Yoga & lemon water will never be as good as wine

Hey Interwebbies,

My life got crazy as eff this Spring and of course when that happens I turn to booze, food, more booze, with some late night snacking. As a 35 year old goddess of a woman, my body behaves accordingly and gains all the weight. Yeah, those 20 year old days of dancing all night, drunkenly eating an entire pizza (alone), and waking up able to slip into a bikini on are GONE. Gone, without a trace. Eff.

The past few weeks, I’ve been really getting back on track. So there’s been cooking, being that shlumpy lady at the work out class, and drinking less. I need wine though. Being healthy is not worth enough that I will ever give up wine, kids. I’ve got to have sanity and so many things require a buzz. Thank you Zinfandel, Cab Franc, and Malbec… You’re my golden girls. 

I try and remind myself I have to wear a swimsuit happily in August so I put down the cookie. Ok, I didn’t but I ate some spinach later. Moderation, right? I actually do like working out, it’s just I’m a slacker about making the time. I generally always feel so much better getting some serious movement in my life. My fitfusion membership has helped. When I’m uninspired or broke AF, I have no excuse not to select a video and get some fit in. I’ve mostly focused on Jillian Michaels & Tara Stiles ( yoga, beatches) but there’s a ton of trainers on there.

We’ve got summer orientation galore, so I’m crazy busy at the new job but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just got to eat like a grown person and keep up the workouts. I did lose a pair of jeans to the thigh rub battle the other day and that was a sad loss. RIP Gap skinny jeans… You served me well… Even in the end when I was clearly a size larger. You mustered on, thank you for your service.

My summer fit has ups & downs. Sunday, I lost all control at a BBQ and ate all the chips, hummus, and wine. There may have been pasta as well. But I got in a Saturday workout so ya know I’m trying.

At least I still have 9 weeks left. I’m off to drink lemon water and not snack… Ok the chips are gone so there’s nothing to snack on #willpower.




Fresh Prince, Dirty Dancing, and a nice Back to the Future blog post

Alright peeps, it’s been a minute since I ran over to our corner of the Interwebbies to kick it with you. My apologies, if it’s any consolation, I’ve half written two or three posts that just never made it out of the draft box.

Let’s bust out those glorious bullet points and bring us all up to speed. Shall we?


  • I hit up two runs, a 5 miler and an 8 miler – Holla!
  • I attended a Hipline class – Shimmy Pop
  • Hipline is basically work out dancing for old ladies that don’t go to the club but miss going to the club. Heads up, there is VERY little instruction but it’s very very fun. You’re learning simple dance moves to each song, you’re barefoot, and just doing your best. Bonus – the room has club lighting aka dark and there’s a disco ball.
  • Here’s a shimmy pop flash mob but keep in mind you’re doing this in a darkened studio with no shame –


  • Yesterday, I did a lovely 5 miler that Strava only half recorded. Absolute sad face!!!!
  • Thursday – another 5 miler aka running home from work – BAM!
  • Saturday – 9 miler ….here we go…eek!
  • Friday night, I’m gonna try to do some serious stretching with light weights but ya know….Friday workouts.



  • I’m going to see Dirty Dancing at the Movie Theater on Saturday – Woo Woo!!! I mean seriously….how awesome is that. Sure, I hate Valentine’s Day but I LOVE ME SOM DIRTY DANCING…..Nobody puts baby in the corner.
  • dirty
  • Yep, that was also a bullet.
  • I love/hate registering for races early. It’s awesome because races are generally hella hella cheap early on and they usually offer an additional discount. Right? But then you sign up and two months later, you can’t do the damn race. San Jose 408k – I’m going to have to cancel on you because I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungover post-wedding and a 2 hour drive away. Also I wrote down March 7th in my planner and not March 1st. I figure if I drink $30.00 worth of booze at the wedding – it’s a zero sum win.
  • I’m thinking of extending my half training after March to FULL MARATHON training. Is that crazy? I’ve never done a marathon and thought suddenly terrifies and excites me all at the same time. Thoughts?
  • I last 3 lbs last week but I preceded to have happy hour cocktails, indian food, and maybe a LOT of cheese over the weekend. This Friday, could be precarious.
  • funny-picture-dog-on-a-weight-scale-555x785
  • I made a really bomb Butternut squash, Sausage, and Kale Lasagna. You should check out the recipe here! I’m so digging her website.
  • FYI, that shizz refrigerates beautifully and for lunch I just put some fresh kale underneath my yummy lasagna and heated in the work microwave for 5 minutes – DELISH!
  • Jimmy Fallon continues to make me laugh with his West Coast Tonight show – watch this!
  • Work is heating up and I’m keeping my head up like Tupac says but the first two weeks of Spring term are always brutal. Why are my students so crazy!!! Sigh, bebes you need to consume less coffee. I on the other hand could probably use some more.

