Monday I’m not in love…..nor am I excited

It’s just me and Monday slogging along fueled by too much coffee and a Whole Foodie version of a Dr. Pepper. I’m digging the extra daylight but my body always has a mini freak out about the loss of an hour. I stay up too late and wake up exhausted and usually by Thursday, I’m back to normal. We really just need to eliminate daylight savings all together.

This weekend the boyfriend had a handful of homies from out of town in the vicinity so of course shenanigans. We went out for yummy Jamaican food and I threw back too many red stripes, rice, oxtail stew, and fritters. We bbq’ed the following day where this little brown girl ate ALL the tortilla chips. Like fo’ reals. I cannot have chips in the casita, it’s my kryptonite. Basically I ate all the food including some brunch at our favorite greasy spoon around the lake.


– 5.5 mile run
– 4.5 mile run
– 11 mile run – Hooraz!!!

11 miler


Today my court strategy was to stay awake by snacking which wasn’t as helpful as I originally planned & definitely not great for the waistline. I think I ate 3 or 4 ginger chews and a small handful (5?) of healthy starbusts, a small bag of pirates booty, oh there was a small chocolate chip cookie, and the above mentioned wannabe Dr. Pepper.


Currently, I’m hiding out on the couch binge watching The Great Brit Bake Show which I love!!! A treasure that I discovered as a result of my Downton addiction. Thank you PBS and NPR for bringing so much nerdy joy into my life.



I feel the need to set some goals for this stressful week. I have to unexpectedly head home for the weekend as a result of some family drama which is a shame. It never ceases to surprise me how hard it is for people to do the right thing when death and money are involved. I highly recommend that people take the time to ensure their loved ones wishes are recorded in a will. Sadly people will not honor the deceased wishes otherwise. People will cry tears and say that they just want what that person wanted but in the end it seems sometimes greed prevails. It’s really really sad and disheartening in particular when the person that expresses these feelings was not the primary care taker and in some cases failed to truly set up and assist with someone’s care but that is the way life goes I suppose.


On top of that situation and the remaining freshman programming I have to facilitate while on jury duty, I’m burnt out…oh and that pesky time change. This lbg can’t get a break. However I feel very lucky to have an amazing boyfriend that cooked me a lovely little dinner even as he got ready for a business trip that leaves tonight. Heart him!

Ok, back to goals for the week of March 9th!

  • Get all three of my runs accomplished
  • Eat clean on Tues through Friday to get back on track
  • Bring my lunch to court all week
  • Stay within my weekly budget
  • Spend at least a little time each night organizing my messy bedroom*

*We had guests over this weekend so the casita did get cleaned but everything random/unorganized laundry got thrown into the ramshackle bedroom.



Sometimes you just have to focus on the positive and keep your head up.



Munchy & Crunchy Sick Days

My sleeping has been a mess since this weekend and last night was the absolute worst. I think I slept maybe 3 hours by the time my alarm starting going off 5:30..snooze….5:45…snooze….6:00am get up. Ok, I sat up and realized I was in zombie land and I couldn’t sloth through today with two coffees and an afternoon latte but it wouldn’t be pretty. I called into the sick line and determined my body needed a little love.

I was able to get in another 2.5 hours of sleep or so and just kinda floated through the afternoon with some trash tv and blog reading. I finally showered and pulled on some yoga pants to hit up the Whole Foodie. Picked up some chicken, tomatoes, hand soap, cauliflower was on sale. Holla. Oh I figured some kombucha couldn’t hurt and I guzzled that bad boy on the way home.

I was supposed to run today but figured it’s better if I get some rest and try for tomorrow.


I have to admit I did do some googling on running your first marathon, marathons for first timers, and SF marathon for first time marathon runners. I would really need to commit to my training but the timeline would work and I really can only foresee needing to take one weekend off in July for the Budapest wedding. I’m turning the BIG 3-4 next month so maybe my birthday present to myself will be to register for the SF Marathon. It would be pretty amazing to run a marathon before 35 and in my favorite city that I called home for 5 plus years. There’s more reasons to say yes than no after the short consideration I’ve given. I guess worst case scenario is if I just didn’t feel prepared come the big day I could just downgrade to the half. However I’d rather hope for a best case scenario of finishing in one piece.


