Yoga & lemon water will never be as good as wine

Hey Interwebbies,

My life got crazy as eff this Spring and of course when that happens I turn to booze, food, more booze, with some late night snacking. As a 35 year old goddess of a woman, my body behaves accordingly and gains all the weight. Yeah, those 20 year old days of dancing all night, drunkenly eating an entire pizza (alone), and waking up able to slip into a bikini on are GONE. Gone, without a trace. Eff.

The past few weeks, I’ve been really getting back on track. So there’s been cooking, being that shlumpy lady at the work out class, and drinking less. I need wine though. Being healthy is not worth enough that I will ever give up wine, kids. I’ve got to have sanity and so many things require a buzz. Thank you Zinfandel, Cab Franc, and Malbec… You’re my golden girls. 

I try and remind myself I have to wear a swimsuit happily in August so I put down the cookie. Ok, I didn’t but I ate some spinach later. Moderation, right? I actually do like working out, it’s just I’m a slacker about making the time. I generally always feel so much better getting some serious movement in my life. My fitfusion membership has helped. When I’m uninspired or broke AF, I have no excuse not to select a video and get some fit in. I’ve mostly focused on Jillian Michaels & Tara Stiles ( yoga, beatches) but there’s a ton of trainers on there.

We’ve got summer orientation galore, so I’m crazy busy at the new job but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just got to eat like a grown person and keep up the workouts. I did lose a pair of jeans to the thigh rub battle the other day and that was a sad loss. RIP Gap skinny jeans… You served me well… Even in the end when I was clearly a size larger. You mustered on, thank you for your service.

My summer fit has ups & downs. Sunday, I lost all control at a BBQ and ate all the chips, hummus, and wine. There may have been pasta as well. But I got in a Saturday workout so ya know I’m trying.

At least I still have 9 weeks left. I’m off to drink lemon water and not snack… Ok the chips are gone so there’s nothing to snack on #willpower.




Studies show Night Cheese Improves Running

I busted out my new running shoes and did 4.1 miles – BOOYAH! They felt fabulous so I guess I did need some running kicks after all. It was sunny and in the 60’s and a beautiful day for a run. Tomorrow I’m aiming for another 5 miles (eek) and another 3 miles on Sunday. Training for the Livermore Half is officially on, like Donkey Kong!


Also it felt good to run since I gorged myself on salami, cheese, bread, and wine last night. I really can’t imagine a more perfect and romantic meal. We had a truffle cheese made with goat’s milk that was AMAZING! We also had a raw hard sheep’s cheese that I could just eat err’ day! Why is cheese so DAMN good??? It’s truly a gift from the gods. Oh and of course a cab franc because that’s my jam.


I’m avoiding stretching by blogging but seriously I need to stretch it out and get my sweaty booty in the shower. The boy’s not home so there’s no one to judge me while I ate lunch, lounged around, and thus avoiding stretching and showering. It’s gonna be one of those LONG beautifying showers since it’s date night and it’d be nice if I ya know washed my hair and shaved my legs.

I actually looked at my half marathon training plan since my running has been sporadic and I need to you know actually prepare for this event. If I do 5 miles this weekend and work up to 6 miles for next weekend I will be back on track.  I’m writing that here to keep my slacker ass accountable. All the students will return on Tuesday to complain about their schedules, explain how they failed courses, and debate why Molecular Cellular Biology is not a good fit for you. Hashtag Your Major Needs to Love You Back. Hashtag Chemistry and Math are the foundation of Science Majors. Hashtag English Loves You Back. Anyways, they will be the perfect excuse to not work out but I will not let those bebes stop me!

Ok, I’m going to do the following stretching and hit the showers. I may even listen to a little Bruno Mars.


Have a lovely weekend, kiddies!



I plan on starting 2015 like the Goblin King himself

Dear Interwebs,
The holidays swallowed me whole and on the last day of work before vacation was to begin, I awoke with a nasty son of a bee cold…which later developed into a very sexy hacking cough. I’ve never been sick for Christmas and I do not recommend it. Even delicious tamales and wine cannot make you forgot that you are feeling like shizz balls and would prefer to be in pajamas.

Today, six days later, I’m finally starting to feel better. There’s still a cough and I’m wiped pretty easily but improving. Clearly all my plans to exercise, blog, and everything else went out the goddamn window.

Really, Interwebbies, all that there’s time for is cleaning my messy casita and giving myself a pedicure before our NYE guests arrive. I have to squeeze in a quick brunch with my homegirl manana and then it’s all about the CLEANING!!! Straight up Cinderella style.

I am ready for 2015…well not yet..but you know metaphorically. 2014 YOU SUCKED!!!!!! This was just a plain old shizz fest and I am ready for a new year with new hopes, goals, some dreaming, and some success. That’s the cool thing about new year is it gives you a chance to dream about something different, maybe even new, like blowing out candles on a cake. Granted, you can start fresh any day of the damn year but there’s something fresh and clean about the new year.

