16 Candles X2 plus a little change

Sooo…..it’s my birthday. Why are birthdays so weird when you’re old?? We need to take it back to your 6th, 7th, and 8th birthday, where there are no expectations. You’re just excited to eat some cake, maybe some pizza, and rip the paper off a package or two. When you were 7, you didn’t sit around and compare yourselves to other 7 year olds. “Man, Tony is riding a bike without training wheels…AND he can do some multiplication. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!!” Nah, none of that happened. You were just like damn, I’m 7….that’s gangsta. But it’s so hard to be your thirties and not complain or be like what am I doing??? Anyways, I’m grateful to be having a birthday, have awesome homies, and kick it with you all on the Interwebs.


Yesterday, I didn’t get a job I REALLY wanted so that sucked. I just have to keep applying and trust there’s some kinda plan in this crazy universe. I consoled myself with pizza and beer which felt like a good way to end my early thirties. I will be more sophisticated as I move into my mid thirties, note to self.

On the up side, today I got notified that I get to be a SWEAT PINK AMBASSADOR for fit approach!!! That was pretty amazing and makes me feel like a real blogger! Holla! Check out my fancy new badge on the side bar.


Thank goodness I have my 10k race this weekend because my fitness has been on slacker central this past week or so. April is around the corner and I’m going to have to be serious with my SF Marathon training! EEK, scared!!! But also excited.

Birthday Week has been filled with food and booze and tonight will be no different since it’s the actual day and I get to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend. Seriously, he’s my Jake Ryan….that’s a sixteen candles reference for all the bebes out there. It’s a great movie but it’s from the 80’s so warning there’s definitely a racist stereotyped character in there but if you can get past that it’s a gem. MOLLY RINGWALD FOREVER!


Alright kids, hope you have a fabulous Thursday! Have a little cocktail for me!




Being an old lady ain’t easy

Being a grown-up can be absolutely sucky. However there are those tangible moments where you see your life and feel accomplished, happy, and in disbelief that this is where life has lead you. I love those moments of feeling blessed and relishing that this is not what I imagined 33 would be like…this is better. This was NOT one of those weekends.

This was a weekend where you step into your life and just feel like being an adult is hard. Taking care of people is not easy and sometimes acknowledging the most important things are the hardest. It was one of those weekends with mi familia and taking some steps to make sure that my Grandma and Mom both have the support they need. Sometimes being a grown-up means giving support in ways that are very difficult for others but in terms of practicality, safety, and love they need to be discussed. It’s not fun, there are usually tears, but it comes from a place of love. Seriously, there’s nothing else that makes me want to hurl myself from a bridge more than making my sweet mama cry. Sigh…but you need to let those tears out sometime. I’m a big believer in emotional release whether through talking with your bestie, therapy, running, and sometimes crying. All those feelings need somewhere to go….hey sometimes it’s the bottle of a tequila bottle. I kid…well kinda ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways this weekend was hard but your familia is always worth it. I got a sweet six miles in and managed to work out 4x last week. Hooraz….that was a weak hooraz. I’m still a little down. I did enter to win some Mizuno kicks from Skinny Chick’s blog. Fingers crossed. You should enter too! Right here.

It’s Marathon Monday!!! I’m rocking a race shirt to support Boston and all the runners and amazing survivors. Hashtag Boston Strong…hehe…I crack myself up. I do want to say though someone on the facebook mentioned supporting Boston Strong but also Boston Vulnerable. People need to grieve and understand that worlds change in a minute and it’s okay to feel vulnerable in those moments. I just thought that was really great and powerful. Sorry I’m all SAD BASTARD today. It cannot be helped. Well, it can be helped if I win some new kicks….I kid, again! Well kinda ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other news, I caught up w/ Grey’s!!!! Dude, Avery and Kepner!! You guys love each other but I’m like c’mon Kepner!!! You knew Avery was a man of science and your kids would not grow-up all bible study when you eloped!!!! How are you only realizing this NOW!!!!! I wanted slap her little red head silly. Cristina Yang, I love you. That is all, I will not ruin the episode further for all y’all. PS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IS THE LONGEST MOVIE EVER!!!! If you celebrate Easter I hope you had a lovely day.

Thankfully, I did not OD on Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I’m hoping to stay on track this week and actually run 10 miles for my long run. I’ll hit up my bar method tonight, Tuesday, and Thursday (or Sunday). I really want to clean my room but familia stuff has been keeping me on the go. We can’t have it all and by that I mean a clean casita. Sad face. At least I have a whole foods salad for lunch with KALE!!! That always cheers me up. Yep, old lady status in full effect. Now, I’m off to internet shop to clear my Monday Blues ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love ya interwebbies! Let me know if you’ve been struggling with being a grown-up too! Or just cheer me up w/ your weekend Easter drunken shenanigans!

motivation monday

Let’s talk about 1994! Or just have coffee and plan to work out.


