Ranty, Ragey, & Pumpkin-y Monday

It’s a sunny Monday in October and thankfully I don’t have to be in the office until later this afternoon. I promise a race recap of the San Jose Rock-N-Roll Half is in the works. This was a wonderful race experience for me despite the unseasonably warm weather and my under training. My legs are pretty achy today and I pushed myself a little too hard to beat the heat. Don’t get it twisted, I am still SO HAPPY I signed up for this race and nostalgia washed over me as I ran through many familiar spaces. Shout out to the Tide House that was handing out free beer to the runners. Like I said a proper review will be forthcoming, Interwebbies.

I declared breakfast my last meal of not caring before I jump back on the get fit Fall bandwagon. I treated myself to a glorious non-fat pumpkin spice latte and headed over to a local bakery for a yummy pumpkin cranberry muffin. A good blogger would of taken a photo but I am a bad blogger. Sorry (as I wipe pumpkin crumbs off my face.)
The chemistry between me and the boy is off today. His back is hurting and I’m a little slow from the half. Not a great combination but I’m not sure how to get him to go to the Doctor to see what’s going on…we may just need a new mattress but our pocketbooks are pretty tight. However we need to figure it out if that’s what he needs. Sigh, boys why are they so dumb!

Not gonna lie I’m feeling a little rage filled and ranty this morning. Perhaps it’s that lovely tidal wave of emotion that arrives with my flood of hormones prior to my lady times. Damn being a lady! I suppose it’s for the best that I’m saving the world from my wrath by hiding out here for a while. The world can thank me later.

Despite my wrath filled rage, Oakland was beautiful and I enjoyed getting a little morning walk in and gorging myself on pumpkin flavored delights. It’s time to get back to business and recommit my morning work-outs. I may even get a Groupon for the gym that’s down the street from me and give that a spin. Also I ate lunch out everyday last week which is FAR FAR FAR from ideal when you work on a college campus filled with greasy college kid food. I need to get bring healthy back to my lunch escapades preferably by bringing my lunch but at this point healthy is all I’m asking of myself.

I honestly cannot believe it’s already October. This year has been a long and rough one…I’m hoping 2015 brings a lot more joy and much less stress for me. I would like to be more peaceful, calm, and balanced. Sometimes I feel like my life is just a damn teeter totter, all ups and downs. I know that no one has it all together but aren’t you supposed to feel like it’s mostly together in your thirties? I hit the BIG 3-4 this March and I’m dreading it. My dread is probably mostly based in the fact that I feel like my life is slightly directionless but I’m not sure what next or where to change things up. Thank god for running. That shizz is seriously keeping me sane. I may not know what the eff I’m doing but at least I can put my feet to the pavement and run 13.1 miles in a single shot.

I guess I’m saying October take it easy on me. We’re heading into the first holiday season without my dear little Grandma which I expect will be nothing short of a soft melancholy falling upon the entire familia. 2014 was characterized by me being completely burnt out by my job and refusing to work additional hours beyond 8-5. My Grandma began declining in January and passing away in June. During this time period, I spent many weekends in San Jose doing my best to care for my mother who was my Grandma’s primary care taker. We structured & ran a brand new orientation from May – late June where I fell even further behind in work. I mean I still traveled to NYC for the Brooklyn half and went to Mexico for an amazing vacay. I tried bar method for several months which was an amazing experience so like I said a lot of good. However it just felt like a hard and overwhelming year.

So October be gentle and help me not throw myself off a bridge.

Alright Interwebbies, enough of this sad bastardness. It’s time to shower, clean up, and hit up the Whole Foodie for my HEALTHY LUNCH! That’s right starting on the Fall Fit bandwagon.



Coffee, lounging around, and being a warrior princess

This lbg laced up her running shoes with a fierce determination to make some miles happen. Also there was some serious fear of the looming 13.1 for the San Jose Rock-N-Roll race on October 5th.
sat run

I also have a 4:15 bar method class for today which I am purposefully blogging about so that I get my booty up and attend. Making the fitness happen, beatches! Woo woo! I hope you all are invoking your weekend warrior princesses…yes, I mean ….

XENA! Warrior Princess. Yep, went there.

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about the dark side of running. Deep breathe. Running is hard on the tootsies and I can with all honesty say that running has made my feet uglier than they already are. I mean let’s just be honest no one really has good looking feet. Feet are just an unsexy part of the human form. To further worsen the situation we add running (of course). This is at least my rationalization for pedicures. I need someone to really scrub my feet and just make them look suedo human again. It’s 20 -30 bucks or so that I need to incorporate into the budget every month and a half or so. Oh yeah, I make those pedis stretch. I usually try and bring in my own polish so I can do my own touch ups and what have you. Damn, you running!! Not gonna lie though completing those 7 miles mad me feel sooo epically good. Hooray for resuscitating the long run.

I’d like to get in three short runs during the week and maybe another comcast yoga workout and a bar method class. We’ll see how it shapes up. Just trying to make each week in September have a little bit more fit and healthy eating than the last.

Speaking of eating healthy, Friday was a big fat FAIL and Saturday was kinda normal weekend good/bad combo. The boy made spaghetti and garlic bread which is just something I cannot turn down. I am so weak!!! Damn my Mexican culture for equating food with love!!! However I should have said no, sir. I do not need that carby deliciousness. After really not eating any wheat during the week that bread and pasta did a number on me. I felt like I was carrying a food baby around all night…blargh….revenge of the heavy ass dinner. I need to buy/ find a good deal on one of the zucchini noodle making devices. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome, Interwebbies.

There’s just something magically about laying around in your sweats and drinking coffee leisurely on a Sunday. It makes waking up by 9am so worth it. My boyfriend woke up at 6:30 since he was full of a child like joy due to the start of Football season. He will be camped out on the couch every Sunday from now until Superbowl. Hash tag football widow.

I think I need to try and get a November race scheduled so I have something to keep working towards post half. Time to get on the Active site and do some searching.

Alright chicas, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
coffee slacker