Monday, you’re you… let’s just talk about running and ish.

11 miles down….

This bruised lbg put on her big girl panties and got her run on yesterday. After biting the dust hard core on Monday, I took a few days off for my knee and leg to heal up a bit. I did try and get a lot of walking in but otherwise there was no fitness going on until my long run on Sunday. It went really well…HOORAZ! I put on my Pandora 80s station and went out to run without any goals other than just completing the damn 11 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.51.53 PM

I also worked on fueling and took GU at mile 5.5 and mile 8….sigh, GU is not delicious and I’m struggling with that. I think it’s honey like texture is just really hard for me to get down even with water. I’m going to try nut butter for this upcoming 13 miler on Saturday.

nut butter

In other news:

  • Fighting with my Insurance Company over a plan change and I have to send in a million things. I’m healthy, believe me!!! I signed up for the wrong thing and only now 3 years later realized it and dude I’m training for a marathon!!! C’mon!
  • This Entertainment Weekly Article explains all my feeling and questions regarding last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode.
  • Yes, I still watch Grey’s….I’m addicted and probably need an intervention.
  • I slept three hours last night because my brain would NOT turn off!!! As a result I may need to break down and buy an afternoon coffee…..sigh, I am ready to put my face on this keyboard and snoozzzeee.
  • I’m watching Empire (finally) and LOVING it!!! That show is sooo good and I love that I can watch 2-3 at a time since the season is over. Binge watching is the best!! Cookie is so bad ass. No words.
  • Today I’m am feeling worthless at work as a result of said lack of sleep. I’m supposed to run 4 miles but am just feeling so tired….arghhhh, being committed to a training plan is so hard.


Happy Monday Kids.




The Real World Blogosphere!!!

It’s been a hot minute….yes, I am a bad blogger. I disappear but hey at least I’m back now!!??

Alright let’s do some bullet point style catch up and then we can jump all in on this cray cray Thursday. Kayzo?

  • Marathon Training has looked a little something like this:
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.15.32 PM
  • I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge on days where I don’t run and actually remember to do so. I’m only on day 7 but aloha fit, kiddies.
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.18.25 PM
  • I have 3.5 weeks until Hawaii!!! I have been putting off trying on swimsuits to exam the situation. Let me just also put it out there that I’m a swimsuit hoarder. Hopefully before Sunday, I will sort through my drawer and get rid of the ones I don’t need and find something suitable for mini-wedding vacay.
  • I’ve been doing some SERIOUS cleaning and purging of the casita and it’s going well. There’s still more to do but I have two boxes at my front door for Goodwill. Holla, I’m feeling like a grown-up.
  • Running is going pretty well but I haven’t had to go past that mile 13.1 marker yet which is when shizz will start getting real as they used to say about the “Real World.”
  • I’ve worked the last two Saturdays and am very much looking forward to an entire weekend off, thank you baby Jesus.


This week the boyfriend’s parents were in town and it was very nice but effed up my training schedule. I barely did my first run last night so all my ish is gonna be crazy.

Wednesday – 4.4 mile – DUNZO

Thursday – 6 miler

Friday – 3 miler

Saturday – REST!!!!

Sunday – 11 miles (I have a 12k race that I’m running to and from to hit my 11)

BLARGH, there’s no wiggle room but that’s how it goes sometimes.


I need to get on the Mother’s Day planning with my sister. Although I found a pretty cute gift possibility on Etsy so that was a win. I also need to lock down the Luau tickets for the homies for Hawaii. May is going to go by HELLA fast and all I can hope is that I stay on budget and keep on with my running. I’m so excited for the Hibiscus Half!!!!! There’s also a small possibility we may try to hit up Greece for a day or two before our Budapest trip so fingers crossed.

I wish I had more to write, peeps, but really I’m just working working working.




FRIDAY!!!! We Made It!!! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that.


We are so very very close to the weekend. I can taste 5 O’clock and it tastes like freedom, beer, that moment in Dazed in Confused where all the paper is being thrown everywhere!!!