I promise to try and post a little more regularly but I’m still here! Still running! And definitely a hot mess express!!!






On Fridays We Link Up, get DIRRTTY, drank all the kale, and pop almonds!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! This week has gone on far too long and now we just have to make it to the magic hour of 5pm. These first three weeks of school have flowed into one another with student appointment after student appointment. There’s no time to tidy my desk, finish my coffee, or even get through all the emails that are stuffed into my inbox. Poor little inbox.

Still it’s Friday and that’s something to celebrate. Let’s break out the bubbly and begin our weekend shenaningins with Amanda of Meet Me At the Barre and her FRIDAY FAVORITES!

I cannot get enough of PBS. I’m so excited for Downton Abbey to return this January. Woo Woo! I’m mid way through the Robin Williams tribute and so far – lbg approved. Last Tango at Halifax was wonderful!!! Anyways, watch some PBS. They have an app for your iPad and I promise you it will be worth it. Hashtag Nerd for life.

Green juice with kale is just part of my jam. When I drink this ish my body gets all happy. I feel like it’s saying thanks buddy, I feel refreshed. Get yourself (even just a small cup) and I promise you will be feeling fabulous just like Bey.

Loving this face cream!!!! Sentimental note, this was my Grandma’s face cream and she had a unopened jar when my Mom was going through her stuff so I said I’d take it. It’s silly but it makes me think of her as I use this. So who knows, I do think my skin looks great but maybe some of it is just Grandma Love.

I’ve been exhausted this week so I think this one is self explanatory.
Snacks for healthy people. Although I’m torn because almonds need a LOT of water to grow and we’re in a drought. DAMN. But I bought them at the farmers market so 100% of my funds went directly to the farmer….I dunno…eats some more almonds. Also ladies, almonds have calcium. Holla. Lord knows I need to preserve all my inches ( 5 feet nada) and osteoporosis shrinks a lady. Getting my calcium with these bad boys.

Ok, we’ve dished about our favorites. Let’s get to the dirty, like Christina Aguilera says, and talk about the fitness.

Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted is here to bring us back to fit with her lovely link up.


This week was not ideal but a HELLUVA lot better than last week.
*WATER – I drank more water but still am not drinking enough H20. Hydration gotta keep improving.
*WORKOUTS (Friday – Friday) – I exceeded my goal of 140 minutes of exercise per week but did not work out for 20 min a day. Saturday, I did my 7 miles (70 min). Sunday, I hit up a bar method class (60 min). Monday, I ran another 3.3 miles (40 min). The rest of the week was rough. I worked from 8:30 – 7:30pm yesterday. I was also having lady time so that pretty much makes me want to be a slug. Tonight, I’m going out but I have plans for another long run on Saturday and some kind of working out on Sunday before seeing the SF Giants play.
*EATING LESS WHEAT – I’ve been doing pretty well at this one. I’m hoping next week will be even better and I feel like my veggies and fruit intake is looking good. Holla!
*WEIGHT – Down a little over 4 lbs. Woo Woo! I was in the top of my comfortable range last Friday so feeling better about this loss. Butttttt some of that was vacay and just lady time bloat. I know super sexy, right?

Alright, my interweb homies, I’ve got to make it through the rest of Friday and kick some ass. Lunch time Mexicana style is making me feel super sleepy though. Send your fav sleepy Mexican some good energy, will ya 😉


It’s Thursday but seriously did not have a minute to spare for the Hump. I was covered in work yesterday. I also opted to do a three mile walk with my homegirl post-work and watch a little Supernatural.

However I love me some Kathy & her HUMPTASTIC CONFESSIONS so even if I’m a day late and a dollar short we’re making it happen. That’s just the way I roll, beatches.

Vodka and Soda

1. I HAVE BEEN EATING BADLY THIS WEEK. However I love me some Mexican, Margaritas, and Chocolate Ice Cream. No regrets, beatches. Or as the young bebes say YOLO! They may actually no longer be saying this because all us old ladies are but whateves.

I always think of M.I.A. and this jam when I say YOLO! It’s on several of the running mixes. I once saw M.I.A. at the Concourse in SF and she was hella drunk. She did three songs and was practically carried off stage. I was hella pissed since the tickets were like $40 or $50 bucks. After that we kinda broke up. I did hear that she was amazing when she was a Coachella several years back but I hold my grudge and will not pay money to see her drunk ass again. TRUE STORY

2. I just saw the San Jose Rock N Roll medals and am nerdily excited to sport that obnoxious beast of a medal. Woot woot! Half Baby!!!

3. Even though Mexico is not gonna be the vacay we planned, I am so ready to get out of my office and just chill for a week. I’m like you cannot get here soon enough…..well maybe not too soon since I still have MAD WORK to accomplish but you dig.

