I ordered a salad 

I managed to eat and snack like a healthy person today. Despite being out and about, I ordered a baby kale salad!!! VICTORY! Of course, I snacked (as I tend to do on Sundays) but instead of delicious crap, I ate plantain chips and dried mango. I had half a health bar for breakfast with no added sugar and one of those wacky ingredient labels. You know where it lists the 5 items in the bar. Shocking, I know.

I did a super sad bastard run on Saturday. My entire body hurt and it was a confirmation that I have been failing on the fitness/food/and general life front. However I’m back and have a whole take no prisoners attitude so soon I will be fit, sexy, and one of the “after” people.

I need to wake up early and make my lunch because it is not happening tonight. So that’s all kids.




All I Want For Sunday Is a Decent Run and other tales from Lake Merritt


Dude, Sunday in every way was determined to not have me get any fit on. Thanksgiving is really a four day long holiday for me which means that my lazy, grubbing, munchey ways roll ever so easily into Sunday. Despite this fine tradition of sloth, I woke up determined to make a run happen today. I did some shopping at the Whole Foodie and in true Thanksgiving fashion ordered that vegan chocolate doughnut in my running clothes.

After that little trip, I somehow managed to lounge the day away with Say Yes to The Dress and some Boys on The Side. Even my television choices were lazy, Interwebbies. Ok, I did try and pin some recipes.


I finally managed to head out the door after 4pm (yikes) to get my run on between the California sprinkles of rain. As I started up my good buddy Runkeeper, I patiently awaited my jams. Trust, on a day like this you NEED some Salt-N-Pepa to really help you out. However I slowly realized I somehow managed to delete all the musica off my phone (WHHATTT??), this made me consider turning back. I mean, I can’t possibly run without music??? Why??? Despite the loss of my precious musica, I forged on with this worthless run. I got my groove on when all of a sudden I get attacked by a leashed dog!!! I swear to God! This medium sized white furry little demon jumps up and bites my pants to get a nice little pull before I get away. Thankfully these were my $50 Gap Fit pants and not my cheap-o Target cotton pants. There was no skin broken. That little beast just got a nice stretch out of my gfast pants with some nasty drool. I have heard of runners experiencing dog attacks but never thought one would happen to me! F’ing mailman crazyness….or maillady..you get my drift. Anyways, after my dog battle I took a moment and thought ok, I’m giving Pandora 5 minutes to download otherwise I’m going home. This is all B.S.


Thankfully, Pandora loaded and I selected the Pop Christmas channel (sheer joy) and let go of all the baddy energy to make my Sunday Run Day happen. I can’t get enough of Ms. Carey, she truly saved this runner’s day.

Overcoming all obstacles with my own little 5k.
photo 4

In other news, I thought I shared these little victory photos from my sunny LA Turkey Trot. I’m pretty confident this will be the last race of 2014. I’m considering some late March half marathons which would mean I’d need to get back to training mode.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

I just put something in the crockpot on high with the hope that it will be done in two hours. Perhaps I’m kidding myself but I’m still feeling lazy and this seemed like a reasonable plan. I will let you know how it turns out.

Sigh, I haven’t worked since Tuesday and it’s been WONDERFUL!!!! Oh so lovely, I cannot believe I have to return to the real world tomorrow. Why can I not be on vacation forever! Why! I still haven’t even made it to the theater to see Mockingjay. True Story.

Anyways, these are a few of the 2015 races that I’m considering and this seems as good as time as any to list them out. You never know though…until I end up on active with my debit card in hand, nothing is official.

Livermore Half Marathon

I really like Brazen Racing. Their races are super organized, offer some cool medals, have plenty of water stops, and yummy snacks post race.


HELLYER HALF MARATHON – FEB 28TH, SAN JOSE, CA (I’d be doing the 10k don’t get crazy)

We’ll see, I have an 8k and a 10k in March so I would probably only do one race in Feb so I can make sure my mileage is where it needs to be if I did the Livermore half…hypothetically of course.

Alright, kiddies, let’s try and get ready for Monday. I don’t know about you but I certainly expect the Monday ass beating that follows so much vacay. Hope your Turkey Day was filled with love and stuffing….and booze.


Sunday Grown Up Sunday

Making it happen on Sunday is hard but seriously worth it. It’s a chance to put on my big girl pants and tackle some casita stuff that otherwise would not get done. I’m finally feeling a little better today from frosh outbreak 725 so that made a difference in getting the kitchen done and all our towels washed and dried. Ya know all the clean up that comes from having a house full of guests.

However time was still made for bottomless mimosas with my chicas, a good haircut, and of course Catching Fire, Hunger Games. I was really impressed with Catching Fire. They of course had to change the book a bit but overall well done. I don’t want to include any spoilers but for sure add it to your holiday movie list.

Running, sigh. Friday and Saturday I felt pretty lousy and was back on a cocktail of mimosa and DayQuil with a dose of Tylenol. This afternoon I started to feel better with much less coughing. Depending on how I feel after working a full day I’m hoping to get a run in right after work. I need to get better and put some miles in before my 10k so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is another slow beginning of bringing back health and fitness. Blergh..I don’t wanna!!!! I want to eat fries!!! No, but I know I will start to feel and look 100x better and I need to bring the sexy back. I’m going to start tracking myself too. I know you’re thinking but Turkey Day is around the corner! It is and I’m still planning on enjoying it! I just can’t put off starting though otherwise it’s just another reason not too. I have no idea if that makes any sense but its how I’m feeling.

Alright time for a shower and some NyQuil to help me sleep. Say some prayers that this lbg wakes up healthy.