Stop spending money you don’t have and other grown up mistakes

bridge 1


  • Stress shop
  • Spend more than I earn
  • Say yes to dinners, parties, and events I cannot afford
  • Buy lunch more than once a week (baby steps)
  • Be chronically late and take an uber to work
  • Binge on cookies, cupcakes, or other sugar disasters provided in the office


  • Budget every month
  • Review all credit cards and stop spending!
  • Workout three times a week
  • Make my lunch
  • Eat more healthy snacks
  • Drink water
  • Clean room and closet on a far more regular basis
  • Donate clothes I do not wear
  • Write three times a week as stress relief/reflective practice

I just ordered a pizza on my credit card and ate the last of some Talenti gelato because perspective. However some Bridget Jones style life goaling was in order. July, you have fucked me over but I will not be defeated. I will take my broke ass and get focused!!!! I will get back on the hamster wheel of grown-upness and make it happen.

Tomorrow I will get on the scale, cry, get off the scale, and work out. I will buy vegetables for consumption from the farmer’s market or Trader Joe’s. I will not spend money on beautiful, expensive, organic food from Whole Foods…money that I do not have. Oh and I will buy dish soap because I should also wash dishes.


I requested off two days from work to clean out my closet and get rid of crap. I’m going to actually finish that damn Marie Kondo book.

Step 1) Bridget Jones type journaling.

Step 2) Read Marie Kondo book. Clearly reading self help type book = grown up.

Step 3) Start working out over the next week in lead up to “4 day staycation aka grown-up retreat.”

Step 4) Read Whole30 to prepare for paleo type eating in mid-August/September.

Ok, so I took off 8/8 & 8/9 on a whim based on a workshop I was at on Thursday. Let me back up, Thursday the University held a professional development conference for staff. I selected a couple of workshops primarily on balance, mindfulness, and putting your vision into action. Cheesy, I know. There was still some solid shizz discussed though and I walked away with some useful tips. One such tip was take vacation! JUST DO IT! Even if you’re broke and can’t go anywhere. So I’m having my own grown-up little staycation and going to focus on some me stuff that I want to fuckin’ tackle.

liz lemon


  1. Workout every day (maybe even twice a day). I’m going to take a Hipline class, barre method, and do some running.
  2. Wash all my clothes.
  3. Donate everything I don’t wear.
  4. Organize closet.
  5. Read everyday.
  6. Drink smoothies.
  7. Eat healthy lunch salad.
  8. No tv (unless on in background while closet working ie Gilmore Girls on Netflix)
  9. Listen to music and podcasts only.
  10. Do some mindful/reflective zen shizz about what I want, what makes me happy, and ways to improve life.


That was some solid work, peeps. I’m drinking water not booze and going to watch some Great British Baking and call it a night.






And so it begins….mid thirties

There’s a lot of change in the wind and I’m trying to hold on for the ride. I’m having some bumps with this new whole fiscal responsible thing but I’m really proud of myself so far. I’m trying to see where I’m spending, how, and when I eff up take it with stride and say “Ok, self…why did this happen and how do I get back on track?” It’s new and hard but I’m committed to making it happen.

My relationship is having some growing pains. There’s so much love but we’re trying to figure out where we both want to be in our next phase of life and if that’s the same…It’s really fucking hard. It’s crazy mature but it also sucks to really love someone and be uncertain that you’re on the same page. We’re trying to figure it out and keep the dialogue open and honest. So you have that…..

I’ve been in the process of applying for a position, and then I got an interview, and then I was a finalist. Now, I’m waiting to see what happens….I really do want it and am keeping my fingers crossed. Trying to trust that the universe has a plan for me and if it’s meant to happen it will happen. I do feel that my interviews were very strong and have little that I regret in terms of preparation or responses….so now I just have to wait….that’s hard.


Fitness has really been the last priority….I’m averaging like once a week if that…. 35 is supposed to be about finances and fitness so I need to really pull that part together. With interviewing, I didn’t have time to meal prep and was buying my lunch like a fool. This week, I’m back on it and prepared 5 healthy lunches. Tonight, I’m going to work out at home which is why I’m blogging (ACCOUNTABILITY). I need to get some fit in and hopefully it will help clear my head so I don’t dive head first into a pint of ice cream….which is better than alcohol.

Oh yea…I already did that on my actual birthday and it may have ended with me puking and drunk crying about being old….I was straight out of a movie…a sadder less glamorous Bridget Jones movie.


