34 Stories of running, empty pockets, and April showers

Being 34 is exhausting. I have a strong feeling it has to do with all the drinking, eating out, and socializing that came with my birthday. Somehow I can’t seem to catch up on my sleep and running this week has been nil. I mean the last birthday happy hour was Monday and I think I’m focused on fully recovering at this point.

Sunday was the She Is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz and I ran a solid 55 minute race, holla! It drizzled a little during the race but it felt so refreshing and gave me a little boost as I ran through Natural Bridges. The race was sold out and it definitely felt that way, the shuttles arrived late/moved slowly, and I was unable to make it into my time corral. Despite all this I still had a really good time. It was overcast but still such a great day to be near the ocean. I love being at the beach and running, I mean c’mon just add wine and you’ve got perfection. I’ve run this race 4 years now and I have to say I do miss the smaller feel of the first years but it’s still a lot of fun. The energy is so positive and everyone is really friendly. The theme of embracing your own beauty permeates throughout the entire race. It’s a great race for first timers, walkers, and families. The post race festival was beyond over crowded so we grabbed our shirts and headed back to our hotel.


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May feels right around the corner with my trip to Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding, soon July will be here, and I will be headed to Budapest for another wedding. It’s so exciting but stresses me out a bit too since financially I’m in such a shaky place. For Hawaii, I’ve paid for my ticket and my hotel which is great. I just need to work out a budget for while I’m there. For Budapest I have about of a third of the ticket cost saved but I’m going to throw a chunk into savings with my April paycheck so that we should be able to buy our tickets in May.

I need to really work on my financial security, 34 make me feel like 40 is around the corner, and I would like to be able to retire someday. I was out for jury duty during the Spring Retirement Session but I’m fully planning on attending the Fall session so I can see where I’m at and what I need to be contributing moving forward for my future old lady adventures.

Between my student loans and credit card debt, I feel a little crushed. Having the two weddings this year really hurt my credit card pay down plans although I haven’t added to that debt so small victories. I just need to sit down with my boyfriend and review my budget and our living expenses. I love where we live but we pay a ton in rent and I don’t know if the second bedroom/office was the best investment since he uses it less than anticipated. I don’t know….I just know that I need some help because clearly the choices I’m making on my own financially are not making sense.

Oh yeah and I dropped my phone pretty badly in Santa Cruz. It’s holding on but that’s another cash money purchase that will need to be upcoming. I did not mean for this post to be a broke ass thirty something entry but there you have it. I mean if you can’t be a financial sad bastard on your own blog where can you??


2015 the theme word was INSPIRED and my action item is appearing to be to ask for HELP.

 Basically I’m Sandra Bullock in 28 days. I heart her.


April is the get serious month, peeps. We’re bringing the fitness and healthy food back with a vengeance. We will be in Hawaii swimsuit countdown and I want to look and feel good….I say this as I eat mac and cheese. I’m drinking water at least. Thank baby Jesus for that much. I also will be getting serious with my Marathon training – LOOK OUT!!!! Let’s set up some April Goooaalllss!!!


  • Run 3- 4 times a week
  • Plank for core strength – goal 20 out of 30 days this month!
  • Stay within my budget!!! Just say NO to spending
  • Work on cleaning out my clothes closet
  • Bring my lunch to work also known as saving money!!!
  • Read a book

I’m serious here, kids. It’s time to put the two week long birthday celebrating behind us and get back to reality. I’m considering a sugar detox to help with the eating and hopefully the race this Saturday will be perfect for a Marathon Kickoff!!!

I’m heading to Livermore on Friday for the race expo!!! So excited and did I mention there’s wine tasting!!!!??? 13.1 tastings to be exact. Isn’t that clever.

Alright my peeps, it’s time for me to call it a night and tackle some chores.



Luck is my lady and it’s officially dance it out Thursday!

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Welcome to BAGEL THURSDAY! Now with Updates!

This morning I treated myself to a bagel with WAY less cream cheese than the above image. It was BEYOND delicious and I washed it down with my coffee….sweet sweet heaven. Let’s talk about why I was able to eat this little reward…yes, I occasionally reward myself with food even though Jillian Michaels is like that’s a NO-NO. In my defense, there’s no time to shop before work which is my food reward substitute.

You know it’s Thursday and that means I head into the hall bathroom and pull my weight watchers scale out from under the sink. Side note: It has a body fat % calculator that I’m convinced is faulty but I do think it would be really cool to have a scale that did that. Interweb homies, do you have a scale that provides your bf% that isn’t a gagillion dollars? Let me know. Anyways, the scale comes out and I strip down to nada. The lbg steps on and BAM!!! I lost -1.6 lbs this week!!! What??? AWESOME! Thank you long runs! Some of this may also be that the Monday tummy troubles resulted in me emptying my entire gut system…no joke …that was not pretty. Clearly not healthy nor recommended. I had to step on the scale several times to ensure my hazy old lady eyes were not betraying me. Hence I run out and eat a bagel 🙂



Whew! Way to drop it like it’s hot, peeps. Ok, moving this Bagel Party along…

WEDNESDAY – 6:45 BAR METHOD! PS – Guess you planked for a full minute!!!! ME!!!
SUNDAY – REST or maybe a little Bar depending on soreness

I’m a maniac and am signed up for two back to back half marathons. The Mermaid East Bay and Brooklyn!! Still beyond excited but we can talk more about this in May or late April when I begin to freak out.

Two weekend until the She is Beautiful run in Santa Cruz with my sister and I cannot wait!!! 10K baby!
I love all their little messages of self-lurve.

It’s hit or miss. My calories are really solid lately but quality isn’t there. This why I need to get back into bringing my lunch because the quality of nutrient dense food is so much higher…whoah, did I just write that. Cray. I’d rather have high calories with good food than on point with pizza, ya know 😉 It’s all about balance and finding that is not so easy. BLARGH!

Next week I will bring it!!! The kale salad must make a comeback!!!


Frosh programming craziness is easing towards an end. Next week will be much less crazy and I can catch up on the piles of work I float around in these days. BLARGH! I have a job, I may apply too so that’s a little something and obviously I cannot STFU about getting my hair done. Hair is expensive people. This is my luxurious little birthday treat.  So sorry if you hate ish like that but make a fancy hair appt and I swear your mind will be blown! I also need to create my new March running playlist…priorities, right???

Holla at me about the scale or your awesome weekend plans or workout nonsense!!!