I want so much and so little for 2015. I remember reading somewhere about choosing a word to describe your year and what you want to reflect in your life. I guess for 2015 I want to be inspired. I want to wake up to dreams with the energy to chase them and not be scared. Maybe a little less cynical. That would be nice. I mean within reason since clearly my sarcasm is the main reason the few of you check back in…that and my witty self deprecating banter..clearly 😉


Sigh, that’s frightful. What does inspired mean??? Let’s check with Webster’s shall we?

Full Definition of INSPIRED: outstanding or brilliant in a way or to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration

Hmmm, ok. How about INSPIRATION (noun)
: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create

: a force or influence that inspires someone

: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something

: a good idea

INSPIRED to take care of myself, inspired to learn more, to dream more, and chase crazy silly fulfilling ideas. That’s what this little brown girl is hoping for in 2015. I want to let the stress go and all the pain and worry I carried around last year. Changing my outlook….hmmm…. I may need a book for that.

Running is definitely back on the agenda as soon as I’m not coughing like a Granny who spent her youth on the strip with a pack a day habit. Once I get paid in January, I’m throwing some cash at the Livermore half marathon and making my training official. There’s something that’s soulful for me with running and seems to bring me a deeper sense of peace. Trust Interwebbies, that is the type of thing I need for the new year.

Anyways, your lbg is alive and survived the holidays. I enjoyed them a little less than usual due to being crazy sick and missing my little Grandma but all and all I survived. Now, if I could just get over this cough. Although perhaps the 9:30 ice cream binges aren’t helping. Hell, at least I’m chasing it with a cough drop and some Dayquil.

That being said, I hope your holiday kicked ass! Perhaps, you have something fun planned for NYE? I’d love to hear about it or perhaps you’re a wise old lady and will be drinking for cheap in your glorious living room in sweatpants. HEAVEN.


Your moment of zen.
Yes, that is David Bowie aka the Goblin King. Dance Magic Dance, b-i!

Almost Paradise…your lady of leisure returns

Not gonna lie, my interwebbies, I did not want to come back from vacation. I will get you all some gorgeous photos up soon so you can be jealous and day dream about your own vacay adventures. Sigh, I miss having coffee and fresh pan delivered to my door at 7:30am every day. It’s a wonderful way to wake up. I got back late Thurs/early Friday. The boyfriend and I have lounged around and brunched attempting to acclimate back to life where there’s no ocean view, daily maid service, and beach front property. It’s been rough…thankfully we came back to a weekend and not the work week right? Tomorrow though…eek, it’s gonna be an ass kicker.

While in Zihuatanejo, I feel in LOVE with paddle boarding!!! It was hella hella fun and I was surprisingly pretty good at it. We also fished one day and I caught three tuna!! We boated over to another little beach and this restaurant cooked up our tuna and mahi mahi for us. It was beyond delicious! I drank some fabulous Mexican wines paired with a four course dinner we did one night at our hotel’s wine cellar. Ohhh!!! We saw giant sea turtles lay eggs and later one of the hotel’s turtle protection reserve released newly hatched baby sea turtles! That was EPIC!!!

I feel so relaxed and happy. In a way I haven’t felt in a very long time and that is why the Europeans have it right and everyone should get like 4-5 paid vacation weeks. Trust, we would be a more loving, relaxed, and kinder people. From the looks of everything that happened in Ferguson while I was away, I would say this nation seriously needs that. DAMN, the world is rough and I feel straight up blessed.

Alright, back to my lovely vacay vibe – all hippie ex-pat and what not. Our hotel had fresh squeezed juice every morning with breakfast which was perfect. Most days I got the spinach, apple, celery, pineapple but I also enjoyed the cactus leaf, pineapple, and cucumber or the apple, carrot, cactus leaf too. We ate pretty light due to the heat except for a few fabulous dinners. Lots of chips (homemade & fresh) with guacamole & pica de gallo as an afternoon snack but split amongst four people it wasn’t bad at all. Every day I swam in the ocean & pool just a little back and forth….you know lady of leisure style. The pools both had an ocean view which was great. Our beach suite had a little patio with a hammock plus a small plunge pool and you could walk right onto the sand….you really couldn’t beat it.

I read everyday! Just laying in the hammock enjoying my books – just the sound of waves crashing. We also had a thunderstorm one night which was breath taking. All and all a memorable trip.

Coming back…it makes me want to simplify my life and casita a little. Get rid of the clutter, get a little more serious about my finances, plan more trips, and keep focusing on my health. I enjoyed the long days and being active was so easy since I’ve been focusing on my health this year. I want to keep that up. Hopefully starting tomorrow off with a little run. I missed commenting but trust I squeezed in a little blog reading at the airport.

Hopefully the interwebs have not forgotten me. As I settled back into reality yesterday I decided a movie was in order. OOOOooh Foot Loose is on! I immediately flipped the channel and got excited. Little did I know my excitement was about to be crushed because it was the stupid remake! I’m sorry but it cannot be Foot Loose without Kevin Bacon! No 80’s dancing feet or classic 80’s ballads like “Almost Paradise” Seriously, cable tv I don’t know what you’re peddling but lounging Saturdays are made for the real Foot Loose. Sigh, that’s when I knew vacay was over. No Kevin Bacon for you, lbg. Just poorly made 2000s remakes.

