April, Prince, and tears

Dear April,

You have been a mixed month of crazy. Allergies, opportunities, and unexpected outings have all lead to a massive month of breaking the bank. I’ve been working late nights which means there has been zero fitness. April is really just all about morbid obesity…and debt. BLARGH!


It’s really just time for an April update list.

  1. I got a new job! Holla!
  2. They needed me start right away which meant that I started working LATE! Most nights…plus I had to work on Saturday 4/16 for my old job (couple of hours) and Sunday 4/17 for my new job (similar)…so I worked 12 days straight. EXHAUSTION.
  3. As a result of all this working, I bought food (unhealthy & fast) and did not meal prep. There was no time for fitness….so all my clothes are tight and the scale scared me the other day. BLARGH!
  4. Working all the time means my house is a lair of filth….the RAT KING lives here. It’s sad but true.
  5. As a result of leaving my job, so so MANY unexpected expenses, outings, etc have just fucked my budget. It basically went out the window….and crashed into a million pieces on the street below.


I’m super excited about the new job though!!! It’s the right move despite bad timing and I won’t be broke and fat forever so you know….Monday is a new day and I will start to pull it together at that point.


I just wanted to drop by and say I’m alive…working non-stop with nothing interesting to report. Perhaps, just that Prince died and it was my first day at my new job and DEVASTATION. Also I didn’t know my new team well enough to blast PRINCE and be sad and say we should all drink at lunch…somehow I thought that might be frowned upon. I’m so sad as I type this….Prince, no! He played a few shows in Oakland not too long ago and I had a homie tell me in advance but I opted out of getting tickets because I’ve been so focused on my budget. REGRETS!!!!! I thought I had time! He was only 57! Anyways, rest in peace and power Prince, you will be greatly missed. I will leave you all with this jam and my favorite Charlie Murphy story of all time.

Sad bastard abrazos,






Nothing soothes your anger like Bailey’s, Odd Trees, and a little Mariah!

Good Morning Bloggy World,

There have been ups and downs this week. I’m gonna try and be a happy camper and not dwell on the shitastic situation that is my job. I will just say I came home and cried one day because I was so angry. I’m being lead by idiots with no leadership skills or charm and it baffles me. However as a wise friend once said “It’s so much better to cry hot angry tears than punch anyone in the face at work while yelling you’re STUPID!” Word, kids.


On the upside, I got my Christmas on in FULL SWING. Last night, we got a lovely FAT Christmas tree, busted out the holiday musica, had us a fire, and watched the Family Stone. Oh and of course there was wine πŸ™‚ Seriously, me and the boy had way to much fun just laughing and trying to get this damn tree in our adorbs apartment.

Meet our tree, Fatty! We wanted him since he was lonely in the corner and due to his fat awkward (some might say adorable) shape – he might end up w/o a home. Sad face, right? We later found out from our local Christmas Tree lot Hustler that he was much taller but broke hence his awkward shape.


Here’s a lovely little shot of our glorious fire! I love having a fire going during the winter. It makes everything feel so cozy and warm.


The last tenants (dirty people) didn’t clean out our fireplace so I did a mini-clean so we just threw a duraflame in there for safety reasons but I fully expect we’ll have some real fires soon.

I also promptly begin drinking this little lovely on Thanksgiving all the way through January πŸ™‚



I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! Peace out w/ a little Mariah πŸ™‚