The SF Marathon is on July 26th so I would have a solid almost 5 months which is like 18 weeks and I just ran 9 miles last weekend. From all the plans I’ve looked at it seems feasible. I would need to really do some prepping on Sunday and stay on top of my runs home from work but I think I could manage the mileage plus the weather is getting better. My bad East Coast, but damn I’m just a little California girl, I have very very warm standards for cold. No idea how anyone runs in 18 degree weather. You’re heroes, the lot of you….or absolutely crazy. I mean snow! Living in snow! I believe it’s what you refer to as weather….but you can keep your seasons. I hate waking up to 38 degree weather…hashtag California for life.


After a week of birthday celebrations, brunch, and snack a lacking, I’ve been trying to get back to my healthy eating. Sigh, it’s been better but a little farther from perfect than I hoped. I kinda was CRAZY munchy crunchy yesterday and today but at least everything was for the most part clean whole foods. Ya know, apples, almond butter, lara bars and the like. I know Hawaii is gonna sneak up on me and I’d like be a sexy mo’fo. Or at least feel like a sexy mo’fo without my friend, tequila. Trust, tequila makes me instantly feel sexy….however that’s not always a good thing.


Alright my homies, I’m off to pretend to do something productive like clean my kitchen or try and use my jedi powers to move my dishes into the dishwasher.


HOUDINI IS BACK, Beatches…oh and get your Monday On!!!

I’m sorry that I went all Harry Houdini on you, Interwebbies. I promise I didn’t intend to drop off the face of this planet but life gets straight up loca at time, ya know?

Ok, maybe not quite as crazy as prison but pretty damn crazy. First, some theme musica to set the tone…and we’ll jump into everything this old lady has been up too while you were kicking it on the interwebs.

1. WORK….it’s a b-i
I’ve fallen off this whole blogging fiasco due to work. Sadly, blogging pays no bills and I need to actually bring in some skrill so me and the bf can pay our expensive bay area rent. October is the month when all hell breaks loose because we release the Spring schedule of classes and Spring registration times. Students pour into the office with questions, concerns, tears, and generally unrealistic Spring schedules. My job is to laugh at them is review these schedule dreams and try to talk some sense into them. Listen, you are at our fancy pants university so clearly you’re a bright kid but that schedule will only cause you tears. I win some and lose some and sometimes you just need to end up on academic probation to learn your lesson. Check yourself before you wreck yourself….those are words of true wisdom. Anyways, the bebes suck all the energy out of me and have been leaving me in a exhausted, worthless, blob of a person on the couch. However at least they are walking out of my office thinking of realistic majors, with a two year plan, and most of the time in good spirits. I did miss my interwebbies and your blogs gave me joy during this draining time.



2. TEACHING!!! The young minds need molding.
This semester your homegirl has been teaching a freshman seminar and I love it!!! I put tons of prep into my class of bebes and am really enjoying myself. I can’t lie, two weeks ago I had my teaching observation and OBSESSED the entire week. No blogging took place since I basically over prepared for my 50 minute section. My evaluation went incredibly well and I really hope I can find a way to keep teaching at the college level. There’s something seriously amazing about getting the bebes to connect themes, dialogue with one another, and take those theories and apply them across lectures & readings. I feel like Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile. Holla! But ya know, Mexican, in 2014s, and with a coed classroom.



American Horror Story, Greys, How to Get Away with Murder, Mindy Project, trying to watch Gotham, The Voice…Sweet Baby Jesus! I am so easily sucked into the damn television. Plus my boy has Football…Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. On top of it all – the SF Giants were in the play-offs!!! HOLLLA WORLD SERIES, HERE WE COME AGAIN! The tv is going to make me obese, oh yah, Biggest Loser is back on too! It’s not the same without Jillian. I am digging Bob being at Comeback Canyon but I may be ready to break up with BL and Grey’s too for that matter. Basically when I wasn’t working, I was watching tv…sad face. Life of a slacker.


Sleep…what’s that and where can I get some?
DUDE….My sleep has been wacky….as in I cannot get a good night’s rest. Maybe it had to do with the over working and eating crap. Oh yes, crap has been my bestie.

peeps 011


Food, cards, m&m’s, cupcakes….it’s ok if it’s for the SF GIANTS!
My boss lady likes to bake when she’s stressed and bring in orange frosted chocolate chip cupcakes into our office. True Story. I wouldn’t mind except it happens like every other week. I’ve also been working hard, not cooking, and eating out which is A FAIL FOR ME! Hellooooo falafel and fries…..just a tamale, rice, beans…hell one beer won’t hurt. This weekend I went urban wine tasting and had two double dosings of brunch. More on that deliciousness for another day. Anyways, Saturday I drunkenly decided I would do the 21 day sugar detox because I needed it. I downloaded the book and today after gourging myself at brunch, I went to the Whole Foodie to prep breakfasts and tomorrows lunch. MIRACLE! Hopefully, I will make it 21 days……jesus drunk decisions.


