That 10 percent

Back, back, back and forth.

Being an adult is learning that you have control over maybe 10% of the things in your life on a good day. On a bay day, all you’ve got is 1% which is how you handle it. There has been quite a bit of back and forth’ing in 2016. I’m still here (thankfully) and getting to place where I can gear up and strive to hit that 10%.

That pretty month of May effed some shizz up….but June will be here in a few days and I plan on making the Summer months work for me. Finance wise, my budget didn’t work and we had a LOT of unplanned expenses related to my boyfriend’s graduation and some family events. Not to mention, I’ve been buying my lunches for at least two weeks (that’s 100 that wasn’t planned right there). My body/fitness has turned into a softer and larger lump…not good. I mean naked (still decent) but my clothes like to leave indentations over my body after I take them off…so not good. I finally decided that I needed to step up and take back my 10%. So…Saturday morning, I stepped on the scale and thought well…that explains why all my clothes without elastic are painful. Keep in mind, it’s still a healthy weight but more than my 5 foot body is used to carrying and way less muscle. BLARGH. Yes, my toes need a pedicure…badly.


I’m going to rally for June and try to bring some financial fitness, mental wellness, and you know real exercise to mi vida. I re-added the my fitness pal (mfp) app to my phone so that I can, ya know, actually be accountable for the food choices that I’m making. I’ve been sick this week and cancelled fun plans to stay home and get better. Hashtag adulting. I bought some groceries on Saturday that supported me eating vegetables and getting better.


The thought of exercise exists me at this point but I plan to start tomorrow. It’s completely against my will but it’s work out or buy all new pants. I still may need new pants but I have to at least attempt to lose some of this weight.


I do have a goal for ultimate fitness….August 18th. I have a bachelorette party that I’ve very excited for!!! There will wine tasting, dancing, a dope house with a swimming pool and I will be expected to wear a swimsuit and there will photographic evidence. Sigh, every girl’s nightmare. Therefore the plan is to not look like a blob by this date. Non-blobby would be ideal with all my young cute 29 year old girlfriends even though I’m a 35 year old lady (Grandma, really) that would like to be in a maxi dress, pool adjacent. Anything with stretch really.



That just makes me want to live in elastic and chug wine…and gain zero weight…that is a girls dream…throw in sex with 90s Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum and the entire Magic Mike crew dancing for me and my girlfriends…yep, that’s about it.

Enjoy your three day weekend, peeps!




Losing should come with beer

Adulting fail.

Sometimes you just to have admit you’re ‘effed and stressed. Proceed straight to having your private meltdown. Complete said meltdown and then begin to strategize your heroic return…ok maybe just your minimal plan to save your ass as best as possible.

Right now, I’m in work meltdown mode. Monday will be problem solving, drinking crazy amounts of coffee, and staying late. Today is all about being a sad bastard that I am failing at life.

January is almost over and I succeed at one thing, being the best maid of honor ever! My sister was glowing, blissfully happy, even in her crazy. Success! Everything else in my life is crash & burn.

Budgeting = wedding expenses, I failed to anticipate that put me over. Blarhh! It could of been worse but I wish it was better.

Working out…. Miserable fail. I made it to barre like 4x this month just ridiculous!  

Bringing lunch hasn’t been too bad. The week back from the wedding wasn’t great, I only brought lunch once but I made decent choices. I’ve cooked most of my dinners which means cheap and healthy – woo woo! Next month, I think should be solid. I’m golden when I meal prep on Sunday or Monday night. Otherwise shenanigans ensue. I still managed to lose .3lbs this week so holla. Right now I’m fit and healthy. Attending 15 barre classes in December was the best challenge ever! But there’s this vanity 5-10 I’d love to lose. But it’s vanity so pass the cocktail.

February we’re going to turn this around… I am budgeting in a haircut. I needed one in November but had nightmares of terrible hair in wedding photos so I waited. I rationalized that although grown out & crazy I could curl my current hairstyle and have it work. Plus I would have like 90 min to do my hair on the wedding day. 

Now though I need something I can style in 20 min or less and be on time for my job. Thinking of this but slightly longer.

