HOUDINI IS BACK, Beatches…oh and get your Monday On!!!

I’m sorry that I went all Harry Houdini on you, Interwebbies. I promise I didn’t intend to drop off the face of this planet but life gets straight up loca at time, ya know?

Ok, maybe not quite as crazy as prison but pretty damn crazy. First, some theme musica to set the tone…and we’ll jump into everything this old lady has been up too while you were kicking it on the interwebs.

1. WORK….it’s a b-i
I’ve fallen off this whole blogging fiasco due to work. Sadly, blogging pays no bills and I need to actually bring in some skrill so me and the bf can pay our expensive bay area rent. October is the month when all hell breaks loose because we release the Spring schedule of classes and Spring registration times. Students pour into the office with questions, concerns, tears, and generally unrealistic Spring schedules. My job is to laugh at them is review these schedule dreams and try to talk some sense into them. Listen, you are at our fancy pants university so clearly you’re a bright kid but that schedule will only cause you tears. I win some and lose some and sometimes you just need to end up on academic probation to learn your lesson. Check yourself before you wreck yourself….those are words of true wisdom. Anyways, the bebes suck all the energy out of me and have been leaving me in a exhausted, worthless, blob of a person on the couch. However at least they are walking out of my office thinking of realistic majors, with a two year plan, and most of the time in good spirits. I did miss my interwebbies and your blogs gave me joy during this draining time.



2. TEACHING!!! The young minds need molding.
This semester your homegirl has been teaching a freshman seminar and I love it!!! I put tons of prep into my class of bebes and am really enjoying myself. I can’t lie, two weeks ago I had my teaching observation and OBSESSED the entire week. No blogging took place since I basically over prepared for my 50 minute section. My evaluation went incredibly well and I really hope I can find a way to keep teaching at the college level. There’s something seriously amazing about getting the bebes to connect themes, dialogue with one another, and take those theories and apply them across lectures & readings. I feel like Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile. Holla! But ya know, Mexican, in 2014s, and with a coed classroom.



American Horror Story, Greys, How to Get Away with Murder, Mindy Project, trying to watch Gotham, The Voice…Sweet Baby Jesus! I am so easily sucked into the damn television. Plus my boy has Football…Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. On top of it all – the SF Giants were in the play-offs!!! HOLLLA WORLD SERIES, HERE WE COME AGAIN! The tv is going to make me obese, oh yah, Biggest Loser is back on too! It’s not the same without Jillian. I am digging Bob being at Comeback Canyon but I may be ready to break up with BL and Grey’s too for that matter. Basically when I wasn’t working, I was watching tv…sad face. Life of a slacker.


Sleep…what’s that and where can I get some?
DUDE….My sleep has been wacky….as in I cannot get a good night’s rest. Maybe it had to do with the over working and eating crap. Oh yes, crap has been my bestie.

peeps 011


Food, cards, m&m’s, cupcakes….it’s ok if it’s for the SF GIANTS!
My boss lady likes to bake when she’s stressed and bring in orange frosted chocolate chip cupcakes into our office. True Story. I wouldn’t mind except it happens like every other week. I’ve also been working hard, not cooking, and eating out which is A FAIL FOR ME! Hellooooo falafel and fries…..just a tamale, rice, beans…hell one beer won’t hurt. This weekend I went urban wine tasting and had two double dosings of brunch. More on that deliciousness for another day. Anyways, Saturday I drunkenly decided I would do the 21 day sugar detox because I needed it. I downloaded the book and today after gourging myself at brunch, I went to the Whole Foodie to prep breakfasts and tomorrows lunch. MIRACLE! Hopefully, I will make it 21 days……jesus drunk decisions.


I ate it like a sexy mofo and am now injured. Hashtag old lady ish for $500, Alex.
During urban wine tasting, I fell….like I wasn’t even drunk yet just trying to walk and read a map. Seriously, how sad old lady is that? It was a very beautiful day and of course I was in a skirt. My right knee slid across the metal on the ground and some sidewalk…let me tell you it’s sexy….sexy like ground beef. No, it’s not that bad but it’s still gross and like a child’s knee. No idea how I’m gonna manage a 10k on Saturday because my knee is all achy and nasty as shizz but we’ll see. Speaking of my knee, where’s my frozen mango? That’s my icing method of choice. Some people go for peas, I’m all about the frozen mango.


So my lovies, that’s where I’ve been. Just getting around like Tupac said but I’m back and ready for more shenanigans.

Good night, kids!
Happy Mother Effing Monday!