I ate it like a sexy mofo and am now injured. Hashtag old lady ish for $500, Alex.
During urban wine tasting, I fell….like I wasn’t even drunk yet just trying to walk and read a map. Seriously, how sad old lady is that? It was a very beautiful day and of course I was in a skirt. My right knee slid across the metal on the ground and some sidewalk…let me tell you it’s sexy….sexy like ground beef. No, it’s not that bad but it’s still gross and like a child’s knee. No idea how I’m gonna manage a 10k on Saturday because my knee is all achy and nasty as shizz but we’ll see. Speaking of my knee, where’s my frozen mango? That’s my icing method of choice. Some people go for peas, I’m all about the frozen mango.


So my lovies, that’s where I’ve been. Just getting around like Tupac said but I’m back and ready for more shenanigans.

Good night, kids!
Happy Mother Effing Monday!

Sloth like old ladies and my undying love for Mindy Lahiri


Breakfast brought to you by Whole Foods! Bloggers take photos and I borrow images from Pinterest. I’m attempting to be a better blogger and impress you with shoddy photos!!! Viola! I’m 33 now, it’s the least I can do.

Working out during your birthday is a sham. You set big goals and instead eat cake, drink booze, and over sleep. Today I’m going into the oficina late and had planned a big ole run but seriously my purple ear buds are NO WHERE to be found!!!! 30 minutes and nada. Some would of run without musica but not me. I needed my sweet sweet jams to prevent me from being sloth like despite this global warming fantasy weather. PS I’m gonna take this as the worlds way of giving me the go ahead on the wireless headphones/ear buds! Booyah!!!

I took some photos of my neighborhood for you all as I walked back from the Whole Foodie. Behold! The lbg’s habitat!

Giant Cherry Blossom type tree??? That’s my guess.

Urban beautification. They mosaiced all these garbage cans in Oakland and its awesome. They are each different and very cool.

Lake view from our rooftop patio. That’s where I run and put my miles in when it’s not my birthday and I’m being sloth like.

A few things on my whole day and a half of being 33
-Birthday celebrating still prevents me from working out. I did not wake up more responsible.
-I still wish I won the lotto and could be a damn lady of leisure
– No extra or new wrinkles but I am slightly dehydrated
-Nothing new besides the wireless headphones revelation….
-Bebe fever…. Hmmm still same. Medium? Def not high nor low.
– Also there’s so many great half marathons out there – Key West, Boston, and of course NAPA! That shizz is so on the 2015 list.
half marathon

Also I watched a FULL episode of GIRLS on HBO and I stand by my unimpressed rating. It’s just too much of a hot mess. I wanted to slap all of them!!! Sigh but if it makes you happy, watch it! But yes, regular looking peeps on TV I support that. Add some brown people and its a small victory. You know I have to support my people…. So I watch Mindy, she’s not a Mexican but she’s brown so I’ll take it!




Seriously??? Why aren’t you watching?!!! Plus I promise you will fall in love with Danny Castellano. Words of wisdom from your non-running, sloth like, old lady friend.
Why would I lie to you??

Alright, I need to turn off Gilmore Girls and get in the shower. My freshman and undeclared seniors need me. Plus I probably need to pass the tissue and break the news you’re not graduating. ‘Tis the time of year for a College Adviser like myself. It’s like I’m Jerry and they’re Cuba Gooding Jr. “Help me to help you!!!” Except I’m unwilling to yell show me the money because I work in Education.

Coffee besos and old lady abrazos,

Coffee, cupcakes, and your usual vegan donut aka just a TUESDAY


Dear Tuesday,

Yesterday I was a machine. Daylight savings, Spring Forward, Who???? I got up and hit the 6am Bar Method class and took my sweet ass into the oficina and stayed until 7:00pm. Grabbed a quick turkey avocado sandwich for dinner and only ate half!!! I was a winner. Today, dear Tuesday, you are kicking my ass. The extra hour I lost….please come back to me.