Today is all about catching up! Our office is closed to students due to a professional conference and I intend to use this time to attack my mountain sized to-do list. There might also be some blogging and listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast in there too. It feels pretty amazing to have some catch up time so I’m in an exceptional mood for a gray Tuesday.

I also brought my lunch today, hooraz! After hitting up Trader Joe’s after my bar method class, I was set to bring some healthy food to work. PS So glad I went to bar method last night! Really really helped my legs post speedy 10k. Not gonna lie, I was dreading it and knew I would be all sucky. However there were some new peeps in the class so that’s always a confidence booster. I didn’t feel like a totally loser. SIDE BAR: NO ONE THAT WORKS OUT IS A LOSER! Just me! So way to get your sexy ass off the couch even if you’re the slowest or slacker-est.
coffee slacker
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The weather in LA displeases me. It’s supposed to be low 70’s and partially cloudy this weekend. It was clear and in the 80’s this past weekend. This whole “possible” rain thing/cold front is ruining vacation weekend. I know, I know, IT’S A DROUGHT! But it has to rain the weekend I’m headed to LA, causing it to be in the low 70’s! HASHTAG – WHINY CALIFORNIA PROBLEMS. Yes, I spelled out hashtag. It’s more obnoxious that way.

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Didn’t you know when you use hashtags, it causes Questlove to appear? It’s just Tonight Show magic, don’t trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I’ve got the 3 mile run in my new kicks which I’ve been meaning to blog about! I will get to it and they’re awesome. I’m an Asics ho-bag. I really thought I’d get something new and different but I love me some asics. If it’s not broke, yo…as they say. Do you love your workout shoes? Recommendations? I promise I will at least try them on!

I’m so unexciting today. I wish I had something better to blog about but peeps, I’m boring. There’s not always excitement going on around here. I hate to crush your dreams of my awesomeness. Sometimes I’m just trying to figure out how to clean my kitchen and do laundry…or have my laundry NOT live on my desk. I’m pretty sure my desk is to hide the mail and tax forms…and condoms. I’m just saying get some safely, Interwebbies. Which makes me think of this!

Alright, that was the pick me up I needed! I promise next time I post a video…it will be from 2013-2014. I realize there are A LOT of throwback jams on this blog. In my defense, I’m an old lady. I like musica from the 90’s. Be thankful my fashion is current. However I’m seeing a lot bad 90’s inspired fashion on the hipsters. I disapprove. Floral body suit dresses should not come-back. Seriously though, I loved me some Doc Martin’s. Rocked those babies with jean shorts and cute stylish socks…luckily there is less photographic evidence since ya know we had to get film developed back then from a wind up disposable camera and hour photo was HELLA expensive. Speaking of the old days, I had to use a pay phone this weekend and all I could think was that I hope I didn’t get some crazy disease because who uses pay phones these days!!! Besides people that forget their phones at work all weekend and are waiting at the BART station to be picked up…. I dread to think about it. I thought for a second about clorax wiping that side of my face.

I digress…here’s something for the young people. More in your frame of reference. Although like I’ve said before Salt-N-Pepa is full of workout jams!

Time to put on the big girl panties and attack the to-do list! Hope your Tuesday is productive, with veggies, and some good times!

Let me know if you’ve got any good Tuesday jams that are not from 1994!!!


RED WINE IN THE EAST BAY followed by our sponsors running and myfitnesspal


The Birthday Work day has included lots and lots of coffee and flowers! I'm a lucky lil' 
brown girl what can I say. Tonight we're gonna have some seriously yummy spaghetti 
and garlic bread. One of my unhealthy faves! Topped with at least two glasses of red. 
I love it!!!
Let's talk about the weightloss and my journey to lose this last 10! OR NOT! 
Plus link up lurve for Weigh In Wednesday!!! Check out all the awesome chicas!
Pretty Strong Medicine
 GAINED. +0.2 lbs. Actually I can really dig this. Given all the birthday 
shenanigans, I fully expected a pound so this was a sweet birthday surprise. I can 
only thank my long runs for enabling me to continue to cheat here and there...
thank you Brooklyn Half training.
Seriously though, next week we're getting back on track. More kale and spinach 
and maybe some water drinking to rival all water drinking. You can only do so 
much celebrating as an old lady. We pass out earlier and I'm not dancing for hours 
on the dance floor in four inch heels which was the cardio of my twenties. Not I say 
this is my jam and instead of running out to the dance floor, I convince myself 
I can push through another mile. Oh well....there are worse things I suppose. 
I love my old lady ballet flats.
Ok, now after all my promises of health and fitness that I may or may not keep....