It was kinda of one of those craptastic weeks for me but hey I’m still standing so that’s all that matters. I’ve got a coffee in my hand and some bastard brought in amazingly delicious poppy seed bread. I’ve got a half marathon scheduled for tomorrow – EEK!!! Why am I running two halfs back to back???

Whatevs! It’s a stress relief and the Mermaid East Bay is a ladies only run and I LOVE LADIES ONLY RUNS!!! They just seem more fun and less pressure. Plus my sister will be walking the 10k, I hope she does ok. She sent me a fearful text basically saying her training was going to Disneyland for three days. I mean that’s a lot of walking…..right? Regardless it will be exhausting fun and if she’s in that much pain I will buy her a beer.


Cannot wait to get my hands on that shirt!!!! Love race shirts! When I rock them on the weekend I feel accomplished. TRUE STORY. Alright, let’s get to the good stuff. I’m making another attempt at Amanda’s awesome Friday Favorites even though I fail on having favorite things besides coffee (BLUE BOTTLE).




Meet At The Barre

Alright, kids. Buckle up, I’ve got a new jam for you. I call this my processing Change of College Petitions Jam. Keeps me mellow, relaxed, and moving one of my most tedious administrative duties along. I seriously dig it!

My new favorite face moisturizing product from the Whole Foodie! Hello rose face oil!! Not kidding, this old lady has noticed an improvement in the softness of my skin and healing after I pick at zits. Sorry I try not to but it happens. This face oil is amazing. It does however have a strong smell which I like but just a word of caution for people who have sensitive delicate flower little noses.

That this time next week I will be kicking it in BROOKLYN!!! It’s not technically a favorite but I’m shameless.

And the Interwebs just went….



Tequila! Ok, see I completely suck!!! Watch tomorrow I’ll write about how awesome something is and be like GOD DAMN!!! Friday Favorites why can’t I make you happen!!! It’s like my own personal fetch. Anyways, clearly this is not my strongest blogging skill set.



Also FYI  I still love my boyfriend so much that the tv was dominated by the NFL Draft..Johnny Football, who? With a side of NBA Playoffs….sorry Trailblazers. This means not only have I still not seen Mindy but I missed the crack that is my life – GREYS. Maybe you all caught these shows? Drop me a line in the comments if I’m missing out or what? BUT NO SPOILERS 😉

Ummm is it 5 yet? OMG, it Mother’s Day weekend. Not tripping because I shopped for my mama two weeks ago! BOOYAH! But I still need a card. Damn. What do you crazy kids have going on? Or what do your crazy familias have planned for you? Hopefully there’s a mimosa because I’m pretty sure all moms love mimosas. DAMN, see that should of been a favorite! Amanda, is so gonna kick me off this link-up. Can people do that? Just like say Nah, you’re not link up material?


I really hope not because that would make me cry sad bastard interweb tears. Tonight I need to get all my gear today for the Mermaid Run and after this coffee start hydrating with some actual water. Let’s take this blog post out with a little Friday Dance Party. No one’s in my oficina so one quick drop it like it’s hot. WARNING there is a lame a commercial at the beginning. Use that time to draw your shades 😉




I’m rocking Tuesday! My presentation went well. HOOLLLAAA! Holla not Hola. Just so we’re clear. Now, I’m rocking out to some Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe.
via gifsoup!

There’s no video otherwise I would post it for you, kiddies. Today is some SERIOUS improvement over the Shizz that was Monday. The little silver lining was I came home to flowers and porkchops. Yep, my man’s got it like that. Not gonna lie I skipped bar method to eat hot porkchops, enjoy my flowers, and watch some Call Of The Midwife. If you’re not watching that on PBS, you’re not an old lady. But points if you dig Downton. I’m all about the fine production and historical accuracy of PBS, so suck it!!!!

I need to donate and to NPR. I really enjoy some podcasts. SUPPORT NPR & PBS! You will feel smarter!!! Love, your favorite nerdy College Adviser.