Anyways, that’s what’s going on in these parts, Interwebbies…Hopefully there will be more to report soon. News that’s funny and hilarious and involves me working out. But for today is just Old Lady News about trying to keep it together and navigate my mid-thirties like a grown person….and not a Grey’s Anatomy character.





Weekends were made for old lady fun!




How could I resist Carlton?? I know Christmas is long gone but I enjoyed this image. It conveys my GLORIOUS three day weekend joy, especially since my last post was such a Debbie Downer. I thought I needed to bring in some more positive energy to our little corner of the Interwebs.


In other news, my clean eating is going really well! I lost 3lbs this week! HOORAZ! I’m basically back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. There’s still more to go but what else is new. My running has been less than stellar but I signed up for the Livermore Half and am now bound to actually being ready to run 13.1 by March 28th. Hopefully I will make the most of these three days and get some fitness in…fingers crossed.

II haven’t been to my neighborhood Farmer’s Market in ages so I’m stoked that I get to go tomorrow and buy tons of veggies, fruits, and all that good stuff. I hope my Olive Oil people are there. They make this bomb dot com Kalamata cold pressed olive oil that is AMAZING on salads, kale, in tuna salad, basically you name it and it makes it more delicious. We use a ton of olive oil in our place and usually have about three different kinds at any moment but this ish is my fav. The boy also bought me some avocado oil so if anyone has any suggestions/recipes for that holla, please!



There will be reading, sleeping late, running, and lots of cooking & sadly cleaning too this weekend. You have to just put on your big girl panties on and make it happen. Sigh, doesn’t everything but the cleaning sound wonderful? Hashtag life in your thirties.  I may even go to the movies to see Selma or Wild, something nominated for an Oscar.


II’m off to download some jams for a new running mix and I leave you with this jam.



On Fridays We Link Up, get DIRRTTY, drank all the kale, and pop almonds!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! This week has gone on far too long and now we just have to make it to the magic hour of 5pm. These first three weeks of school have flowed into one another with student appointment after student appointment. There’s no time to tidy my desk, finish my coffee, or even get through all the emails that are stuffed into my inbox. Poor little inbox.

Still it’s Friday and that’s something to celebrate. Let’s break out the bubbly and begin our weekend shenaningins with Amanda of Meet Me At the Barre and her FRIDAY FAVORITES!

I cannot get enough of PBS. I’m so excited for Downton Abbey to return this January. Woo Woo! I’m mid way through the Robin Williams tribute and so far – lbg approved. Last Tango at Halifax was wonderful!!! Anyways, watch some PBS. They have an app for your iPad and I promise you it will be worth it. Hashtag Nerd for life.

Green juice with kale is just part of my jam. When I drink this ish my body gets all happy. I feel like it’s saying thanks buddy, I feel refreshed. Get yourself (even just a small cup) and I promise you will be feeling fabulous just like Bey.

Loving this face cream!!!! Sentimental note, this was my Grandma’s face cream and she had a unopened jar when my Mom was going through her stuff so I said I’d take it. It’s silly but it makes me think of her as I use this. So who knows, I do think my skin looks great but maybe some of it is just Grandma Love.

I’ve been exhausted this week so I think this one is self explanatory.
Snacks for healthy people. Although I’m torn because almonds need a LOT of water to grow and we’re in a drought. DAMN. But I bought them at the farmers market so 100% of my funds went directly to the farmer….I dunno…eats some more almonds. Also ladies, almonds have calcium. Holla. Lord knows I need to preserve all my inches ( 5 feet nada) and osteoporosis shrinks a lady. Getting my calcium with these bad boys.

Ok, we’ve dished about our favorites. Let’s get to the dirty, like Christina Aguilera says, and talk about the fitness.

Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted is here to bring us back to fit with her lovely link up.


This week was not ideal but a HELLUVA lot better than last week.
*WATER – I drank more water but still am not drinking enough H20. Hydration gotta keep improving.
*WORKOUTS (Friday – Friday) – I exceeded my goal of 140 minutes of exercise per week but did not work out for 20 min a day. Saturday, I did my 7 miles (70 min). Sunday, I hit up a bar method class (60 min). Monday, I ran another 3.3 miles (40 min). The rest of the week was rough. I worked from 8:30 – 7:30pm yesterday. I was also having lady time so that pretty much makes me want to be a slug. Tonight, I’m going out but I have plans for another long run on Saturday and some kind of working out on Sunday before seeing the SF Giants play.
*EATING LESS WHEAT – I’ve been doing pretty well at this one. I’m hoping next week will be even better and I feel like my veggies and fruit intake is looking good. Holla!
*WEIGHT – Down a little over 4 lbs. Woo Woo! I was in the top of my comfortable range last Friday so feeling better about this loss. Butttttt some of that was vacay and just lady time bloat. I know super sexy, right?