I woke up and was like DAMN 33....That's kinda a bummer. But my hair at least came
 out really good and my vanilla latte made me feel happy. Also NSV I squeezed into a 
dress I haven't worn in a minute! Awesome and the boy assured me it was still work 
appropriate. Ya know, I didn't want to be all sausagey...But I'm a Mexican and my 
people love them some tight dresses. You always have that one Auntie that's like 
if you can squeeze into it by any means necessary it fits, mija. I however need to
 check myself because there's no need to look so rough, mujers. Lesson learned.
I need to save some pennies for LA CHICAS WEEKEND. I am really just throwing 
the dollar bills around like I'm Puffy, Jay Z, or insert your favorite rapper here. 
People love the Drake so maybe him. Anyways, I need to reign myself in!!!! 
But it's so easy to say BIRTHDAY MONTH! Or I'm old, I deserve this 
(insert my sad face).
Ugh, the other thing about old lady birthdays is you feel the need to look 
back and say what the hell am I doing???? BLARGH!
Carrie had some points but she also made some really god awful choices. However 
I can dig the above. At the very least, you could be like thank baby Jesus I did not
 do that!!! Or you were like, me too!!!! I'm also a big hot mess just less glamorous. 
People seem to be enjoying "GIRLS" on HBO but I don't know....it's like they're
 hipsters in NYC having unsexy sex and I just can't get into the twenty minutes I saw. 
UNIMPRESSED. Maybe it's because I'm old. I will go back to Grey's with sexy doctors 
having implied sex in on call rooms and supply cabinets....it's wonderful.
Anyways, have some fun on my birthday, Interwebbies! And if you have 
any old lady advice for my thirties situation, please share!!!! Lord knows I need it!

The only bar I’ll be seeing today has an extra re…..I’m old


It’s Wednesday and after back to back meetings I’m already toasty…not a good sign. However I caught up on all my workouts for last week and have Bar Method at 6:45pm as my last chance workout! Weighing in manana we will see what the scale says. I’m hoping that bastards says “MAINTENANCE!”

Brooklyn Half Marathon training is heating up and this weekend I will be hitting the big 6 mile marker! Overall I’m feeling really good but feeling the need to try and give myself a Sunday rest day. I also need to be more focused with weekend scheduling as my distance increases. I might try and squeeze in one official 10k prior to May but otherwise I’m content to just stick to my schedule. March 1st is pay day and I’m hoping to seal the deal and purchase my tickets for May. Helllo NYC!!!

March is also this lbg’s birthday month but I can’t lie 33 is feeling old. Blergh….your thirties are so confusing!!! Where the hell should I be??? Also everyone does it differently. Some people are married with three kids (eek) others focused on traveling and careers and others are single and loving it. Me and the boy are living happily in our Casita in the Sky so that’s something, well my job – you know, Interwebbies. I also have some la bomba girlfriends and an LA GETAWAY TRIP coming up. Chicas Only! So mi vida is pretty good. Hopefully in two years, (post Boy’s thesis), we will get to the bebe business so there’s some time to enjoy just us for now. Alright, that’s more cheerful but I still made myself an expensive hair appointment for a cut and some color. Ombre, ladies! Hey it’s my Birthday! I will do what I want!

*Luna Bar – Nutz over Chocolate (late morning, my bad)
*Coffee with whole milk – It’s Santa Cruz Roasting Company – French Roast.

* kale salad w/ olive oil and balsamic. Topped w/ turkey italian sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, and red onion (baked)

*Fiji apple
*baby carrots

* But I’m think some steak stir fry with mushrooms and tomatoes.

WEDNESDAY ย LINK UP LOVE!!!! I’ll have my weigh in post manana!!!

Weigh In Wednesday


I’m busy holding myself together with coffee and more coffee


It’s 3:00pm and I need another coffee….

It’s shaping up to being one of those work weeks where I feel that I desperately need to stay late but I refuse to give up Bar classes so instead I’m staying behind. We’re under-staffed, underpaid, and I will no longer give up me time for this job. Well…not as much me time. Two weeks from now I’ll be working three evenings for programming but that’s another story.

I will not volunteer.I will not volunteer. I will not volunteer.

Too much going on. My grandma was not doing well at all this weekend and her short term memory in the last month has taken a real hit. I’m scared. On top of that I am a finalist for the secret interview position but now there’s no second interviews. Also there’s another finalist…sigh. My boyfriend leaves on Friday for his 36th Birthday Trip (Hooraz for him!) but we had a little fight this morning so I’m feeling very stressed. However we did both make-up apologize via text. I don’t have any workouts on Thursday or Friday (glorious rest days) so maybe I can stay late at work those nights.

I need a new job…back to the searching and looking for something that doesn’t involve me constantly stressing about working late. I’m 32 and my health is a priority. Damn, almost 33 in a month…that kind of depresses me. BLARGH. Ok drinking more coffee and thank you for letting me get out this mini-rant.