It’s like the Sexy Magic Humpty Kingdom ruled by Kathy or just Happy Hump Day


I admit it’s been a minute since I jumped on Kathy’s amazing Humpty Hump Train. No mas. I’m here with beer and ready to confess my sins. Ok well…maybe not the beer part. Alright, let’s kick it with the Queen of Confessions (Kathy) and your fav brown girl (hopefully me).

Vodka and Soda

1. It’s beautiful here in Cali. Gotta love the global warming. It’s 82 lovely degrees right now and that straight up gives me LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FEVER. I want to be out of the office, sitting on a patio, enjoying a cocktail. I mean the last thing I want to do is tell you all the reasons your petition will be denied over email. Nope….can’t wait to walk home in the sun and squeeze in a run. Holla.

2. We celebrated birthdays in my office today and as a result all the food went into my mouth. BLARGH!!! I am a human garbage disposal lately….WHY??? WHY?? Someone needed to tell me to put down the damn cookies but nope, they all went into my pie hole. Mmmmm, pie. 

3. Last night I was so exhausted I did not wash my face or brush my teeth. I quite literally fell asleep reading for my class. I did wake up and turn the lights off and sleep some more. I woke up at 4:45am to finish most of the reading. This is why I will not get any additional degrees. I can barely manage reading for the class I’m teaching. Props to people in their mid thirties (and older) going to school. You are a bunch of heroes. I’m far too old to work, study, and teach….where are those cookies???

4. If you are living with your partner. You must watch this video. The dinner one is me and my boyfriend ALL THE TIME!! This couple is genius! Did you watch this without me!!!! (That’s the boy).

5. My email box is just a big fat hot mess like this blog title. I wish I could shred all my emails and blame some sort of server error and start fresh. It’s like they have babies while I’m out. AACKKKK….email its killing me.

6. I confess I want an iced coffee sooo badly!!! ADDICT. Hi, my name is little brown girl and I’m addicted to coffee. I will go to coffee several times a day with different people that don’t know one another. Sometimes I say it’s for a “meeting” but really it’s just fueling my addiction.

Shocking, I know.

7. I love Captain EO. It was a momentous occasion in my childhood. It’s a must for me when I’m at the Magic Kingdom plus there’s air in there. With this final confession, interwebbies, I leave you with this.