Take a breath…the world is not crumbling around you

Ok, maybe not a breath, maybe a shot of tequila would be better.


2016 was supposed to be about fitness and finances. A year where this 35 year old got her ish together and made some real progress toward my effin’ life goals. I just accepted an Assistant Director position, have been diligent about my finances (even w/ a few set-backs) and was getting ready to get my fitness back…I sit here typing this eating dark chocolate. However last night the wheels came off with some issues my Mom. It’s a hot mess and reiterates why I have to kill my debt and be in a better place to help people around me.

My mom has struggled so much with the passing of my Grandmother and never went to grief counseling despite our strong urging. My sister and I thought recently she was doing better but some self destructive habits have come to light. It’s a little bit of a mess right now and the hardest part is that she lied to my sister and has not been honest.

Thankfully, my new boss isn’t in the office until next week and I’ve completed all my tasks so I have some time to help my sister deal with all of this….it’s really just hard and crazy. Hopefully things aren’t too bad but I won’t know until I get down there later tonight. It’s overwhelming but I’m trying to keep a level head. Last night, there was some serious rage, drinking, and crying. You know just the usual Tuesday night. Damn, why does being a grown-up suck so DAMN hard. Seriously!

I have a conference in Santa Barbara for the first few days of May and will be in Portland the second weekend, so the timing is craptastic. Of course, all the joy is being sucked from these things because I’m stressed and will probably stress eat. Only making my clothes even tighter….DAMN…See once again, being a grown-up is not great.

I need to remind myself to read up on loans….see depressing.

Alright, I’m off to microwave a sad sack lunch and attempt to not drink at lunch.





Sunday Grown Up Sunday

Making it happen on Sunday is hard but seriously worth it. It’s a chance to put on my big girl pants and tackle some casita stuff that otherwise would not get done. I’m finally feeling a little better today from frosh outbreak 725 so that made a difference in getting the kitchen done and all our towels washed and dried. Ya know all the clean up that comes from having a house full of guests.

However time was still made for bottomless mimosas with my chicas, a good haircut, and of course Catching Fire, Hunger Games. I was really impressed with Catching Fire. They of course had to change the book a bit but overall well done. I don’t want to include any spoilers but for sure add it to your holiday movie list.

Running, sigh. Friday and Saturday I felt pretty lousy and was back on a cocktail of mimosa and DayQuil with a dose of Tylenol. This afternoon I started to feel better with much less coughing. Depending on how I feel after working a full day I’m hoping to get a run in right after work. I need to get better and put some miles in before my 10k so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is another slow beginning of bringing back health and fitness. Blergh..I don’t wanna!!!! I want to eat fries!!! No, but I know I will start to feel and look 100x better and I need to bring the sexy back. I’m going to start tracking myself too. I know you’re thinking but Turkey Day is around the corner! It is and I’m still planning on enjoying it! I just can’t put off starting though otherwise it’s just another reason not too. I have no idea if that makes any sense but its how I’m feeling.

Alright time for a shower and some NyQuil to help me sleep. Say some prayers that this lbg wakes up healthy.


Lakes, The Early 90’s, and running theme musica

Thursday Update with the lbg

On being a grown-up: I’ve brought my lunch Monday through today and as long as I hit tomorrow (fingers crossed) that will be 5 healthy lunches on top of ZERO DOLLARS spent on shitty campus lunches. Second grown-up goal – Running. I did one run on Tuesday and am set for my second run tonight and I just need to squeeze a third run on Sat/Sun. It seems manageable so I’m hopeful I can hit this goal. But you know, sometimes you get home from an 8 hour day of work, your  public transit commute, and BAM the lazy-ies attack you. All you can imagine doing is putting on your sweats, opening a lovely red, and lounging on the couch. Sigh…isn’t that dreamy. Instead I will fight against the lazy-ies and lace up those running shoes and get myself to the Lake.
This is my Lake. Of course, I should run. It’s kinda epic but I’m also a slacker…hence operation grown-up.
All the amazing New York Marathon posts though are so inspiring and really do make me want to fall in love with running again.  Here is one my most favorites (see below). Well it’s actually three parts but I HEART HEART Sheryl and her blog. No words just sheer awesomeness.
Hola Throwback Thursday!
Here’s my TBT moment – A Different World! How great was this show!!! I loved the hilarious antics of Duane. Also the episode with En Vogue was one of my all time favs! How can you not love En Vogue??? IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyways, this all came up because we are a Scandal loving office and Olivia Pope’s father was on A Different World (the theme song pops into my mind every time I type it!). He was going to marry Whitley but then Duane shows up and they realize how much they love each other! So good.

Ok, so there’s your throw-back Thursday.



the lbg that may or may not have her running come back jam set to Salt-N-Pepa “Push It”

Former Catholic farmers market seeks retirement plan

I really like hitting up the farmers market for produce. Maybe it’s the Catholic in me but for whatever reason when I miss it, it’s like the whole next week is shot. Dude, I know if I don’t get to buy local/ organic produce for next week I will survive but it does give me that whole GOD DAMN feeling. The feeling that this is reason 510 you are failing at being a grown up. Well that and I’m probably not putting enough into retirement. But I’m really counting on being Gen X and growing up with too much plastic and McDonalds to kill me at 75. So I should be okay, right?

This poor little brown girl has come up in the world so I get to write these first world problem type posts. There should be a hashtag there but I don’t tweet. I just enjoy throwing the phrase hashtag around to keep up with the bebes.

There’s so much to do today but really I just want to make out, lay around, and maybe try out a new recipe for dinner. I am dreading my 5pm ish run but I gotta keep the thirties at bay. I’m already on track to be the super old mom at kindergarten (whenever that is) so I need to keep this booty together!!

Alright, well go enjoy your fresh and local apples. All you jerks that have your ish together. I will just drink this processed coffee that is killing me but hey it’s factored into my retirement plan.

The lbg living it up in her first world lifestyle