On Fridays we ride motorcycles, drink rose, and link up!!!

mean girls

Time for us to have a glass of bubbly with the always so lovely Amanda of Meet me at the Barre and share all those favorites for the week.

1. Sparking Rose!

Happy Hour! $5.00 glasses last night with my boy. I was clearly a happy camper. What can I say, I look good in pink.

2. Grey’s…I’m back on the crack
This season has got a little heat. I don’t want to spoiler your asses so I’m just gonna say I’m watching and so far so good. I do think it’s time for Shonda to put a pin in Grey’s tie everything up and give us our god damn happy ending. Ya know, like outlining our dream house in candles or something đŸ˜‰

3.Pharrell on The Voice
As a result, I am having all my office dance parties to his most recent album. And yes, yes I want to ride your motorcycle. Note: I still hate you Miley.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo in dark brown!
This stuff keeps my dirty girl hair looking soooo good. I just ran out this morning was so super sad face. Target will be on my weekend list to pick up another bottle. I have to stay it does work best if you apply before bed. You will wake up with killer second/third..maybe even fourth day hair. Heart this!!!! LBG APPROVED.
dry sham

Perhaps next week, I will have some race favorites after my Saturday Expo…..Hashtag NERD! Race expo!!! Woo Woo. Alright my loves, thanks for sharing in the Friday Favs!

Ok, now let’s get rough and real. Sigh…we’ve gotta link up with Aubrey for her Fitness Fridays and check ourselves because I am wrecking myself at present. No joke. Alright, Aubrey let’s bring the real.

I’m the last one……Where to start…where to start….Honestly, anywhere will do.

I am seriously under trained for this half. I did hit 9 miles two weeks ago and last weekend I did 10 on the elliptical. I was prepared to be slow and make it happen and BAM HEAT WAVE! No running or working out happened this week. On top of that my race starts at 8:00am and the expected high is 93 degrees. YIKES! Say a little prayer to bebe Jesus for me.

Plus, I have been eating all the food and sleeping horribly. I’ve been up late reading and prepping to teach my class, I sleep in, and buy lunch from the crappy restaurants adjacent to campus. I didn’t step on the scale because that B-I would get all Gretchen on me.

Thank goodness for the maxi dress. I’ve just been hiding out in them all week. Plus I still feel sexy rexy in a maxi. WIN!

After this race, I am putting on my big girl pants and getting my shizz together. I simply cannot go on in this fashion. Mama needs to get her fit on, have a solid 7 hours of rest, and not stuff my face with college kid food.

Monday will be a brand new week and I will get it together. For now, let’s get through Friday and run home where I can be a happy little clam. Hope you all have kick ass weekends planned, interwebbies!!! Let me know what you got going on!



Tuesday’s Blind Audition & I choose….I choose GWEN!!!

Dear Tuesday,
It’s not even 9:00am and you’ve already thrown me a curve ball. It’s cool…I’m not tripping. It’s just I really need to start going to bed like the old lady I am and running into the City after work is not conducive. You get? Not to mention I have to do the readings for my frosh bebes and grade their papers. A’s for everyone!!! I wish, sadly that would be frowned upon. I guess there will be no running tonight so just move it onto Wednesday.

Yes, Tuesday. I am a whore. But I have to make time for the besties and this includes running into the city like a mad woman.

In other news, my desk got half way cleaned yesterday. HOLLLLLAAA BEATCHES! The other half is staring me down and I still need to tackle this obstacle course of wires…Damn, IT. Who lives like this!!! Oh that’s right, you do.

My San Jose Rock N Roll Half is on Sunday!!! EEkss! Monday, I did some stretching and calisthenics for about 25 minutes just from a little pinterest workout I pinned. See, I do that stuff! Wednesday & Thursday, I’m hoping to get two three milers into my schedule. On Saturday I will probably do a little elliptical just to keep warm and ready. This is gonna be my slowest half of 2014 – TRAINING FAIL – But hey I’m still showing up. I’m gonna try and sign up for a Turkey trot and maybe a Halloween 5k once I get paid but until December they will all be 10ks or less. Hopefully Santa will bring me some new running kicks.


I’m getting addicted to the Voice this Fall. Pharrell and Gwen – I HEART YOU!!! Seriously, Pharrell is just so genuine, it’s nice to balance out Adam Levine’s chatchy-ness. I’m like simmer down, homeboy. Don’t get all sad because everyone loves Pharrell. I’ve never really watched The Voice but I couldn’t pass up this season. I also enjoy Blake Sheldon(?). He’s pretty damn funny. My sister informed me that he and his wife are basically the Bey & Jay of country music. So there you have it.

Also I woke up this morning with this song going on in my head. Why? So Random. There’s not really a video but here’s the song. Also my apologies, there’s a commercial. BLARGH.

Sorry one last Voice obsessive comment. I really CANNOT stand Carson Daily. Granted he seems to have grown up quite a bit from his radio host & TRL days but still the man screams fratty jerk face. I just want to go all Danny Castellano on him because he’s that guy. Carson Daily just seems like that dude that really should of gotten his ass beaten and never did and now he’s outta control.

I’ve started a little Tuesday Bruno Mars dance party in my oficina right now. Damn, this dancing reminds me that we all haven’t chatted about GREY’S!!!! Such a good return episode even though it looked like it was shot against a blue screen. Weird.

Let’s pound our coffee as Bruno sings that young girls will be the death of him. What about the old ladies, Bruno? I guarantee I will BRING YOU DOWN đŸ˜‰ I kid, I kid.