Morning run? Try 5 snoozes and a leisurely walk to Whole Foods for breakfast. Hey, at least I said no to the chocolate vegan donut.

WEEKLY WORKOUT SCHEDULE – Monday, March 10th – Sunday, March 16th! AKA last week of 32….SAD FACE.

I think that looks pretty good. All my frosh programming and familia time is still making my diet not as clean as I’d like it to be. Although today I did buy some apples and carrots to clean up my snacks for the rest of the week. I can’t believe I’m at the point in my training where the mileage is so high….GO ME! 7.5 still seems like a lot though.


DAY LIGHT SAVINGS – Actually, despite the sleep deprivation. I am a huge fan! Anything that gives me more sunlight really helps me get my fit in. I’m like a bear. If it’s dark after work I want to go home and hibernate with a beer on my couch. If it’s sunny, I’m so much more likely to put on my workout pants and hit the pavement.

This is pretty much how I feel about work…

Speaking of the bastards, time to make it happen and try and CATCH UP! That is the name of the game in the office right now. CATCH UP!!!!! I really need to start buying lotto tickets. Or maybe just vegan donuts. I’m not sure what the scale will say on Thursday…maintenance? My calories were really bread filled this weekend….and cheese filled…ergghhh.


Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Kale is no substitute for Tortillas but we all must make sacrifices




This is how I feel EVERYDAY!

I really hope this picture comes out a normal readable size since I’m still trying to master this whole blogging thing. Hello Bloggy World! Tuesday is always so much better than Monday, I have no explanation for this. Perhaps, because I’ve been beaten into submission by Monday but who knows?

This is a little shot of my lake as I waited for my bus this morning. My fellow commuters and I get to wait by a pretty gorgeous view right?




LOOK! Ducks! Take two!




Let’s chat about the New Year’s Goals, shall we. I hope you said yes otherwise you probably just clicked my shit closed. Anyways, bringing my lunch to work, peeps. I am really focusing quite a bit on this one. However it’s not enough just to bring my lunch. I personally find it needs to be tasty or I merely end up buying something else or quickly saying yes to a lunch date and standing up said home-made lunch.





  • Raw Kale
  • Massage that raw kale w/ some olive oil and splash of balsamic
  • Avocado (1/2) break up and massage into the kale – making it all gooey and coating that kale
  • Campari tomatoes (2)
  • White button mushrooms (2) sauteed w/ the deliciousness below
  • Italian Turkey Sausage (from Whole Foodie, of course)

OMG I love this salad and that’s how you serve up a tasty lunch, kids. PS My thighs are totally killing me today from bar method. I am slowly beginning to loathe this damn little ball that they use as a torture device in the bar method. You hold it between your thighs and have to do all kinds of terrible things that make my entire body quiver…yes, I said quiver.

bar method ball

Hmm… hope that worked…it’s from another site. I have no idea. I’m sure you can google it.

For breakfast I have no photos but I did have a pretty healthy breakfast. I scrambled two eggs with a little salsa and ate that ish up w/ a trader joe’s homemade flour tortilla.  I thought about not having the tortilla but I’m just not there yet. Plus my DNA practically requires me to eat tortillas, I mean what kind of Mexican doesn’t eat tortillas. I’ve never met them…simply they don’t exist. But yeah, less tortillas would probably be a good idea. Sigh, now all I want is a tortilla. Jesus, they are so good!!!

Instead I will drink my water and try and save my tangelo for 3pm when I always get the munchies. Never fails 3pm is snack time, it’s like I’m 5.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!! Lunch break is almost over!



Kicking Ass and Taking Names in the Sexy New Year



Today ladies and gentlemen, I got my run on which means this lbg worked out three times this week. Yep, that’s right – TRES! I attended two bar method classes and did a 5k today. Hooray! This lbg is bringing her fitness back for the new year.

I tidied my room a tiny bit and did a Whole Foodie run so I can make my lunches for the week. Woo woo!

Saturday’s bar method class was way harder and I even told my homies I needed to go to class before any shenanigans. That my friends is some newfound discipline. No idea where it came from!!!?? But it’s here so that’s all that matters.

I tracked most days and drank more water so all little baby steps – yeah!

Now I plan on finishing my delicious red wine and drink some more water as I wait for Downton Abbey! Love me some masterpiece theater!