Tuesday, you’re shaping up be NOTHING liKE Monday and I am so very grateful. I actually will go work out today with a little bad bar method. Does anyone else over schedule working out knowing that if they break even that’s all that matters? Here’s to hoping I’m not the only one. I also impulse bought this book on my ipad last night since I cannot get myself to eat right. There was kale salad with those porkchops! Alright, I did eat a LOT of peanut M&Ms at work…fine…FINE…there was ONE GIRL SCOUT COOKIE!!!But only because the bf beat me to it and ate the rest. I’d call him a jerk face but hey there were flowers 🙂 That guy is winning.

I will try and do a book review once I’m done. I just really need a kick in the pants of motivation or some inspiration. I’m doing all this working out so why am I sabotaging it with all the peanut M&Ms!!! Anyways, I will at least write you a paragraph on it. You know…good…bad…helped me sleep…what have you.

I feel like we are getting closer to securing some vacation flights. So ladies of the Interwebbies…and gentlemen….without further ado. I give you!!!





Five or six days by the sandy lovely beach with ocean waves and a cocktail in my hand. And yes, there is a Shawshank Redemption reference in there.

I fully plan on being all smiley like Morgan Freeman here when I arrive as well. Speaking of vacations, can we talk about this!!!

11 more days until I’m running in Brooklyn! I feel like after the 10.8 this weekend and the actual half I have this Saturday I will be ready!!!! Yeah, I’m crazy like that two halfs back-to-back. After that, I’ll give myself a nice little rest. No races scheduled until August. But if I feel up to it maybe I’ll add one or two in June/July. I could use some free race shirts 🙂

Anyways, today is ROCKING! I hope your Tuesday is kicking ass and you’re having to break for mini office dance parties because you’re just that awesome.

Seriously, you’re awesome. Have some coffee and let’s keep kicking ass.


lbg….shaking it until I have to tell someone they’re dismissed.

There should of also been a Footloose reference but it didn’t happen. Oh and I ran!

This morning I hit snooze for thirty minutes. It had to be done. I stand by my decision. Finally, I dragged my booty out of bed and against my will put on my running clothes. It was coldish, I was much too tired, and as a result I put on my adorbs Fila running jacket. Side bar, even in my sleep deprived state I knew that 10 minutes into my run I would regret this decision due to the fact I am a sweaty lil’ Mexican. This was one of those days where running was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. David Bowie helped some but I was still tired and didn’t really hit my stride. The 3.05 miles was completed and that’s all that really matters. Hashtag, beating everyone on the couch. Yeah…I don’t tweet but I like saying hashtag it makes me laugh. Plus, I need the frosh to think this old thirty something lady knows what’s she’s talking about.

I’m really itching to sign up for two other half marathons right now. I’ve done this one before and me and my sister had a ball! She did the 10k and I did the half – MERMAID RUN EAST BAY. It is the weekend before the Brooklyn Half though so that seems a little cray to the zee. I could scale back though and do the 10k which would be fun too. The other one is this bad boy – See Jane Run Alameda. They say SF but really this is an East Bay Run. Lies, I tell you.

I know…I know…I’m a maniac

It’s another long day of advising with my liberal arts bebes. This blog post is my short break before I jump into some committee work until 5ish. Eat my early old lady dinner and jump into advising until 8pm….sigh, make it stop. Tomorrow, is super cray because it will be 8-8 those bastards! They need to know about double majors so I’ll be hosting a little panel on that one. Nope, don’t make you more competitive for grad school or the work force. MYTH BUSTED!!! That’s a good portion of advising. Also freshmen don’t take advice from other freshman. WORD.

