Take a breath…the world is not crumbling around you

Ok, maybe not a breath, maybe a shot of tequila would be better.


2016 was supposed to be about fitness and finances. A year where this 35 year old got her ish together and made some real progress toward my effin’ life goals. I just accepted an Assistant Director position, have been diligent about my finances (even w/ a few set-backs) and was getting ready to get my fitness back…I sit here typing this eating dark chocolate. However last night the wheels came off with some issues my Mom. It’s a hot mess and reiterates why I have to kill my debt and be in a better place to help people around me.

My mom has struggled so much with the passing of my Grandmother and never went to grief counseling despite our strong urging. My sister and I thought recently she was doing better but some self destructive habits have come to light. It’s a little bit of a mess right now and the hardest part is that she lied to my sister and has not been honest.

Thankfully, my new boss isn’t in the office until next week and I’ve completed all my tasks so I have some time to help my sister deal with all of this….it’s really just hard and crazy. Hopefully things aren’t too bad but I won’t know until I get down there later tonight. It’s overwhelming but I’m trying to keep a level head. Last night, there was some serious rage, drinking, and crying. You know just the usual Tuesday night. Damn, why does being a grown-up suck so DAMN hard. Seriously!

I have a conference in Santa Barbara for the first few days of May and will be in Portland the second weekend, so the timing is craptastic. Of course, all the joy is being sucked from these things because I’m stressed and will probably stress eat. Only making my clothes even tighter….DAMN…See once again, being a grown-up is not great.

I need to remind myself to read up on loans….see depressing.

Alright, I’m off to microwave a sad sack lunch and attempt to not drink at lunch.





Glitter is falling while I dance and write this post – HAPPY 2015!

Holla Interwebbies! Make some noise if ya here me!

My holiday break is drawing to a close and tomorrow I need to return to work like everybody else. Damn. The holiday was busy as hell but filled with fun,some good peeps, crazy familia, and my quarantine monkey sickness. Nobody gets perfect, kids. 

Today I have a handful of to-dos on my little return to work Grinch list.

  • Clean the kitchen (hosting and the fact I cooked zucchini noodles last night turned that place into a mini nightmare after Christmas). I mean we cleaned, hosted, cooked repeat and last night we only made it to the cooked part. Aghhh… At least I soaked that shizz
  • Run. Today is the day, people. My sorry, flat booty is getting up and hitting the pavement. Wish me luck.
  • Juicing! Today I am making my own green juice to get some much needed veggies. My body has been overloaded on booze and delicious food with minimal nutritional content.
  • Make my breakfast for the work week & at least tomorrows lunch.

Everything else is OPTIONALLY ONLY!

I still can’t believe its 2015! How is it here, already. As I sit here and type this with my mimosa…I’m still just like DAMN. Yep, we’re having mimosas. Family drama erupted in a big way for my boy so I am nothing if not supportive. Clearly, drinking resolves unnecessary stress from family drama. Is there any other way to get through the holidays 😉

In that vein, here are a few other things that I’ve made note of while on holiday break:

  • Combining Dayquil and wine is perfectly safe as long as someone else is driving.
  • Your partner will freak out if you go to bed with a cough drop in your mouth even if you promise you are not about the fall asleep. I swear I will not choke to death!
  • Staying in bed surrounded by tissues is depressing.
  • You probably have enough food for your guests and besides they came to see you. Don’t trip about only cooking a dozen egg muffins. Especially since there’s bagels, bacon, chips & salsa…you’re being cray.
  • Do worry about having enough booze, your guests are drunks like you 😉
  • On that note, you can never have enough champagne.
  • Reading is a great distraction when you’re sick. I still managed to plow through two books this break. Seriously, I love reading. Station 11 was an easy read but still provoked a lot of thoughts on the topic of dystopia and post apocalypse.
  • I think I’ve gained some holiday weight…well my pants told me but I felt like Monday is a good day to step on that b-i, the scale. I mean Mondays are bound to be rough so might as well save the pain. Speaking of Monday, no clue I’ve what’s available to wear to work tomorrow. Sad face.
  • You’re ready for vacay to end when your boyfriend’s endless comments during your shows/movie are driving you insane. Meanwhile your comments during playoffs would drive him insane…jerkface 😉

Now that I’ve shared those helpful tidbits, I should really get in the shower and start tackling my list. Otherwise, I may stay on my couch continuing to drink and surf the internet. Although the blaring football is making the shower move more and more appealing. Perhaps an 80’s themed shower. Ya know, blaring a little almost paradise as I wash my hair.

Enjoy your Sunday Fun Day or chore day, kids!

Your moment of zen.

You can thank me later.