Monday I’m not in love…..nor am I excited

It’s just me and Monday slogging along fueled by too much coffee and a Whole Foodie version of a Dr. Pepper. I’m digging the extra daylight but my body always has a mini freak out about the loss of an hour. I stay up too late and wake up exhausted and usually by Thursday, I’m back to normal. We really just need to eliminate daylight savings all together.

This weekend the boyfriend had a handful of homies from out of town in the vicinity so of course shenanigans. We went out for yummy Jamaican food and I threw back too many red stripes, rice, oxtail stew, and fritters. We bbq’ed the following day where this little brown girl ate ALL the tortilla chips. Like fo’ reals. I cannot have chips in the casita, it’s my kryptonite. Basically I ate all the food including some brunch at our favorite greasy spoon around the lake.


– 5.5 mile run
– 4.5 mile run
– 11 mile run – Hooraz!!!

11 miler


Today my court strategy was to stay awake by snacking which wasn’t as helpful as I originally planned & definitely not great for the waistline. I think I ate 3 or 4 ginger chews and a small handful (5?) of healthy starbusts, a small bag of pirates booty, oh there was a small chocolate chip cookie, and the above mentioned wannabe Dr. Pepper.


Currently, I’m hiding out on the couch binge watching The Great Brit Bake Show which I love!!! A treasure that I discovered as a result of my Downton addiction. Thank you PBS and NPR for bringing so much nerdy joy into my life.



I feel the need to set some goals for this stressful week. I have to unexpectedly head home for the weekend as a result of some family drama which is a shame. It never ceases to surprise me how hard it is for people to do the right thing when death and money are involved. I highly recommend that people take the time to ensure their loved ones wishes are recorded in a will. Sadly people will not honor the deceased wishes otherwise. People will cry tears and say that they just want what that person wanted but in the end it seems sometimes greed prevails. It’s really really sad and disheartening in particular when the person that expresses these feelings was not the primary care taker and in some cases failed to truly set up and assist with someone’s care but that is the way life goes I suppose.


On top of that situation and the remaining freshman programming I have to facilitate while on jury duty, I’m burnt out…oh and that pesky time change. This lbg can’t get a break. However I feel very lucky to have an amazing boyfriend that cooked me a lovely little dinner even as he got ready for a business trip that leaves tonight. Heart him!

Ok, back to goals for the week of March 9th!

  • Get all three of my runs accomplished
  • Eat clean on Tues through Friday to get back on track
  • Bring my lunch to court all week
  • Stay within my weekly budget
  • Spend at least a little time each night organizing my messy bedroom*

*We had guests over this weekend so the casita did get cleaned but everything random/unorganized laundry got thrown into the ramshackle bedroom.



Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive and keep your head up.




I generally live a life that is held together by tape, popsicle sticks, and elmer’s glue. Right before Brooklyn, I fell into some of my old terrible habits pretty hard. It’s just time to pull it together and try to move forward….after an entire weekend of slacking. I can’t lie. Welcome to The Den of Slack!!! That’s where I was residing and it was wonderful except for the part where my casita looks like I live with the Rat King.

Once again here I am blogging about ways to pull it together. I’m starting to think being a grown-up is a series of peaks and valleys of one having their ish together only to have it crumble and start over again. Maybe the real grown-ups are the ones just always starting over…but without complaint or blogging lists? I’m not sure…I’m fairly certain I’m not one of those people. I’m the one trying to do while being only slightly drunk.

I’m more of a Bridget Jones person. With that in mind, here are my little goals for the week and some things I will be attempting to improve on after that. Time to take off these bathing suit bottoms I’ve been prancing around in and put on my big girl panties…yes, the ones with extra tummy support because that is what my tubby tummy needs.


WEEK ONE (this week!) Keeping it simple with two LIFE goals & two work goals.
3) RESET MY OFFICE PHONE WITH THE CORRECT MESSAGE (this sounds easy but involves working with crappy shared campus services and making new passwords and to be honest I hate getting voicemails….please send me an email).
4) FINISHING MY LAST 50 PETITIONS OF SPRING!!! I have no idea when I will get this done but it NEEDS to be done.

Strategies I’ve put in place to ensure success:
1) Signed up for 4 bar method classes
2) Placed water cups all around me, bought some coconut water, drinking water as I type this
3) I read this article for work about getting ish done!!! It had some good tips!

Welcome to June – Getting Back on The Grown-Up Train!!

This is where said blogger inserts inspirational quotes and e-cards on getting your ish together.


Time to drink some more of my water, do some work, and try to stay motivated for Bar Method tonight. BLARGHH!!!

Send me some suedo Monday motivation on Tuesday! Or at least your best grown up tips!!!