Tomorrow before my already mentioned twelve hour day I need to squeeze in my Wednesday last chance workout. BLARGH! Haven’t even looked to see what’s on my ondemand thing but I know there’s some workouts. Hopefully there’s some Jillian and we can call it a day. Also I’ve passed on two cookie opportunities and one donut opportunity so far this week. GO ME! It ends tomorrow – I’m having half a bagel because the morning meeting will be TERRIBLE and I deserve it! AGK!! Hate pointless time sucking meetings.

pug & bagel

Alright, I hope everyone’s workouts are going well and your work isn’t too cray!!

Let me know how life is going, Interwebbies!



And I was run-in-ng!!!! Said like the Gump, himself. Oh yah, and it’s TUESDAY!

Dude. It’s Tuesday. I have the secret interview tomorrow and should be super excited but am still feeling a little overwhelmed. However I made AWESOME choices last night and  was so so so glad I went to Bar Method. Work is just cray cray and I’m gonna do some super late night interview prep and make it happen.

In the end, all you can really do is your best and make it happen…..and if that doesn’t work out there’s booze.


This morning I woke up and did my first short run – 3.0 miles – for my Brooklyn Training. Also I’m back to my usual work schedule (M,W, TH, F 8:15-5:00pm & T 11-8:00pm) which means I now get to try out my ideal workout week until the half.

Monday – Bar Method – 6:45 – 7:45pm class
Tuesday – Short Run – 3.0 – 5miles (depending on training) @7:30am
Wednesday – Bar Method – 6:45 – 7:45pm class
Saturday – Bar Method – 9:45 – 10:45am class
Saturday afternoon/Sunday – Long Run – 5 – 11.5 miles depending on week

Thursday’s the dreaded weigh in since last week wasn’t so hot. Boo! Boo, Scale! But on the upside it will be 4 weeks since I really REALLY really started putting significant effort into getting into shape so a month in review might be due. Just maybe. I have to say I think there’s been progress but ya know people always say (or pin rather) this:


So there you go…..

And as G.I. Joe would say “knowing is half the battle” at least I think that’s what he said…well it was something like that. And don’t spray paint your bike with the garage doors closed. That ish is toxic! Hey, it was the 80’s what can you do.

I’m tired and still have another 3 1/2 hours of work left…eek… and Tuesdays since I work in the res halls (and the food is TERRIBLE) I bring my own. Yep, bring my own lunch and dinner and eat my dinner like an old lady at 5 before I walk over to the halls for my 6 – 8:00pm advising. The res hall is FAR FAR away! So by the time I finish advising 8 – 8:10ish and walk down the hill and catch the BART or bus, I’m home by 9pm. It’s a longish day. I do it for the kids.

Alright, peeps, have a lovely Tuesday. Get your fit on!


Wine, Running Slowly, and Rhythm Nation




Woo Woo! I lost .6lbs this week. Moving steadily towards my goal, kids! I wasn’t sure how this week would go. I figured there would be a loss but didn’t expect this …so HOORAY! 7 more to go!


I am bringing the lunch to work, saving the pennies, and fighting the urge to order mac and cheese. It’s a struggle because nothing makes a bad day right like mac and cheese…..Well maybe mac and cheese and wine. Yep, that’s the best.

Also water, water, water! Cali may be in a drought situation but this lbg is not! I’ve been drinking 6-9 glasses on the weekdays and pretty close to 4-6 on weekends. Hooray!!! My body is not chronically dehydrated.


Loving it and am actually feeling myself getting stronger. Who knew that could happen! It’s still so f’ing hard but I’m not as sucky as I once was, kids. My arms I think are showing the most improvement. I’m feeling it in my legs too but it’s not as noticeable. I’m hitting the 3x a week pretty solid and would like to maintain that. However I need to start getting the run in there which leads us to ….


I went into my calendar and booked all my loooonnnnnngggg runs. It’s sufficiently tabbed up so that I can hit 11.5 miles prior to the race. This weekend I need to run 4 miles. It’s a jump, I know but I’m ready. It might be a VERY SLOW 4 miles but it’s gonna happen.

Those are the updates.

In honor of Throwback Thursday – get your Janet Dance Party On!

Happy Thursday Besos,