One last note, reading  nourishes my soul and lets this little broke girl travel the world for a mere $9-$15.00. It’s easy to get away from it but in 2016, I want to read more. When I curl up with a good book and a hot coffee, I’m in heaven. Oh and my cozy Mexican blanket. I breezed through Crazy Rich Asians last week by Kevin Kwan. It was beyond pleasurable! Gossipy, jet set, and lavish. He transports you into a world of excess with historic Asian family lineages, rivalries, and familial protocols. You won’t be able to put it down. Sadly, the follow up novel, China Rich Girlfriend, attempts to cover too many story lines without the depth of the Crazy Rich Asians. I was less invested and disappointed overall. You should definitely grab Crazy Rich Asians for your next beach vacation or home staycation to transport you away! Pass on the second and spend those pennies on a bottle of wine to go with your book. 2016 – two books tackled! 
Alright I’m off to continue with my meltdown.  



On Fridays we link up….or you can’t sit with us



I said I wasn’t but how can I resist. Let’s kick it w/ Amanda and her Friday Favorites link up, shall we?
Friday Favorites

1. FAVORITE DRINK OF THE WEEK – COCONUT WATER! Surprise it’s not booze but definitely helping me bring sexy back. Water is so critical to getting healthy it’s just not even funny. Downside, I have to pee all the time! My body is readjusting to this whole hydration with water as opposed to beer thing. Thank you, True Burger for letting me run into your bathroom because I would have not made the walk home from the train. I owe you.



So cute! Not to mention – wayyyyyy less slipping and that little cushion on the back makes my leg feel so much better on the barre. Way less pressure. Hooraz, I love you pointe barre socks 🙂

3.FAVORITE RANDOM OLD VIDEO – MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEAVE ME ALONE. This video is just really effing cool. It’s weird, artsy, and Michael. From the vaults, beattches! Enjoy!

4. FAVORITE FRIDAY CLOTHING ITEM – MY BROOKLYN SHIRT!!! Reliving all the magic of the fact I ran the Brooklyn Half this year!!

Hmmm…that about wraps up my favorites for the week. I’m very impressed I didn’t write a Friday Hate List but I’m trying to put out all the good energy…hopefully that hippie magic works 😉 I kid, I kid….kinda.

Today we’re also gonna holla at ALG, Uninterrupted for her Fitness Friday Link up!
Fitness Friday

This week I have rocked at the drinking of water. On a related note my body was thank you baby Jesus. I also have attended three bar method classes this week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!! I have one set for tomorrow morning too! That will be 4 workouts this week. At the end of the day, you really need to prioritize your fitness and health. That is easier said than done. One of those days I had to leave work early to ensure I would go to class. This isn’t an every week kind of thing but for me when you’re getting back to it, stuff like that is mandatory.

Next week, it will be water, workouts, and tracking. I effing hate tracking but it will give me an idea of where I’m effing up.

It’s the Summer of Sexy, kids. Let’s all bring it!!!

Have a kick ass weekend! Get your fit on and don’t have too much fun!! Let me know what you old ladies got going on!


Couchies and Munchies


I just felt like a little No Doubt to take me back to my easy breezy high school days. Look at Gwen with those chola eyebrows….tehe…that is why I do my own eyebrows, ladies. Too many times those fabulous waxing ladies gave me those tiny little brows. And I was like NOOO!!!

Speaking of NOOO!!! for all my Wednesday Weigh In folks I faced that bastard the scale this morning.

Yep, that was pretty much my expression. Keep in mind, I’m at a healthy weight. My doctor would say I’m keeping 33 nice and healthy. But she wouldn’t say smoking hot and that’s what I would like for Mexico which is my big girl Christmas. Instead of stockings by the chimney it will be margaritas by the beach. Anyways, ideally if I can knock off these 6.3 lbs by August I will be happy. Now some of you will be – psheeh that’s nothing. Hello…I am barely 5’feet tall which means that’s like you normal sized peoples 15 lbs. One of the many down sides of being miniature. However my tone from running and when I was going to barre is still there so my little shape is better than when I started in January.