4. I confess that I wanted to smack our IT dude since he is worthless. I’m like this is NOT A PROJECTION! This is shizz we need our new system to do!!! Also FYI the staff that was like we don’t want to touch our computers ALL RETIRED! I want to be able to run my own reports and not come knocking at your door for access. If you want job security just do this ish!!!

5. I have plans all weekend long and I really just wish I could stay in bed and DO NOTHING!!! Friends visiting, soccer game with my old man, and baby shower. It’s like EEK!!! Where did all these plans come from and will I be able to get enough sleep and still run 6 miles???? Why must I be social??? Hashtag Old Lady Problems.

6. I confess that I’m feeling more normal after all the funeral stuff. I still have mini crying moments but much better. I also had a MAJOR cry-fest as I watched Anderson Cooper cover the Netherlands bringing home the bodies of those lost in the Malaysian flight crash. The did profiles of many of the passengers and there were so many kids. It just made my little heart break. People are so amazing and our ability to preserve after tragedies like that is nothing short of astonishing. Ok, enough of my sad bastardness but it’s confessions…I’m keeping it real.

7. Finally, I confess that I ate a breakfast burrito this morning and it was HELLA delish….I need to pull it together for GET SEXY MEXICO because I am carrying around a burrito bebe.

Alright, kids. Hope you are doing your thing this week, spending time with the people you love, and not being chained to the man. PS Me and my office mate just rocked out to Fantastic Voyage by Coolio….out of control.


ON FRIDAYS WE LINK UP…..and dance it out like the glee kids

peeps 011

It’s fabulous Friday so we’re gonna kick it with the always lovely Amanda of meet me @ the barre. Anyone else fall madly in love with that blue tie dyed maxi she wore the other day??? Seriously, Amanda should run Stichfix and maybe I would actually receive clothes that I like. Anyways, I completely digress. Let’s get back on track here.


1)Santa Cruz Roasting Company – Sweet Italian coffee beans. The Whole Foodie was out of Blue Bottle. Not shocking since that coffee is the absolute best and I will have to cut you if you say otherwise. Anyways, I think I tried this a while back during a lovely little day beach trip in Santa Cruz and picked up a bag as a Blue Bottle substitute at the Whole Foodie earlier this week. It’s a very solid coffee, buddies. The boyfriend and I are both really enjoying it. LBG RECOMMENDED!

2) EVOL LUNCH BOWLS. I have been bringing these to work to help me stay on track and they are actually a pretty dope little company. Here’s their “Food Philosophy” from their website.

Our food philosophy is simple: Love what you eat. So, we make REAL FOOD with ingredients that you would find in your pantry. We’re leading change in a challenged food system and encouraging people to connect with food, where it comes from, and how it is produced. Whether it’s made from scratch in your kitchen or a convenient frozen meal on the run, every eating experience should feel good and be worth sharing.

No Anitbiotics – Our chicken, beef, pork, eggs and cheese come from animals raised on US Family Farms WITHOUT the use of Antibiotics & Hormones.
No Artificial flavors, colors or additives.
No GMOs in our grains, vegetables & oils.

The fire grilled steak and teryaki chicken have been my jams! I’m treating myself to a fancy smoked gouda mac and cheese today because it’s FRIDAY! Anyways, not quite the homemade lunches I want but better than giving into the crapola college food I am surrounded by at the oficina. Hashtag College Adviser problems.

3) Nectarines and Plums!!! Welcome to Summer!!! I cannot wait to hit up my farmers market and get more delicious nectarines and plums! These have been my snack attack of choice and they are so sweet and delicious!!! If you haven’t got your Summer Farmer’s Market on kiddies, it’s time to find one and grab some cash (yes, you need to real money) and get yourself some tasty, local, and organic treats.

Those are my lovely little favs, peeps!!! I can’t wait to read yours and hopefully try out a few.

Of course, we can’t forget it’s FITNESS FRIDAY!

Hosted by Aubrey and I love it because Friday’s a great chance to just talk about our week in health and fitness. Regroup, rant, or rave. Whatever you need.


I lost a pound and a half this week!!! Time to have a mini oficina dance party, interwebbies!!

Running was very solid – check it out!

I also incorporated some ab work and arms about 3x this week. Hooraz!!! I’m feeling better and am getting closer to my pre-funeral weight…sigh. 2014 you have been kicking me in the face but hey I’m getting back up! Really that’s what matters….hello public service announcement and you can now put me on glee.



(You know I had to go with Santana. Brown Girls, beeatcches! We’re fierce like that)

This weekend I’m all about farmer’s market and trying to keep up the good work. Thanks Interwebbies for being my sounding board during this rough time. Even if I cannot run away in real life, I can always run away and hide out in my corner of the blogosphere. Or on your little blogs which crack me up and bring me joy. See fountain of positivity 😉

Have a kick ass weekend!