Anyways, I’m going to pretend to be productive now in an attempt to help me go to work tomorrow (noooo!). I leave you all with this….you have your choice or a little romance or a little funny.



No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn!

Just a little check in from the Garden State!!! The New Balance Pre-Party was crazy fun yesterday! Brooklyn, you are adorbs!!!

Starting my Wednesday flight with a flight!


Thursday looked a little like this!





Today we’re gonna venture out for a little rainy Central Park action. Have a great day, peeps!


Don’t call it a Comeback!!!! Ok, actually that’s exactly what it is…oh and I’m breaking up w/ Birthday Week



Let's make a little list of all the mishaps of Birthday week and ways to improve 
next week, shall we?
I went to Bar Method on Monday and promptly gave up on all other exercise. 
Unless you count using my right arm to throw back wine, beer, and cocktails. 
I thankfully have my She is Beautiful 10k this Sunday which means I will have 
worked out a whopping two times!!! Seriously, I need to bring the fit back full 
on next week. Sing it to 'em, Justin.

I really really needed to catch up this week and the BIRTHDAY 
EXTRAVAGAZA-ING just held me back. In a plan, to really get back on track,
invest in my professional development, and my job this week was eh?? I did 
however have a very successful meeting with my A.D. on what I hoped to 
achieve for the next year. So not a fail but not a win, either. There's still so 
much I need to do. ARHGHHH!


I have given up on salvaging this month. Meet my friend, visa. She'll be paying for the 
rest of Birthday Month and then I will be in debt to the family and no good can come 
of that. I'm making peace with it because I still have LA GIRLS WEEKEND trip on 
Friday. I'm flying out of SFO fancy terminal 2 and will begin drinking at 7:30am 
and continue through Sunday at 5:00pm. There will be brunching, manicures, 
dancing, and money spending. Next month, bitches.


Alright, enough with the Debbie Downer. Let's set some goals for next week, so I 
can pick my loser ass off the floor and put on the big girl panties....ya know with 
support, coverage, and some serious slimming going on.


 I will work out at least 4x next week and get back to my Brooklyn Training with
an 8 mile run!!!! I'm really counting on the She is Beautiful 10k this weekend to 
check me and make me realize - eh this ish needs to happen!!! Also I will come to 
work and do a DAILY TO-DO list to really get back on track!!!. Also I'm gonna move 
my short run to Wednesday to prevent my Tuesday run turning into sleep in and just 
do a bar class. This lbg is MAKING A COMEBACK! Also I will make lunches next 
week to save a little cash for LA or just starve. Let's be honest, I've consumed enough 
calories for a small country during Birthday Week....lunch starvation is manageable. 
I believe the yoga and paleo people call it fasting. I call it being cheap. No seriously, 
I will make lunch.
Since this is the end of all this Birthday cray cray...ok, well actually I'm giving myself 
until Sunday. Let's say goodbye to Birthday Week with some MIA... OH but first - 
check out Follow through Friday with these LOVELY LADIES!!



Let me know what shenanigans, you have planned???

This post was brought to you by wine, Advil, Gatorade, and a lot of water


The Birthday Surprise was such a big hit that I had to call in “sick” today also known as the too much wine flu… I hear its going around. But when you’re at a fancy restaurant and your amazing waiter recommends pairings with your meal, you don’t say no. Oh where was this Birthday Surprise, you say???


It was the Chez Panisse Cafe and not the downstairs main restaurant so a little less fancy but still the BEST FOOD I’ve EVER eaten!!! We had a great time and the boy had a lovely 36th birthday. However at 6am all that wine did not feel so great and there was NO way I was hoping on the bus to get into the office. I slept in and drank some water and took some Advil. That stuff is a girl’s best friend. On the down side, I am WAY behind at work because we are chronically under staffed. So I’m gonna head in around 4ish and stay till 8ish to get some work done. I was able to get out of bed and attend the 12:15 bar class since I won’t be going to my usual 6:45pm one tonight.

Can we talk about working out hungover for a sec? Ummm, yeah I don’t recommend it. Tomorrows my weigh in day and all I could think was last chance work out. And then I got there and preceded to sweat out (in agony) all the wine I drank. I’ve never been so sweaty at bar….it was terrible. I was hungover, sweaty, and achy. However I did it.



I’m getting old and I can no longer go into work sleep deprived or hungover. I can’t pound some Advil and drink red Gatorade from my coffee mug and get ish done like in my twenties . If I do, I will be exposed to germy college students and actually get sick. In my thirties I’m all about preserving my immune system and taking care of myself aka calling in sick. I have no small children so those sick days don’t need to accumulate. I’m using them, beeatches. The End.

Anyways, I’m REALLY really hoping for maintenance this week but understand if I gain. We’ll see what my frenemy the scale has to say, mañana.

Well this lbg is gonna down some water and maybe more Advil…
Have a great Wednesday kids and take it easy on the wine!