I ordered a salad 

I managed to eat and snack like a healthy person today. Despite being out and about, I ordered a baby kale salad!!! VICTORY! Of course, I snacked (as I tend to do on Sundays) but instead of delicious crap, I ate plantain chips and dried mango. I had half a health bar for breakfast with no added sugar and one of those wacky ingredient labels. You know where it lists the 5 items in the bar. Shocking, I know.

I did a super sad bastard run on Saturday. My entire body hurt and it was a confirmation that I have been failing on the fitness/food/and general life front. However I’m back and have a whole take no prisoners attitude so soon I will be fit, sexy, and one of the “after” people.

I need to wake up early and make my lunch because it is not happening tonight. So that’s all kids.




I don’t always sleep in but when I do I eat kale


I needed this shirt this morning. There was no running…nada…just sweet sweet sleeping in. I did not want to leave my bed and considered calling in “sick” to work due to birthday sleep-itis. Thankfully, I came to my senses and got up around 7:45ish. I did read blogs and facebook for thirty minutes prior to that so TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE! Plus I walked to my neighborhood Whole Foodie and pick up some ish to make myself a spinach salad for lunch and a delicious kale salad for dinner. I brought an apple and of course a Luna bar for snacks. Looks who’s being HEALTHY!!! Woo, woo! Well also just getting ready for the Wednesday Birthday Yummers! Which also means not healthy at all! With wine!

Today is one of my weirdo long days 11-8 where I head into the dorms to advise the freshman and they don’t show up. I know, awesome right. Actually it’s kind of a bummer. I HAVE SO MUCH GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE!

I think I need to actually go to bed on at a decent hour on Monday because my Tuesday work outs have been struggling (aka not happening) for a while. No excuses! Except for sleep….sleeping just always seems to win, that bastard. I know sleep is importante!!! I need to go to bed earlier and not just read and pin things. Sigh, I should google one of those articles on going to bed early, getting enough sleep, morning workouts – ya know all the ish successful grown-ups participate in. BLARGHHH!!! Let’s just eat luna bars instead! Ok, ok, that’s not happening. Let’s review the Workout Plan for the week since I already messed up and it’s Tuesday.

Here we go again – LBG’S WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK!
Monday – 6:45pm Bar Method
Tuesday- RUN  REST DAY
Wednesday – Short run – 3 miles (ish)
Thursday – 6:45 Bar Method
Friday – 8 miles
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 10k! She is Beautiful in Santa Cruz!

I’m really thinking of getting some wireless headphones so I can put my phone into some waterbottle combo just to make everything easier to run with. I’m thinking now that my distances are passing 7 miles, I should be running with water aka hydrating. I’m having trouble posting the link but eh, you know what I’m talking about.  Also as I stare at the above schedule or the original one that I have f’ed up already – I’m thinking maybe Tuesday mornings I should go to Bar Method and on Wednesday evenings come home and short run now that we have the time change. That may be next week, kiddos. Hopefully problem solved. Going to bar method makes me accountable because I will not be charged $10 for something I already paid for!!!!

Also FYI, The She is Beautiful people assured me they would have the hoodie in my size. They were posting about some dri-fit shirts. Whew!!! Relieved…..you will be mine!

Last but not least, my sister tagged me in this awesome BUZZFEED list and I encourage you all to check it out!

I’m all about the devastation of #14 & #15…utter devastation.

Don’t get stuck in the swamp of sadness, homies!

the sleepy lbg – but at least there’s kale!!!

Don’t be sketchy or I will take you down but not until I get some coffee

It’s officially Monday and I am worthless…..

I have responded to the most critical emails and that’s about it…I’m waiting for this coffee to kick in.


Since I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in, I might as well kill this Luna Bar – Nutz Over Chocolate. Seriously, so delicious. I did have a small yam with avocado for breakfast before I left the casita but it’s almost 10 and I’m starving again. Monday Munchies, what can I do???

There was so much Birthday goodness this weekend and now it’s time to pull it together at least until Wednesday (actual Birthday). I brought a spinach salad with tomatoes, avo, carrots, and garbanzo beans topped with TJ’s turkey meatballs for lunch. Hooraz! Salads are back! Let’s talk about the weekly fitness.

Monday – 6:45PM BAR CLASS
Tuesday – SHORT RUN
Wednesday – 5:30PM BAR METHOD CLASS
Thursday – 6:45PM BAR METHOD CLASS (BACK UP for Wednesday)
Friday – 8 MILE RUN!!! Eek!
Saturday – REST DAY!

Wednesday the boy is cooking a little birthday dinner for me at home. So I scheduled a Thursday night bar class in case I bail on Wednesday so technically one of those days is a rest day. Friday I have to get my half training run in but am also running a 10k on Sunday so I may be a slow poke but am super excited!!!! The race is in Santa Cruz and the weather is supposed to be perfect. My sister also ordered us hoodies!!! This is my birthday treat from her! Heart my sister.

Since the race is in Santa Cruz we’re just gonna head up Sunday morning and get there early to get our bibs and hoodies. However I got an email that kinda seemed like they were encouraging people to get their bibs/hoodies on Friday/Saturday so they don’t run out of your size???? WHAT??? Does this seem sketchy to anyone else? It’s not the free shirt w/ registration this is something we paid extra for and I pretty much expect my size to be there. I sent an email to clarify ie see what the f’ is going on because I really dislike the sketchiness.
Yep. I’m about to get angry Jillian on them.


I feel like there will be a gain this week and maybe a loss next week. This is based on the all the damn (but wonderful) Birthday celebrating combined with keeping up my workouts.  We will see what the scale says. I will definitely jump on there maybe Wed/Thursday. Maybe Wednesday morning since I plan on pigging out  enjoying my Wednesday dinner. The Boy is cooking up some spaghetti with my fav ground turkey tomato sauce complemented by his famous garlic bread and a side of kale salad. See there’s still salad…of course wine too….DAMN, ok weigh in Wednesday it is.


Despite the sketchiness I am really EXCITED FOR THIS RACE!!! I have no idea what to wear???? EEkkk!!! Race outfits! I mean it’s gonna be 66ish so I will still rock my black trusty yoga/running leggings. Not sure which sports bra and shirt. I may need to buy something new. I have problems đŸ™‚

Alright, it’s time to pull it together and get productive at the office. Hope your Monday is not kicking your ass, peeps!

What’s your workout schedule look like for the week?
Keep me posted!