I’m rocking Tuesday! My presentation went well. HOOLLLAAA! Holla not Hola. Just so we’re clear. Now, I’m rocking out to some Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe.
via gifsoup!

There’s no video otherwise I would post it for you, kiddies. Today is some SERIOUS improvement over the Shizz that was Monday. The little silver lining was I came home to flowers and porkchops. Yep, my man’s got it like that. Not gonna lie I skipped bar method to eat hot porkchops, enjoy my flowers, and watch some Call Of The Midwife. If you’re not watching that on PBS, you’re not an old lady. But points if you dig Downton. I’m all about the fine production and historical accuracy of PBS, so suck it!!!!

I need to donate and to NPR. I really enjoy some podcasts. SUPPORT NPR & PBS! You will feel smarter!!! Love, your favorite nerdy College Adviser.

Tuesday, you’re shaping up be NOTHING liKE Monday and I am so very grateful. I actually will go work out today with a little bad bar method. Does anyone else over schedule working out knowing that if they break even that’s all that matters? Here’s to hoping I’m not the only one. I also impulse bought this book on my ipad last night since I cannot get myself to eat right. There was kale salad with those porkchops! Alright, I did eat a LOT of peanut M&Ms at work…fine…FINE…there was ONE GIRL SCOUT COOKIE!!!But only because the bf beat me to it and ate the rest. I’d call him a jerk face but hey there were flowers 🙂 That guy is winning.

I will try and do a book review once I’m done. I just really need a kick in the pants of motivation or some inspiration. I’m doing all this working out so why am I sabotaging it with all the peanut M&Ms!!! Anyways, I will at least write you a paragraph on it. You know…good…bad…helped me sleep…what have you.

I feel like we are getting closer to securing some vacation flights. So ladies of the Interwebbies…and gentlemen….without further ado. I give you!!!





Five or six days by the sandy lovely beach with ocean waves and a cocktail in my hand. And yes, there is a Shawshank Redemption reference in there.

I fully plan on being all smiley like Morgan Freeman here when I arrive as well. Speaking of vacations, can we talk about this!!!

11 more days until I’m running in Brooklyn! I feel like after the 10.8 this weekend and the actual half I have this Saturday I will be ready!!!! Yeah, I’m crazy like that two halfs back-to-back. After that, I’ll give myself a nice little rest. No races scheduled until August. But if I feel up to it maybe I’ll add one or two in June/July. I could use some free race shirts 🙂

Anyways, today is ROCKING! I hope your Tuesday is kicking ass and you’re having to break for mini office dance parties because you’re just that awesome.

Seriously, you’re awesome. Have some coffee and let’s keep kicking ass.


lbg….shaking it until I have to tell someone they’re dismissed.

The drug induced Wednesday link up – now with even more LURVE

ALLERGIES – million LBG – negative five

It’s time for some Wednesday link up LURVE

Weigh In Wednesday

Check out these heathy beeatches. I’m finally recovering from my allergies. Hellloooo Zyrtec! Not 100% but the Claritin was a waste of $20.00 at least with the Zyrtec there’s no crying aka teary eyes, way less sneezing, and only mild running nose. I will take it!!! So yea, no weigh in this morning and I ate a bagel. I promise my snotty booty will jump on the scale next week. At least I’m working out!! Small victories.

Speaking of victories, look who got all fancy on us!!! Kathy from Vodka and Soda! BAM an actual link up button! That’s sexy.

Vodka and Soda

These are my allergy, bagel eating, sick day confessions. Buckle up, peeps
1. Some people see Keifer Sutherland and they’re all – Dude, Jack Bauer ie 24 guy. I just see this.


Always and forever. Lost Boys. He’s just the lead vampire trying to make us eat maggots in the secret vampire lair. Little know fact – that’s the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk in the movie. I grew up going there!

2. You’re riding the BART ( Bay Area subway) during commuter hours and have no effing idea of what you’re doing. You don’t ask or observe and follow social norms!!! You just make my ass late! GOD DAMN! Or this!


3. When I’m running and I see a fellow lady runner and her ta-tas bounce. No, not a little shake like those ladies are having a run all their own. And I’m like Man, homegirl let me help you out. You need a new sports bra. I know what you’re thinking some ladies are SUPER busty and it’s an issue…Noooo!!! These are just C cup ladies running in god knows what??? Why??? Why???? FYI I think the Sports Bra would me a great name for a bar that focuses on lady sports like softball, NWBA, soccer, gymnastics and served delicious beer.

4. It’s a beautiful day in the 80s and I should be pulling a damn Ferris Bueller instead I’m taming the allergies. WEAK!!!

I promise next week their will be a full on fitness update and what have you. Also 2.5 weeks till Brooklyn I’m beyond excited!!! Let me know what’s going with your Wednesday, kiddies.