Yes, I would like to look like this at the beach. Love her little flat tummy. My New York beerfest made me a little roly…. This week was kinda a wash except I did bring back veggies and water. I should include her name but I cannot remember it but she was one of the dancers from Dancing With The Stars in the first few seasons. Sheryl something, I think. Is she still on? She’s so cute.

Let’s do some Friday Favorites with Amanda!!!
Friday Favorites

* FRIED SPRING ROLLS…..So delicious…especially when they are a make-up peace offering!!! Pretty much delicious food of any kind is a FAVORITE!!!

* SLEEPING IN!! I am looking forward to some of this!!! Ok, maybe minus the snacking…I am feeling George though!

bed bjonesbed

I will be enjoying some brunch here manana!!! Can we say hooray for bottomless mimosas until 3pm! Yes, please!

*FUJI APPLES – These are one of my favorite snacks!! So crisp and delicious!!

*OLD SEXY AND THE CITY EPISODES – These are just a little pick me up when I need to get ready, fold laundry, etc


Alright kiddies, I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a three day weekend over here in the States, holla!!! I am looking forward to my slacker Monday! Let me know what you’ve got planned, any tips to end my slackerdom, or bring back my fitness??? Send help!!



One little brown girl and the bottle of tequila




Let’s talk about tequila Wednesday happy hour. There’s nothing like some italian grapefruit soda topped with ice and my bestie tequila. Yesterday was one of those workdays that ended with some shots, drinks, and TJ’s appetizers for dinner. Good times! Thank lil’ baby jesus I popped 2 advil and drank two glasses of water before hitting the hay. Otherwise this morning might have been rough. Just a quick stop by the whole foodie for coffee, a salad for lunch, and some eggs for breakfast and I am making it happen!

I’ll tell you one thing, College Advisers are drinkers. Maybe it’s because we all LOVED college. We also love students and are super nerdy and into classes. Blows my mind everytime a student sits in front of me and tries to tell me nothing is being offered this term. WHAT??? WE OFFER A GAJILLION COURSES! Anyways, we got our drink on and it was wonderful. Except the part where I got home at 9:45pm and was like AGHHH it’s late.

In other old lady news, I’m having some concerns about my ass. Today I have a presentation/reception event for admitted students. Some have said yes and some are still weighing their option. I dig these events because I am NOT an admissions counselor. My job isn’t to sell the school. I’m here to give you honest advice on our college and majors so you can make the best decision for YOU! Yep, admissions hates me. There are so many schools because there are so many types of students and you should go somewhere that’s a good fit for you academically, socially, and geographically. CONSIDER IT ALL. Ok, done off my college rant now. Anyways, I’m dressed up and back to the booty.

I have a couple of dresses that I couldn’t fit into and felt like today was a good day to try them on. They might be sausagey but just wanted to see where I’m at. One was really close but it felt like I was actually too bootylicious??? What?? I mean running doesn’t usually make me assy but I’m thinking it’s the bar method? Which is awesome. I’d rather have a little more curve to my booty than a flat one but damn, I may not be fitting into that dress. I still have 5lbs more until goal so that will be the true test. Keep in mind, I’m barely 5′ feet so that 5 counts on my tiny person frame. Long story short, booty improvement = awesomeness.

All my running blogging peeps out there?? Any suggestions for a good hand held running water bottle with a pocket/pouch for your iphone? Random I know. But I want to start running with one of these for Brooklyn and that ish is around the corner. Also I have a 6:00am bar method class tomorrow – eek. Keep your fingers crossed I make it on time and get to work at a decent hour. I’m not sure how that’s all gonna work out but I will keep you posted. It’s my one day of early morning workout ie towards my plan of becoming a morning person.

Here’s some early morning motivation for manana…eek!
She is Beautiful facebook! Love this race!

Let me know how your Wednesday Hump went and what you got going on, kiddies!

Today it’s the lbg project insert me in cute quirky outfit with adorbs musica



I weighed in this morning as I do on Thursdays and this expression came to mind.
And yes, it’s a Mindy Kaling kind of day.

