Make sure to avoid the rigatoni to ensure your best birthday

Alright, it’s Birthday Week, peeps. It snuck up on me like BAM and damn my days of being thirty-three are numbered…there’s four more left….sad face. Thirty-three to thirty-four is a pretty small change I guess technically my early thirties will be over and I will move into my mid-thirties.


I’m throwing out the scale this week and enjoying myself on my pauper budget also known as focusing on drinking at home with delicious food. I started yesterday but too bad my take out Rigatoni made me HELLA sick. Yep, I’m sitting on my couch since I had some major tummy issues last night that resulted in me feeling like this old lady would prefer to be home and near her own ladies room. Thank you, very much. That was a bummer. Sure, all the white wine and sparkling rose may have played a small part in not being perhaps the best base for take out Italian from Spoon Rocket but you live thirty three years and you learn some lessons. DON’T ORDER THE RIGATONI!!!


Today I need to update my resume and possible try to run since last week with jury duty this slacker managed only one run and a viewing of the LA marathon which completely counts as training. I also bought myself some yogurt made from goat’s milk to get my gut health back on track. I might also make some juice but we’ll see…it’s birthday week any manner of slacking may occur.

mindy and cake

I need to order a second pair of running shoes for marathon training since April is around the corner and jeez that’s WAY more frightening that turning thirty-four….But damn forty is around the corner and that is super scary!!! I want to be way more grown up at forty. No strike that! I want to be a grown up by forty. Ok, after my July marathon I will have the strength to define what a grown up at forty looks like and make it happen.

Oh, back to running, I’m thinking of the Saucony Mirages. I found some for a really good deal and let’s be honest I am all about the really good deals these days.  It’s Monday and I’m hoping that you are feeling so much better than my tummy, kids.