Alright, my interweb homies, I’ve got to make it through the rest of Friday and kick some ass. Lunch time Mexicana style is making me feel super sleepy though. Send your fav sleepy Mexican some good energy, will ya 😉

On Fridays we link up and drink PSL’s while dancing to Salt- n -Pepa



I cannot express how happy I am that it’s Friday. These students got me running around like nobody’s business. Let’s get to the good stuff and kick it with Amanda and her fabulous FRIDAY FAVORITES link up!


I bought the travel size for vacation and actually didn’t use them until I came home. I seriously adore these for the days I’m way too tired to wash my face. I wouldn’t say they are super refreshing or anything like that but they get the job done. My face is actually pretty damn clean. I will probably start keeping a set of these around for those long days where washing my mug is the last thing on my mind.

They’re back beeaatches!!! I am telling myself ONLY on weekends or in the case of an exceptionally bad day! Yum….nom….nom…nom!

I was able to have some lovely quality time with my Mama this weekend and enjoy a delicious margarita. There’s nothing like being a set of ladies lunching and drinking just enjoying a sunny Saturday. Hopefully you get to enjoy this kind of this w/ your Mama or any Mama type figure in your life. I know sadly some of us have Moms that are not all that great. Boo! Anyways, bottoms up!

Ok, let’s talk about ALL THINGS FITNESS WITH AUBREY!!!

Sang to “Let’s talk about sex” – Salt and Peppa!

I hope you enjoyed that because I certainly did! Hehe, but no kidding aside let’s link up with our fitness homegirl and let the truth telling begin.

This week has really just been about bringing the fitness back. Just actually getting some exercise in there because peeps…see below

Nah, it’s not that bad but I love that gif! Shizz is hella tight but I’m not too worried. It’s just about bringing that sexy back and making time to get healthy…Sorry pants, give me a few weeks.

TUESDAY – 3 mile run (35 minutes)
WEDNESDAY – Yoga (thanks Comcast fitness channel – 25 minutes)
TODAY – 3 miler!!! post work.

Given my 20 min a day or 140 a week goal that I started on Tuesday, I’m feeling pretty good. Saturday, I have a 6 -7 mile run planned so here’s to hopping on the back on track train! Also I wish I wrote down the yoga video I did because it gave my thighs quite a work out. I’m not really a yoga person because I tend to like more high energy exercise but I know for runners this can really help prevent injuries. Also I suck at yoga but I’m hoping to try and incorporate it a bit more into the schedule.

Have you tried any new workouts, kids? Holla back and let me know.

In terms of my fitness I kinda feel like we are right back here but hey at least I’m bringing it back and chopping it up with all of you 🙂

Alright, time to down some coffee and accomplish some serious paperwork.


Spicing it up and listing it out during the cray of the school year

The post where I list style everything because there’s TOO MUCH!!! Too many thoughts, too much work, and I’m still trying to switch gears from lady of leisure mode to the working girl I need to be. I mean I missed the Hump with Kathy (sad face).


Thankfully, my soul still has the spirit of Zihua and I’m kinda wandering through day to day with some beachy casualness. It’s the first week of school at Big Tier One Research University so I’m taking it all in stride but the minute I get home an exhaustion sets in and I just plop on the couch or bed. Of course we had serious computer issues, my inbox was busting at the seams, and oops I agreed to moderate a panel, and be on a panel all this week – EEK! Did I mention my dress ripped at work the other day? Oh yeah, that happened. Of course it was the day I was moderating and would need to be walking around. I’m blessed in that my bf was working from home and brought me a new dress. That’s love, peeps.

PS Yep, sunset from our little patio on vacay- LURVE
photo 2

Like I said I haven’t truly moved from vacay to real life and I’m still eating like every day is a treat. Sigh, that’s not good….for my pants…or apparently dresses. I felt really great on vacation and you know I’m camera shy about putting my face out here but I do have a little hammock tummy shot for you all. I got to the beach and felt really strong and confident. Paddle boarding was great and it really made me feel like I was in pretty good shape to be able to do that HOORAZ!
photo 5
There it is, peeps. A weird little body shot but there it is 😉 Mad props to all you who post your beautiful faces and working out shots! The internet can be a creepy place so..yeah. It also can be a place where you meet cool people and when they post on your blog your little bloggy heart explodes…so good and bad. Just like life.