GAIN – Sadface. I gained +0.8 lbs. I guess the positive is that it’s not everything I lost last week. Not to mention with the funeral, familia, and McDonalds (oh yah, that happened) I’m not surprised. Whatever. Blargh. I will focus on what the fitbloggers call those Non-Scale-Victories (NSV). I am bummed but this is a whole other week and I am determined to have a loss next week!!! I just need to be consistent and not eat crap. Like yesterday my 2:40 breakdown that involved me eating a butter croissant from Peets. Of course, I tracked it and that damn thing had 380 CALORIES!!! That’s insane! It was delicious but like only 300 calories delicious. Anyways, let’s move on.

MONDAY – BAR METHOD & 5.7 mile run (should have been done on Saturday. Whoops! But still got it in)
TUESDAY – 3.1 mile run….BRUTAL….completely brutal after Monday.
WEDNESDAY – BAR METHOD…Last chance work out…and yea, maintenance my booty

Although my eating was off, I’ve managed to make up all workouts from last week. Yes, I pretty damn proud of that. However since I’m just trying to lose these last 10lbs that I pretty much put on from Sept – January, I need to be better. I hate that saying abs are made in the kitchen but yea that. I can’t lie, my body composition has REALLY changed with the bar method and even though I haven’t lost the 10 – my body composition is way firmer than it was in previous times I’ve been at this weight.

ROCKIN’ IT! Buying mid-day snacks – FAILIN’
My boyfriend will be out of town for 10 days on a trip with his bestie and I’m expecting that as a result I will be able to eat SUPER CLEAN. A girl can dream, right?

FAIL! I don’t want to even get into it…….fail…fail. March is a new month and I will be better or homeless. I will keep you posted.

Stress me out like no one’s business. I was confident about the secret interview but I haven’t heard too much so I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Good Morning, job search engines. I refuse to give up working out and taking care of me for this job. I also am going to do some morning bar classes next week when I work late to maintain all my work outs be it on different days.

I’m getting old and it’s kind of depressing me and I spend money (see above). I have so much to be grateful for and am seriously truly truly blessed. I don’t know why 33 is haunting me. STOP IT, 33!!! It is….maybe I hoped I’d be on the bebe train by now. I’m not really super into marriage or weddings. Unless they’re other peoples and then AWESOME! Although, I’ll take a honeymoon. Sign me up! I am excited for my LA Getaway with my chicas at the end of March and in May I will be going to Brooklyn and staying in New Jersey with one of my besties. I think this will be an amazing trip and have a few things I’d like to do besides the BROOKLYN HALF (EXCITED!!!). One is checking out the Brooklyn Brewery and Central Park and just hanging out with my homegirl 🙂

I just felt like Liz Lemon with a pop tart worked here. Basically me but brown at 2:35- 3:15ish this past week. NOT TODAY THOUGH! I will eat an apple at this time instead. Yea, an apple.


Wine, Running Slowly, and Rhythm Nation




Woo Woo! I lost .6lbs this week. Moving steadily towards my goal, kids! I wasn’t sure how this week would go. I figured there would be a loss but didn’t expect this …so HOORAY! 7 more to go!


I am bringing the lunch to work, saving the pennies, and fighting the urge to order mac and cheese. It’s a struggle because nothing makes a bad day right like mac and cheese…..Well maybe mac and cheese and wine. Yep, that’s the best.

Also water, water, water! Cali may be in a drought situation but this lbg is not! I’ve been drinking 6-9 glasses on the weekdays and pretty close to 4-6 on weekends. Hooray!!! My body is not chronically dehydrated.


Loving it and am actually feeling myself getting stronger. Who knew that could happen! It’s still so f’ing hard but I’m not as sucky as I once was, kids. My arms I think are showing the most improvement. I’m feeling it in my legs too but it’s not as noticeable. I’m hitting the 3x a week pretty solid and would like to maintain that. However I need to start getting the run in there which leads us to ….


I went into my calendar and booked all my loooonnnnnngggg runs. It’s sufficiently tabbed up so that I can hit 11.5 miles prior to the race. This weekend I need to run 4 miles. It’s a jump, I know but I’m ready. It might be a VERY SLOW 4 miles but it’s gonna happen.

Those are the updates.

In honor of Throwback Thursday – get your Janet Dance Party On!

Happy Thursday Besos,