also need to create my new March running playlist…priorities, right???

Holla at me about the scale or your awesome weekend plans or workout nonsense!!!



Monday….there’s no time for a clever title…just pour me more coffee


I took the weekend off, Interwebs. I was still beyond tired from work but managed to get my fit on.

Saturday morning I hit up bar method and works the booty and thighs. Painful. Headed home for some famila time with my Dad and sister. Managed to find a dry part of the day and put in a slow 6.5 miles. There was no walking but I really really wanted too! Prince came in with little red corvette and I made that last mile happen! Sunday, I met up with my walking home girl and we did a leisurely 4.8 and treated ourselves to some Blue Bottle Coffee (my fav)!
Eating wise lets just say all the stress and tiredness made its way to my mouth and my eating was not on point. Blergh! Sunday I ate cleaner but ate A LOT! This week I gotta reign it in !!!
I have 5 million things to do today but am feeling rested and have my bar class for later so take that Monday!
Ok, lets talk cellulite and stretch marks. I’ve got a little of both despite only being like 20 lbs or so heavier in law school. (Oh yeah, this lbg fought the law and the law won) The stretchies are really only in the tummy area and I’ve been putting jojoba oil or vitamin E oil post shower to help as I bring back fit! I think it’s helping a little bit. Anyways everyone has a little something or other so just love your body and sunblock and moisturize!!!
I’m not sure what the scale will say this week after my weekend of munch and snack-itis so we’ll just focus on today.

MONDAY – Bar Method 6:45pm
TUESDAY – 3.5 mile run
WEDNESDAY – Bar Method 6:45pm
SATURDAY – 7 miles – WHOAH!
SUNDAY – 4:15pm Bar Method

I am getting my hair did on Saturday!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! BRINGING BACK THE OMBRE. This is important because I must get my long run in before my 11:00am appt. I like to not wash my hair after I dye my hair to really let the dye set. Yet as we all know when I run my head gets MAD SWEATY. I’m gonna be in SJ so this will be a new running location, I plan to head over to the middle school track near my Mom’s to get this crazy run on. Hopefully my sister will join me and get her walk on!


One of my OMBRE photos!
Unexpected new jam for March Playlist. I heard this in Bar class and was like “OMG, must be added to the March Playlist!”

Also in other Running News, I just registered for the MERMAID RUN EAST BAY!!! Yep, officially CRAZY BUT SO EXCITED!


OK peeps, Happy Monday! Try and make it possible!
Keep me posted on what your cray cray week looks like!



I LOVE BAR METHOD. No joke. Last night I ran home, took a quick twenty minute nap (YES! I was that tired!), and dragged my sad ass up to bar class. I absolutely did not want to go. Here’s the thing, I always feel great after class. 100% better, I swear! My instructor was hilarious! She gave us all props for working out on a Monday and told us how terrible hers had been with jokes while pushing us to the limit. She reminded us during the early portion of the class to think about just a few weeks ago and how much stronger we are now. The crazy thing is that for me and my body this is so TRUE! Especially in my arms. My body’s changing with bar and it may be slow but it’s AWESOME!


It was hard to pry that $175 dollars out of my tight little fist at the beginning of the month but it’s BEYOND worth it. It’s really a community at the studio,the instructors try and learn everyone’s names, and they consistently come around and make adjustments. I’m getting the best of the gym and personal training at the same time. Also if you don’t cancel your class, they charge you $10 which SUCKS. However this does make me more accountable because it’s more $$$ out of my tight little fist. Yes, I cancel and schedule my classes ahead of time in a very responsible fashion. Anyways, I’m hooked. It’s my new crack-rock.

Also we got to back dance to smooth criminal by Michael and that just really made my Monday.

Today is the Boy’s birthday so we are going out to a fancy surprise dinner. Hooray! I think he’s really going to lurve it. Hopefully, I will have some photos of the yummy food tomorrow. I’m going for a productive day today at the old crazy factory but just wanted to do a little bar post since I came back really feeling it last night. Also I’m getting a better idea of what this weekend will look like and I’m feeling confident I can get 4 workouts in ( 2 Bar classes and 2 runs) although with the familia, the funeral, and tonight my eating may be off again. BLARGH!

Anyways, that’s all for now kids! Hope you have some fun workouts planned for the week.

Get your coffee on!

Celebrate Good Times! C’mon! Plus mini dance party


It’s time for THURSDAY UPDATES!!!!

Also today is a special Thursday Update since I’ve been on this crazy get healthy goal for a month/4 weeks! Go me! Ok, lets get to the reviewing!

Of course, my power is out this morning. Nada. It’s still out and I’m actually writing this blog post in my bed on my phone by sun light. However my bathrooms get ZERO light and I called in to say I’d be late bc nobody wants this girl showing up looking like hobo joe and angry bc she got ready in the dark. Plus it’s freezing!!

Ok, back to the weigh in! I was forced to weigh myself in the kitchen once it got bright enough and Amen! This lbg lost – .7 lbs this week! Hooraz!

Last week bummed me out with the slight gain so this felt great! Overall, I lost 2.2lbs this month! Only 7.8 more to go!

I’m still aiming for 3x a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and one weekend day). I do feel myself getting stronger and I’m less sore. I bite the bullet and will be doing bar for at least another month, we’ll see how my wallet handles it. The thing is that after Bar Method I feel great and happy. Getting there can be tricky/rushed but once I’m there I heart it.

I just stepped my running up and added my second run. Right now Tuesday mornings are for 3 milers and Saturday my long runs for Brooklyn!!! I just get excited whenever I type that. Saturday will be five miler which is going kick my booty but it WILL happen. I’m also kinda looking at tickets I’d love to get something round trip under $350. Maybe in the next two weeks.

My lunches are struggling and I need to refocus on this goal and really carve out Sunday night time to prep some ish for the week. I need to recommit, peeps! Eating healthy at lunch is critical for my weight loss!

Alright, I’m gonna get out of bed and test the power. And try to get ready with this mid morning light even if I’m powerless. Just call me Hobo Joe.


Ps – mini dance party for my loss this week!!!