Sorry so distracted up there! The first week of school has derailed any real working out but today I was able to attend a bar method class at 7:00am and damn ass kicked! I need to get a run in this weekend like HARD CORE! I have my October half marathon so this needs to happen. I’m scheduled for like 7 miles but if I can somehow manage 6 I will be beyond grateful. Next week is really all about getting back into my early morning running routine and a few evening bar classes. After this month, I’m going to cancel my membership. I suspended it when my Grandma passed away. It’s time to start chipping away at my credit card debt (blargh) which got a little out of hand during that time….buying food/house items for all funeral related events, a few funeral items, and some really unnecessary shopping therapy. At least I have memories of this to keep me sane.
photo 3

I have soooo many student appointments this week that there’s really no time for my other work. That gives me the overwhelming tingle of stress in the background but I’m trying not too worry to much. Plus the freshman are so sweet and excited that it makes me stoked to be there as they enter this phase in their lives. I still am unsure where to take my career next or what I really want…ya know like the Spice Girls say “Tell me what ya want, what ya really really want?” I’m thirty three with already one career change under my belt but I find myself craving a flexibility that my office currently doesn’t provide….maybe new office? I have hit up two different training sessions, one on myers briggs and another career inventory. I seem to be in the right field (broadly) based on that but I don’t know…I guess I struggle with am I working to live ($$$ and enjoying life) or to I live to work (my job as my passion). Anyways, just something I struggle with. How about you? Is your job your passion? Or well paying to make your life super enjoyable? Ever had a career change? I want to know!!!!

I’m getting this lion’s mane cut this weekend. It’s a little out of control but am so looking forward to having my fabulous hair stylist tame this mop! Plus her salon is right next to Marshall’s so I always do a lap because DEALS! Thank you for the long weekend – haircut, check in with my Mama, and time to restock the fridge with HEALTHY food ie stop eating ice cream for dinner (true story).

Alright kiddies, I’m taking off to get in the shower and head into the oficina. I have another panel tonight for the bebes. I will leave you with this lovely vacay shot.
photo 4


JUST BURIED UNDER WORK AND VACAY TO-DO’S – I MISS YOU….like Molly Ringwald misses the 80’s

I’m still here!!! I promise!!!

You know how before you go on vacay everything has to get amazingly crazy and your to-do list basically throws up on itself??? That’s pretty much where I am right now. Throwing back the coffee, yawning, doing a ton of work, getting distracted, working on vacay to do list, daydreaming….and REPEAT.

I made an emergency decision that I did not feel good in one of my swimsuits last night and hopped on BART into SF to basically scavenge through Macy’s Summer Swim section. That place is an effin’ mess. The season’s almost over so homegirls are not reorganizing by style or brand anymore. Shizz is just getting hung back up because they about to shut that section down and fill it with mother effing coats. I kid you not. Anyways, I did hit up ROXY but all their Summer Clearance was non-existant and they had their Fall swim line up and I just couldn’t spend $70 on a suit. Not gonna do it. Luckily, Macy’s came through and I found a cute mix-n-match number, black and white stripes on top, polka dots on the bottoms, and I’m winning $30.00 total. I know I’ll be living in my suits in Mexico, why lie, so I felt like I needed three.

I also swung by Sephora and handed over my credit card to pay for sigh….$30 face sunblock (spf 50) by Shiseido. It was a grip but as a wise & well aged beauty counter woman once told me “You’ll spend $40 on shoes which go on your feet and wear out. You’re not gonna spend $40 on your face which you will wear a lifetime?” WORD. Give me the quality sunblock. Plus whenever I have to wear face sunblock multiple days, I always develop some kind of reaction…itchiness or worse case scenario these tiny little bumps. It’s Mexico, I need to protect this old lady mug so I’m paying the dirty thirty. My chica with amazing skin swears by this and she’s a delicate little princess so if her face doesn’t break out that gives me confidence. I’ve already warned the boyfriend this is FACE sunblock not to be wasted on your body. Put the Neutragena on that!!!

My working out this past few months has had ups and downs. At the end of the day, I do feel like I look better than I did in January and I am most definitely stronger. Will I be looking like this on the beach?
Not quite but still pretty DAMN good. My tummy still has a little more work to do. However don’t get it twisted I love that my body can run and I can do way more lady push-ups and sit-ups than in a HELLA long time. Plus 2014 is still not over my friends and I plan to keep going 🙂

I’m gonna try and squeeze in another post for my Interwebbies tomorrow!! Cannot miss the Humpty Hump!

Yes, I’m not sure if any vacay posts will happen but I will be back!!! Don’t forget about me!!!

Best to leave you with this.